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The Book of Kin

book of kin

"Just few days will go by, and millions of fathers and mothers in many a land will be writing the Book of Kin, filling in its pages with their own hand. There will be a vast multitude of them - these Books of Kin. And all of them will contain the truths which begin in the heart, for their children. There will be no room in these books for artifice or guise. Before them all the lies of history will fall." Anastasia, book 6 "Book of Kin".

As a Kin's Domain is an anchor and a point of focus for rebirth in your family, the Book of Kin does not allow us to lose contact with our ancestors, solves the question of finding ourselves, and most importantly protects us from historical lies.

The Book of Kin is the Main Family Book consisting of pages dedicated to each relative you know and remember of. So the pages filled with information about your ancestors give birth to your genealogy. Family stories and legends should also become part of this book.

At the beginning of the book a Genealogical Tree should be placed. It can be depicted as a tree pattern or simply as a diagram. Also, many people restore the family tree as deep as possible, up to the 7th generation on average using help of specialists (especially if ancestors come from another country).

Many people order genetic tests to know their origins. A genetic test allows you to confirm or deny some family legends. The results of such tests also find place in the Book of Kin.

The Book of Kin also contains a calendar of memorable dates. Any historical event should be written in that calendar with the explanation on how it impacted your family members. This is the only document that opens the patrimonial memory of the annals of your Kin, which gives the most truthful view of the event and will not distort your descendants from the true history.

In addition, in the Book of Kin are placed the clan emblems, hymns, the flag of the clan, symbolism (if you don't have any, you can invent your own). The Book of Kin should contain your message to descendants.

As Anastasia said: "Even if there are not yet any domains to bloom in the spring, thoughts about them are already alive in many human hearts. They need to start writing a book precisely about their thoughts, for their children". The Book of Kin is the easiest thing you can do for your descendants, much easier than creating a Kin's domain. Have you started creating your Book of Kin?

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