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What are Kin's Domains?

kin's domains

A Kin's domain is a plot of land on which a Space of Love is meticulously built for the prosperity of the whole family and connection with God. Creating a Kin's Domain requires an understanding of the laws of nature, and; therefore, of God himself. It is a co-creation and a constant dialog of man and God. In the process of building a domain, each member of the family is constantly learning and therefore spiritually growing.

The Kin's domain helps to escape from the city bustle, focus on our families, our inner world and place in this life. It gives an opportunity to think about the main questions in our life: who we are, why humanity lives and what is the Divine plan for the existence of the universe.

Life in the Kin's domain helps to convey all the wisdom of our ancestors to our descendants through building a renewable sustainable eternal life on a certain piece of land.

A Kin's domain is a homeland of one's Kin. Vladimir Megre said: "A man does not build a kin's domain in order to feed himself now or tomorrow. The Kin's domain is built in memory of his ancestors who are scattered around the world. They rest somewhere in the cemeteries over which cities stand. Their spirit needs to be gathered.", (conference at Nizhny Novgorod, April 12, 2009).

Our mission is to convey the ideas of Anastasia about the importance of Kin's domains for humanity and quitting the technocratic path that is destroying our planet, to awaken awareness in people and to offer a point of view on life as God's children, not the consumers.

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