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- by Regina Jensen.

- Regina Jensen.

- by Regina Jensen, Ph. D.

- by Regina Jensen, Ph. D.

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Exclusive interview with Vladimir Megre for THE EARTH Newspaper - PART II. by Regina Jensen, Ph. D.

Vladimir MegreR.J.: Vladimir Nikolaevich, thank you for making yourself available once more. If I may, I will start with questions right away:

You have talked about the Science of Imagery and it sounds so very wonderful for us to learn more consciously how to create our lives through images. But when it comes to understanding world-affairs, which are of so much concern right now, don't you fear that people might think this is all much too simplistic when it comes to understanding politics by way of this idea of images as creative or destructive?

Vladimir Megre: Well, world forums have come to the unambiguous conclusion that a catastrophe is possible in the coming years. And it is here that an interesting question arises: is it possible to take some measures to prevent it? Representatives of the international scientific community have been unable to answer this question. The governments of various countries, although attempting to influence the situation in some way, developed the so-called Kyoto Protocol, according to which it was proposed that all countries reduce harmful emissions into the atmosphere. To date the Protocol has not been ratified. This can serve as an excellent examccple for the problem as I see it, namely that the leaders of these countries do not seem to comprehend the true issue. The exhaust gases from millions of cars and the smokestacks of large and small companies, and other sources that expel harmful pollutants are only a consequence, and not the cause that gave rise to them.

R.J.: Can you say more?

V.M.: Yes, of course. Modern science has been unable to identify the real cause. Anastasia explains that the true cause may be determined by applying methods from the forgotten Science of Imagery. But the modern scientific community does not know anything about this scientific approach, at once ancient and very advanced, and this is highly unfortunate for our culture. It is a little known fact that precisely by using the powers gained from this very science, a few single individuals can and have governed entire countries as well as humanity as a whole.

R.J.: Can you give us an example?


V.M.: For instance even in the past, historians report that, after the capture of ancient Egypt, the priests at the time knew how to instill into the people's unconscious the image of a liberator and with the power of that image freed the country. Or, as another example, to this day, Byzantinists are unable to arrive at a unified opinion or to identify the true reason for the collapse of the Byzantine Empire. But the reason can be found in the same realm, namely in the realm of Images. In this case, it was the loss of the image of the future of the empire and instead the instilling of a foreign, destructive image into that culture. It is precisely for this reason that all the empires of our known historical period have perished and others will follow unless changes are made.

R.J.: What a profound loss and a very real, modern-day danger to be repeated! And those forces which you and Anastasia call the Priests have really had no opposition at all until Anastasia came along. You are so right, few people other than our Western mass-media, political strategists and the marketing gurus know about even the rudiments of this science, and this ignorance and lack has brought humanity to the brink of destruction.

V.M.: Yes. But Anastasia is certain that the catastrophe may not only be averted, but that it is possible to build a happy future for millions of individual families and the country as a whole. It would appear that she has a perfect knowledge of the Science of Imagery, and this is what she says about it:

"A person himself is nothing other than a materialized image, and being a materialized image, a person himself may create and materialize images. This comprises his Universal power that can be surpassed by no-one and nothing.

"If a person is not conscious of the abilities bestowed upon him by the Creator, then this person is himself blocking his most majestic power, and this person falls under the influence of other images, and materializes their ideas up to the point of the destruction of himself, his family, his lineage, his country, and the entire planet."

"The artificial technocratic world has also been created by Man using the energy of images which, however, infuse confront? A person with the very opposite of what they intended."

R.J.: How confusing for people, and deceptive! Can you say more?

V.M.: The artificial world is perishable and mortal. Even the most perfect machine, building, or any other thing of the artificial world is disintegrating with each passing second, and in only a few years will turn into dust or, even worse, into waste that is harmful for humans.

Man himself, who lives in an artificial world, also becomes perishable. It is too difficult for a person who, minute by minute, looks at the multitude of disintegrating objects surrounding him - objects that do not have the capacity to self-produce - to imagine eternal life, to create the image of his or her own eternity and materialize it.

R.J.: Vladimir Nikolaevich, what a profound awareness to bring to the world! You and Anastasia bring to the fore a profound question: "How can we create our divine heritage, namely that of eternal life, if all we see is death, disintegration and decay by way of man-made, robotic, dead matter all around us. No wonder we think of ourselves as mere perishable matter as well, did I understand that right, by way of the perverse, confused and "fallen" abuse of images-turned-into-things??

