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- by Regina Jensen.

- Regina Jensen.

- by Regina Jensen, Ph. D.

- by Regina Jensen, Ph. D.

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Exclusive interview with Vladimir Megre

From the 2008 Ringing Cedars Conference in Turkey

Mr. Megre talks about pressing subjects and Kin's Domains issues.

(Interview by Regina Jensen)

Vladimir Megre

Regina Jensen: Hello again, my dear Vladimir Nikolayevich, really, Vladimir Megre - as you are better known to so many millions of your readers. I very much appreciate that you are, once more, extending your time to us in this interview. There are so many question we all have, where should I even start? But you know, since this movement revolves around Eco-villages, and I believe there are around three hundred eco-villages in Russia alone, which are either in existence already or are being planned, maybe you would speak to us about that first. There are groups gathering and land being purchased or leased all over the world and I myself know of villages being created and planned in the United States and Germany. THAT is such an amazing phenomenon in itself and very happy news.

But I do know as well, as a psychotherapist and having worked with groups for almost twenty-five years, even the most well-meaning people underestimate what it takes to create what we might call a "conscious community", namely a village that comes and stays together by choice, not by accident. Many of us have forgotten what it really takes to live in a sharing community. Can you talk about some pitfalls and problems you might see ahead for people who come together, idealistic and full of joy and hope, to co-create not only their own Space of Love, but the common living spaces we call Eco-villages made up of many Kin's Domains?

Vladimir Megre: What problems do I see? I think that there will be very many problems, but they are all surmountable. Problems can arise for any person who is going somewhere, who is striving for something, but this person will not notice them, he will not notice because he will be constantly thinking about his wonderful future, about his dream. These people who are now building their Kin's Domains in Russia have a great many problems.

The first concrete problem is this. The concept of a "Kin's Domain" does not exist in Russian legislation. There are only general laws, or laws which approximate this idea. So these people who have begun this new way of life continue to appeal to the authorities: "Do this! Do prepare a legislative framework for this."

I think that legislation will be created, because of how Dmitry Medvedev, now the President of Russia, recently responded to a question during an Internet conference. He was not yet the President but still Prime Minister. The question was about whether or not he supported the creation of Kin's Domains. Let me see if I can relate to you what he said. He felt that the idea of Kin's Domains, as it had been presented, was a positive one. And Medvedev related it to their idea of what he called "low-rise" or one-storied Russia. He said that they had actually specifically taken up that very issue - quite a few months before. He also said that it was obvious that in such an expansive country as ours, with such huge territories, it makes no sense to only concentrate in small areas or little parcels of land, even in very large cities. He said that it made much more sense, both for the general health of the population and the country, to spread over the larger territory of Russia. (Ed. note: complete response available in EARTH newsletter; see full links below.)

But nevertheless, for the time being there is no legislative basis. We understand that bureaucracies do not function very quickly, and that there are a great many other problems. But they are working on it. I do think that the Russian government will come through with this.

Now, some of these people I was mentioning, they just could not wait until these laws were passed and went out to live on the land. They did this in various ways, some of them simply bought land from people who owned it but did not want to work with it. Some of them bought land from farmers. They joined together, spontaneously, and just began to work, began to build their village. Some even committed minor violations; they bought land that is listed in the Government Register as agricultural purpose land. They bought their hectare for an agricultural purpose plot and set aside approximately five ares (Ed: 500 squ. metres) for construction. I don't think this is too bad, though it is a small violation. But at the same time, Dmitry Medvedev, when he was not yet the president but still the deputy prime minister, said that it was time to bring abandoned agriculturally zoned land back into better use, to give it to people so they can organize collective farms.

