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"We were talking about children. About the most important thing! Did you see the children? Tell me."

"Yes, I saw the children. Their faces looked intelligent and kind. The children were building a house all by themselves, a very beautiful house, and so big. And they were singing while they worked. And I saw a grey-haired man amongst them. This man was a scholar, an academician. And he appeared to me right off to be very wise..."

V. Megre "Space of Love", book 3


David Katruk, Shchetinin's school of future

David Katruk, 17 years old, entered the Shchetinin's school last year, and today talks about his achievements after half a year of studying.

Q: What knowledge do you have as a result of studying in this school?

The knowledge consists of 2 types: school program and internal self-knowledge.

Q: Tell us about school program knowledge.

I supposed to be in 10 grade, but I am now in 11th and is preparing for the final Unified State Exam.

Q: How your knowledge level is evaluated in the school?

We take a week course of some discipline and then we have test. So, we have a lot of tests.

Q: In what form these tests are held?

Very different forms. It could be a written test or in a form of a game.

Q: What is the most valuable knowledge or skill you received in this school?

The knowledge that I am capable of anything. That helped me to become more self-confident and overcome the fear of public. I also learned to communicate and build relationships.

Q: How did you build self-confidence?

Through practical lessons and my own internal work.

Q: Now let's talk about the founder of this school. Can you describe Mikhail Petrovich Shchetinin?

Shchetinin's school of future

He is in the old age but he looks young. He improves his endurance and jogs every day. He is a cheerful and joyful person, and it is very pleasant to communicate with him.

His vision of a system of education is based on the fact that he understands the value of every child. He believes that between 12-16 years of age the most important period of a person's life passes. At this time, internal images are laid, goals are set and guts are built on which the quality of whole future life will depend. If these elements are properly set, then the person will be successful.

Mikhail Shchetinin knows how to immerse a person into any state of mind with words. And he teaches us that each letter represents not only sound, but also carries an image. The word is a set of images, and a sentence is a system of images. Our success in life directly depends on how we speak and what images we propagate. In the lessons of the Russian language, we analyze the meanings and images of the letters.

Q: Is it possible to build such school anywhere without participation of Mikhail Shchetinin?

Absolutely! The main thing is to understand the educational structure and build an image of the school.

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