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Kin's School - Lycee School at Tekos

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Shchetinin Kin's School

The first thing that strikes visitors is the unique campus and buildings. Impossible! the first thought comes. Only four years ago the boys and girls, Shchetinin's pupils, began constructing this little 'state' in a secluded spot which before was home only to woods and mountains. Now it has its own conference hall, a dance rehearsal hall, a sports field, a kitchen and dining-room, a bakery, a unit for the production of soya milk and other foodstuffs, a bath-house, woodworking shops, a well-hole for water extraction and a sewing workshop. A country on the rise.


Shchetinin Kin's School

The kids growing up in an atmosphere of co-operation can be described as follows: they all know how to think, they like to think. The thinking process is a valuable treasure for them. They all have teaching skills: each one is capable of explaining what they learn to others. They all have organisational and communicative skills. They are all people-oriented in one way or another. They all have a high degree of creative competence. They all have a feeling of social responsibilty.

Shchetinin Kin's School

Every time I visit the Lycee School at Tekos, I am struck by the transformations taking place there. Not only in the children, but also in the people who come to visit, and in Nature itself. This is where you can feel a special atmosphere of quiet, contentment and grace permeating the whole site. You can't help but start listening to Nature and feeling an unbreakable physical bond with Nature. It's not a place you feel like shouting, roaring or jumping for joy like a puppy. Quite the opposite: you feel like observing and drinking in the air, the atmosphere. You suddenly begin to feel within your being such a tide of strength and energy, such an assurance of the rightness and righteousness of everything going on here that you don't want to leave. You feel like dissolving in this air, in this amazing natural beauty, in the trees, flowers, brooks and grasses and thus go on living eternally.

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