That is, for instance, the problem that exists for the village in the Vladimir Oblast, not far from where I live. Approximately three hundred families got agricultural purpose land here. They are working it, but in addition, they have built homes on it. I don't think there is anything wrong with this, although there is a minor conflict with the local government. It would of course be much better if there were no conflicts. But the fact that a person built his house on his little parcel means that he is not getting ready to resell it, rather, that he is planning to look after it, to enhance it, plant a garden, bring up his children there. I do think everything will turn out all right. Difficulties still exist, and each person interprets them in his or her own way.

A Space of Love - just what is a Space of Love? What does it mean to live as a community? You see, we have become accustomed to live on different stories of a building and not even know anything about our neighbor. In a community, sometimes people argue with each other, sometimes even curse at each other, but when they argue and curse, this indicates that they are not indifferent to each other. Neighbors, of course, should not quarrel and swear with each other, especially not on the territory of their Kin's Domains. I studied history, and found a very interesting fact: ancient Russians did not allow themselves to quarrel with a neighbor on their Space of Love, on their domain. If they wanted to have a quarrel and swear, they went out to an oak grove and did it there. They quarreled, then returned, and everything was all right.

So, there are difficulties ahead, but they are surmountable. They are most minute in comparison to what awaits these people in the future. And their future will be just wonderful!

Regina Jensen: That does sound very hopeful indeed. Vladimir Nikolayevich. Were there any other insights you might share about all this? How does one find a "common language" with the authorities? How can we make the transition to a constructive dialog with the administrative bodies so as to obtain land for people to create their Kin's Domains?

Vladimir Megre: I probably cannot give an answer to that question because if anyone knew the answer to a question like that, then there would already be cooperation with the government, and the ideal situation would already exist.

It turns out that the most complicated thing is to present an idea in such a way that it would be understandable to everyone. For some reason Anastasia manages to do this. Ten years ago, she said a few words, and they were understood by millions of people and the people began to act. Someone in the government may understand these words, and the deputies also understand and support these ideas; someone else does not understand for one reason or another. Everyone must seek and find their own answer to this question, how to express themselves, to truly communicate. It is in general much more serious, this challenge. How can we learn to understand each other, whatever position we may hold. Let us seek and find an answer.

Regina Jensen: That is such a profound and yet simple answer! Yes, if we can only find a way to say things in a way that the governmental representatives can actually understand us and our needs, so that we will succeed.

Vladimir, I would now like to address another issue about one's Kin's Domain for which you gave a wonderful explanation in an address to an audience in Zurich, Switzerland, namely about the deeper spiritual meaning and gifts that people receive by developing their family land - their Kin's Domain. (Ed: see full links for this speech below.) There you shared your thoughts about how it is important to actually bring one's spirituality directly into matter or it is not embodied. You talked about the fact that, when creating a Kin's Domain, people, by coming into contact with nature, actually work with the materialized thoughts of God. In a whole new way, you defined your concept of a true "spiritual person." Can you please share your thoughts with us about this unusual, important concept of a human being actually connecting with the cosmos by way of his land?

Vladimir Megre: That question is so deep that it requires a long time to answer; it requires more than just one book - the connection with the cosmos and its interrelationship with the Earth. This is all very serious. I shall attempt to answer the smallest part of this question. To join us - but who is "us"? After all, it's not simply us living on Earth, not only.

As you know, a person who obtains land, not as an object on which he will grow potatoes, tomatoes, cucumbers, and then sell them, but as his Kin's Domain. This person is already enveloping this hectare of land, this acreage, with his thought, he is endowing it with additional meaning. He says: "I am creating My Kin's Domain." He is thereby joining whom? He is joining in this spot his entire Kin, which is an ongoing lineage, all the way to God.

After all, the phrase "I am creating My Kin's Domain" also means that he once had a Kin's space, but it was lost over time, and with it the ancestral connection was partially lost. And now this person, after twenty thousand years, perhaps thirty thousand, perhaps a million years, looked at the land and said: "This is my Kin's Domain, here I shall gather my entire Kin." There, in the heavens, his relatives, his great-grandfathers, great-grandmothers, who, just like he himself, lived on their Kin's Domains, perhaps after a million years for the first time felt that someone remembered them.

