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Happy Living in a Kin's Domain

kin's domains. happy living


Five years ago no one would have thought that Vika and Anton would live in the village and study the technology of growing cherries and nuts. She is an athlete, choreographer and a teacher at a dance school. He is a mathematician, a system programmer by education, and in fact, the director of the center of student culture at the Siberian Federal University. They were young and successful people. What else would they want from life?

Vika admits that in childhood she dreamed of how she would live away from the bustle of the city: during the holidays she read books to the village children and planned how they would all walk around the large common garden as adults.

kin's domains. happy living

Anton's story is not so simple.

"At some point, I began to get everyone around me with philosophical questions that no one could clearly and distinctly answer. They concerned responsibility, the environment, the ecology of consciousness," he recalls. - In search of answers to these questions, I read dozens of books, studied many theories and models. I realized that everything rests in a way of life: until we change it, problems will accumulate. And in the end he settled on the idea of Kin's Domain."

At that time, Vika and Anton were not familiar. She lived in Kharkov (Ukraine), he lived in Krasnoyarsk (Far East of Russia). Without saying a word, almost simultaneously they went across Russia to study the culture of Kin's Settlements. They met and began their happy story.


kin's domains. happy living

In search of an ideal place for a future home, they drove through the entire western part of Russia from the Krasnodar Territory to Karelia.

"It was good everywhere, but something was missing. At some settlements there was not vacant land, at other - people didn't suit us, that is, they were good, but it was immediately clear that we had no common interests. At some places the climate did not suit us. There were beautiful settlements in the Krasnodar Territory, but it is very hot there. No, we wanted a real winter (shorter and softer than in Siberia, but winter) and a warm summer, so that most of the fruit trees would grow including persimmon. Do you know that persimmons are growing in Belgorod?" - Vika asks with delight.

Finally Anton and Vika settled in the Belgorod region, in a small farm "Olkhov".

kin's domains. happy living

"Among other things, in the Belgorod region we liked that there is the law on Kin's Settlement. Here everything is fixed at the legislative level and a dialogue with the authorities is easily built. When we come to the administration, they don't look at us like weirdoes and understand what we want," says Anton. - According to the stories of people from other cities, they have a different situation: the authorities do not help, and, sometimes, they even put sticks in wheels."

With a smile, Vika and Anton recall that when they first arrived at their site it was morning January 1, 2018, but the weather was more like late autumn: gray, gloomy and dirty.

"We were on the way to the land and thought that even if in such weather we would like the site, then at another time of the year we will love it even more so. And so we got out of the taxi ... and fell in love with that land".


kin's domains. happy living

They started building their house in April. They immediately decided that it would be a temporary house and a small one - 20 square meters. They managed the construction in a couple of months.

Since the Domain officially belongs to the Olkhov farm, it fell under the electrification program, and in the autumn a light and heating appeared in the house of Vika and Anton. Electricity also allowed Borkins to work; after all, Borkins earn their living using a computer and the Internet: they have their own gift studio. The furniture in the house is made by Anton out of wood.

kin's domains. happy living

"Of course, this small house is just a temporary dwelling. In a couple of years we'll start building a bigger house - in fact, we are planning to be a large family," Vika and Anton share their plans.

Next summer they want to dig a pond, lay a garden where nuts, fruits, berries and necessarily persimmons will grow. Now Vika is studying books on gardening and articles on landscape design.

kin's domains. happy living

Borkins are actively socialize on social networks, where they report about their every day life.

"We are promoting our lifestyle in such a way. We are trying to show that not everyone who leaves the city to live in the wilderness are weirdoes. We talk about a conscious attitude to life, about the different subtleties of moving to the Kin's Domain, about how cool it is to have your own land," says Vika.

And that works: over a year more than 50 people came to visit the Borkins who learned about them from the Internet. People traveled from all over the country: from the Krasnodar Territory, Voronezh, Tambov, Kursk, Yaroslavl, Moscow Region and also from Ukraine, Kazakhstan and Germany.

"In the spring we are waiting for two families from Germany, one from America and one from Canada. They want to see the land as they are dreaming of moving to Russia," the guys say.

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