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Interview for the newspaper Vecherki.

Siberian Cedar Essential Oils

Interesting historical facts and legends on Cedar

V.P. Zhuravlev

R. Bobrov, Doctor of Agricultural Sciences

General information on nutritional fact of Siberian cedar nuts

Links Across Space and Time.

Vasily Jirov:
What is today's sport elite thinking about?

Cedar the Healer
Siberian Cedar, Cedar wood, and their spiritual properties

Cosmetological properties:
Cosmetological properties of Cedar Oil produced by the original cold-pressing technology on wooden presses

Natural medicine:
The use of cedar nut oil in the treatment of gastritis....

Pranic healing:
Experimentation for determining the effect of cedar nut oil....

Natural medicine:
Therapeutic application of cedar nut oil in a group involved in the clean-up....

Feed back:
On the Siberian cedar products under trade mark "The Ringing Cedars of Russia"

Production methods of resin extract

Production methods of resin extract

Siberian cedar products have incredible healing properties. However, in order for them to have the maximum benefit for your health, they need to be properly produced. Our company produces resin extract using the most gentle and efficient methods that preserve all the healing properties of cedar nuts and cedar resin: cold pressing on wooden presses, no processing, and an infusion method that combines all the important nutrients of resin and oil.

Cedar nut oil: 100% organic product

Cedar nut oil of our production:

- Not refined and not deodorized. Refined and deodorized oil goes through several stages of purification, which completely deprive it of its natural taste and smell, as well as many useful substances. Our oil belongs to the category extra virgin: it is first pressed oil from the best raw materials selected by hand. It retains both a pleasant nutty smell and taste, as well as all the nutrients: vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and unsaturated fatty acids.

- Not processed. Processed food is also deprived of the healing qualities given to it by Nature. This applies literally to any product: everyone knows that a raw vegetable has much more benefits than a boiled or fried one. Our oil is not subjected to the damaging effects of thermal and chemical treatments.

- Cold pressed. During hot pressing, most vitamins are destroyed as the molecules change their structure. We produce cedar nut oil by cold pressing that is completely safe for the product. In addition, we use wooden presses. Unlike metal presses, they do not trigger destructive oxidative reactions.

- Does not contain preservatives or any other chemical additives.

Infusion method: combining the benefits of the oil and the resin

The second most important component of resin extract is cedar resin. This product is a concentration of terpenes that have pronounced disinfecting, antibacterial, antimicrobial, and immunomodulatory properties. The resin also contains succinic acid and vitamin C. However, the consistency of cedar resin is too thick and viscous, which makes it almost impossible to ingest it.

For the preparation of resin extract, we have chosen the infusion method. Cedar nut oil and cedar resin are combined in a vacuum in compliance with a precisely adjusted temperature regime. Over time, all the useful components of the resin pass to the oil, after which we remove the resin from the resin extract. The consistency of the product remains convenient for use both internally and externally, while it has all the health benefits of both cedar nut oil and cedar resin.

Be healthy!


Study review: the use of cedar resin in inflammatory diseases

Resin extract helps to get rid of H.pylori

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