Their energy, their forces will surely gather and become concentrated in this place. This person will reunite his Kin, and therefore will also be united with God and all his creation, through the creation of his Kin's Domain.

And as far as everything else goes, it will also come to pass, but it is necessary to say a great many things about that. It is very important that on this little patch of land the person will gather all the energy of his ancestors, he will create an earthly paradise, he will have a neighbor who will do exactly the same, to his right and his left will be a neighbor, and he will have another neighbor a kilometer away, and there will be many such parcels of land. So Earth will be turned into a paradise. And this is all very simple. We do not have to have long discussions about spirituality, about lofty subjects. Take your spirituality and bring it into matter, then it will be clear to everyone how a person is really spiritual.

Regina Jensen: Yes, I find that very thought so wonderful. Out there, in nature, on our Kin's Domain, all we need to do is remember that we are touching God's thoughts when we are touching a tree, or even a rock. That awareness would be the most elementary form of prayer.

Now, Vladimir Nikolayevich, I would like to touch on a common but difficult issue. As a psychotherapist, I consider it the root of most suffering, namely what we might call "dualistic thinking". I mean this idea that we are not all part of the same ONE field of consciousness, but separate, isolated little people. This looks to be one of our deepest and most ancient wounds - resulting in divisive thinking. It also weakens our spirit and the spirit of community. I know that even the Ringing Cedars movement has not been immune to such divisive thinking, namely how some people, by way of such dark thoughts, have tried to destroy the positive aspirations of others, especially all the bright aspirations described in the "Ringing Cedars of Russia" books.

Vladimir Megre: Opposition to the Ringing Cedars movement: if you have in mind the concept of the kind of opposition which is generally characteristic, let's say, of opposing political forces, or one perspective of reality versus another, by its nature is insignificant. In general, it is impossible to stop the Ringing Cedars movement, just as it is impossible to stop the sun from rising, as it is impossible to stop the moon from rising. But it's possible to fight the movement, to slander it, to speak badly of it, cast suspicion on it. And perhaps there are some forces that somehow, for some reason, are acting in this way.

The question about opposition also has another aspect, a more global one. We live in a technocratic world, so at some definite moment in time people decided that all of that which was natural around them, that there was something wrong with it, and we should and could make it better. And we started to build houses, machines, even to fly into space. But we immediately ran up against a problem: sure, we flew into space, sure, we built houses, invented machines, but we have nothing natural to eat any more, we don't have any more access to simple, live foods.

Here the problem lies somewhere else, in the technocratic direction of development. That certainly is one path of development, but there is another: the natural one. We should have studied nature and, before destroying it, tried to understand why it was created and how it could serve man. Why was an animal created, for example, or a bear? We are familiar with cats and dogs, but there are many other animals and the overwhelming majority of people have no idea of their the purpose. That is to say that there are two scientific paths of development. We are following one scientific path only, but are not moving along the second at all. I propose that there should be a unifying of these opposites. These paths are opposed to a certain extent, but we should not oppose them, but unite them in some way. That is the task of our time.

Regina Jensen: Yes, so very true! Anastasia seems to experience the Earth, or better the Cosmos, as one giant library - which she accesses easily. But what happens for you, Vladimir - you carry around so much information in your mind?

Vladimir Megre: I cannot answer that question with any degree of accuracy, because I really don't know. I really have not observed myself that closely, but as far as Anastasia is concerned... Anastasia's grandfather once said that Anastasia communicated with you not with words, but with feelings. And, using feelings, immeasurably more information can be communicated to us in the same amount of time than with words. Well, let's suppose that I say to you: "Hello, Regina." What kind of information can I communicate? But I can say it warmly: "Hello, Regina!" that is, I communicated feelings as well, and this is more than a simple "Hello, Regina." In this feeling there is a much greater volume of information, and when she spoke words, she also communicated feelings. Then, spontaneously, you achieve a certain state, let's say, a pleasant state, and you recall how lovely she is, how beautiful she is, what her hair is like, how she walks. Or, on the other hand, once you get into a bad mood - it's not important why - but right away you want to write a book on "How all people are stubborn."

I want to say that the communication of information using feelings gives a much greater volume, if compared with a computer, without feelings you have bytes, and with feelings you have terabytes.

Regina Jensen: That is such a good thing to remember. Transferring information in a whole different way. And that brings me to my next question. Many people still have a poor grasp of how the finest and most powerful of human arts, the power of divine co-creation through Image Making, has fallen into such hellish depths. As you have explained before, Vladimir Nikolaevich, we now play with the dead toys of this fallen science and call these dead images "our life": cars, large houses, jewelry - and we pay for them with our very souls. The world's hungry people as well as the most privileged feel dead inside as long as they believe these caricatures of life are real. Could you talk some more about the world of living images versus the world of dead images?

Vladimir Megre: I shall first try to clarify your question to see whether I understood it correctly - namely how at the present, we live in a world of dead images and dead objects?

Regina Jensen: Yes.

Vladimir Megre: I agree with you. I would also add that this is a world of the constantly dying. It is terrible. In and of himself, a Man is immortal, and he is immortal when he is surrounded by immortal things and when his thoughts are immortal. At least that is how I understand Anastasia. And when you go out in the morning and see a flower blooming - it is always new each time - you see your horse give birth to foal, a new worker for you, a new helper, and all "This" is being born again and again, this entire process is eternal.

Or even if you are living in your own castle, where the floor must be constantly washed, the faucets must be constantly repaired. Let's say that workers are doing all this in your castle, all the same you see that "This" is perishable, "This" is dying, your thought will die together with "This," and the person will cease to be eternal.

And you say, "How was this science able to sink to this level?" But where else could it sink, the poor thing? True, I don't believe that it "sunk" here. Maybe it simply arrived at this spot to summon its friends, its acquaintances, its future children to come to another world, to feel, to look at another world. And that's what will happen. And you and I shall live in another world.

Regina Jensen: Yes we will, along with millions of other people! Vladimir Nikolayevich, the only vision I know of which considers the world as a whole, a global vision, is that which you and Anastasia have shared with the world. Do you know any other leaders of the world who offer what you offer, a healing vision for the entire planet?

Vladimir Megre: I don't have this information, if I did have this information, it would have long ago been proclaimed in all countries through all forms of mass media. But it is true - a global crisis exists, and there are no ideas for a way out of this crisis. This is the saddest statement that can be made. Perhaps that is the way it must be. Meanwhile, decisions about how to get out of the crisis are being made by the very people who led everyone into the crisis in the first place. Isn't it likely that if they truly had some new ideas, they would not have led humanity into this terrible dilemma in the first place?

But I believe that the "Kin's Domain" idea - this is the most familiar term we have used, "Kin's Domain"- and everything connected with it can lead us out of the crisis with ease. Undoubtedly, the most important thing is, as practical experience has already shown, that what this very idea easily staves off is hopelessness and depression, which is the most frightening thing that has occurred in this crisis.

Regina Jensen: Vladimir Nikolayevich, you have talked about how this very Science of Imagery can be used in positive and negative ways; how by using this science, a very few individuals have manipulated entire countries and even humanity as a whole for millennia. Can you give those people who doubt this destructive use of imagery some modern-day examples of how humanity is being enslaved and manipulated out of their birthright - their divine powers of co-creation?

Vladimir Megre: Yes, the world is governed by images, that is already indisputable. At one time in Russia, the image of a happy man was depicted as one who goes into a factory, then comes out again and goes home, all the while admiring the smoke coming from the smoke-stacks. Pictures were painted, films were made on such subject matters - an image of "the happy man" was created. So everyone began to pick up and leave the rural areas to go to the city. Now we are reaping the fruits of all this: There are no people in our rural areas any more - whether money is invested there or not -there is no one there, there is no one to whom to give the money. This is the result of the effect of an image, an idea created for people. This image was created by many, many people for many years. Anastasia has now created another image, all at once and alone. Without any assistance from "official sources", so to speak. I believe this image to be so much more beautiful, more acceptable for today, and it will lead us out of the crisis: the crime rate will fall, birth rates will normalize and we will have another type of beautiful woman.

Let me use that example, about women: Here is one of those images - this type of image that had been created in Russia, namely that the happiest and most beautiful woman is a model. Hundreds of thousands of young Russian girls dream of being models and strolling down the catwalk, flaunting themselves, while not realizing that only one or two make it to the top, if that, and those are most likely not happy anyway. But the image has been created, and everyone aspires to it. But it seems to me that it is necessary to create the image of a woman-as-mother, a beloved woman, a woman who lives on a beautiful Kin's Domain. That is something attainable for anyone. And it is so much more than a model on a catwalk.

Regina Jensen: Vladimir Nikolayevich, I personally hope that Anastasia does not make herself available to the curious public any more than she already has. Carl Gustav Jung, a celebrated author, analyst and psychologist said a long time ago that "people can die from mass-projection," such as people of great fame who are exposed to the masses of images which others project upon them day and night. While Anastasia, more than anyone on this planet, can protect herself from such onslaughts very well, don't you agree we need not burden her any more than we already have with unnecessary demands?

Vladimir Megre: I don't think she is afraid of these onslaughts, after all, she herself said, "Evil of the world, leave your works, rush to me, try, I am alone before you, conquer for the sake of conquering, everyone fall on me, there will be battles without battles," and so on, and so forth. She is not afraid of this.

As far as "making herself available" goes, I think that it is impossible for her to make herself available to the public more than she already has. Judge for yourself, a person emerges onto the public stage and says, "Look, it's me." He stands before the people, everyone looks at him. "So you've emerged, you're standing here, and now what?" People see some person in front of them, they don't know his thoughts, what his personality is like, what he has on his mind, what he has planned, they see only the body before them! What does this give them? Nothing, of course.

Here in Europe, Canada, America, Russia, the countries of the CIS, the Baltic states, and Israel, so many different people all around the world have begun to understand each other without knowing each other's language only by saying the word "Anastasia." She is not making herself available, she has not become a "goddess" - she has become a friend, simply a friend.

So, how much more can she really make herself available? Come out of the kitchen peeling potatoes? Or emerge in such a way that everything around her is illuminated by her radiant thought? I believe that she has made herself available. And what's more, I believe that she will make herself available to each man, but in the image of the woman he loves. And that will really be a masterful entrance!

In general, this question has been asked more than once. And I always think that it sounds a bit strange. Judge for yourself, Regina. You and I walk up to John and ask, "John, when will your wife make herself available to us?" He would say, "What are you talking about?"

So, Anastasia has made herself available in spirit, but in body, for the time being, let her body remain where it is most comfortable.

Regina Jensen: Dear Vladimir Nikolayevich! Talking about making yourself available in spirit, I cannot express to you how much we all appreciate the energy you give to all of us, even answering questions that might feel repetitive to you. You are always so kind and patient. I hope, once more, that we have not overstayed our welcome. We do have many more questions for you but must let you go for now. Thank you so much, in the name of your readers all over the world!

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* Dr. Regina Jensen holds licenses as a psychotherapist, physical therapist, certifications as Master Executive Coach, and Somatic therapies with professional training and experience for over 35 years. She is a writer and independent researcher with a commitment "to finding intelligent, expedient and joyful solutions for the predicaments we have co-created for each other on our Mother Planet."

1. Ed. Note: You can read Mr. Medvedev's response in full in THE EARTH newspaper

2. Ed. Note: you can read Mr. Megre's speech in Zurich in THE EARTH newspaper

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