V.M.: Yes! The natural, visible world has existed not for billions of years, but significantly longer, because it already existed in a non-materialized image. Scientists who have determined the age of the earth have determined not the date of its birth, but only the date of its materialization as one of the stages of life, namely when it became visible, or perceptible, to the human senses or to limited man-made technologies.

The natural world possesses the ability to self-produce, and this ability makes it eternal. The Creator, having created eternity, is thus himself - Eternity. He is the alpha and omega and alpha again.

Many people may say or think: what was there before the birth of the Creator, the enormous quantity of his unusual energy? Once nothing existed. Nothing! But remember what the Creator said about "nothing" to his son:

"From nothingness will arise the new wonderful birth of you, which reflects through you yourself - your aspirations, soul, and dreams. My son, you are infinite, you are eternal, your dreams are creating themselves in you.

"But if something arises from "nothing," this means that Nothing is sensed in a birth. Having given birth, including "from nothing," the Creator has closed the circle and offered the image of eternity to man.

"The knowledge, understanding, and sensation of the energy of the Image in oneself enables a person not to die, but to fall into a delightful sleep. On awaking, the person will be incarnated in the place, time, and Image needed by him and created before sleep.

"Lack of knowledge and understanding of the Science of Imagery inevitably leads to the clumsy handling of the perfect, natural world, and the creation of a world that is artificial, primitive, and unnatural. Lack of knowledge of the Science of Imagery turns entire countries and people into playthings, pawns in the hands of those who are familiar with this great ability. Knowledge of the Science of Imagery leads to an understanding of the entire universe made by the Creator and the creation of new, wonderful worlds."

R.J.: Vladimir Nikolaevich! In the most poetic way, you just answered several lengthy questions I have had about the Science of Imagery. But still, now I am even more excited than I was when I first read the books. Just because this is so very important for our very survival as a species, could you say more, maybe about the whole idea why empires do perish, especially since it looks like there is another "empire" which has been setting itself up for just that - and I am talking about what many thoughtful thinkers fear about our own country, the United States, which has been without a wholesome image for a glorious future.

V.M.: Certainly! It is possible to provide a multitude of historical examples that are associated with the effects of images that influence human society and provoke even planetary catastrophes. But for a modern person, especially one living in Russia, as a more obvious example, one can mention the situation associated with the collapse of Tsarist Russia, and then the breakup of the USSR. "A spark will ignite a flame," said Vladimir Ilich Lenin, the leader of the world proletariat, referring to the Bolshevik newspaper The Spark, which castigated the Tsarist regime. A negative image of Tsarist power was systematically promoted, and a new, beautiful image of Soviet power was created. Tsarism was overthrown. A new empire, the USSR, arose and began to develop, an empire with an enormous army equipped with nuclear weapons. But after only seventy years, the great empire of the USSR disintegrated into several separate countries, moreover not always amicably disposed toward each other. Political scientists identified the culprits as those politicians who signed the agreement respecting the dissolution, as well as the economic and political situation.

R.J.: Oh, how painfully familiar this sounds! Just exactly what's been happening in the United States and other countries, looking for the problems in all the wrong places.

V.M.: Yes, exactly. On closer examination, even all this is only a consequence of the effects of images. Let us remember Solzhenitsyn's profound and courageous books about the GULAG, as well as other works of literary masters which castigated the USSR. Concurrently, other writers during that same time created the image of the flourishing countries of the West, where, unlike those in the USSR, store shelves were groaning under an abundance of all types of goods, while happy and free people drove around in luxurious cars. Meanwhile, when speaking of the advantages of Western civilization, they remained silent about the many problems which existed over there.

The future of Russia, as well, is being determined by images instilled in the minds and souls of the people living in the country. Unfortunately, there is a veritable plethora of images leading to the destruction of our country. The cult of force, the cult of money and other such negative constructs are forming thousands of images of destruction in movies and television films. Many of our politicians are advocating "emulation of the West." No economic or military achievements, or calls to be patriots of one's homeland are able to oppose this ongoing, all-pervasive imagery.

R.J.: That is very scarey, isn't it? - since they are not exactly very visible, these destructive images, although modern science might call them holograms, and as you've explained, Anastasia knows how to make them visible. I hesitate to impose upon your patience, Vladimir Nikolaevich, but it is so very important. Could you help us with some additional clarification about this dreadful dilemma in which humanity finds itself - especially, again, at this very moment in history?

V.M.: An image may only be challenged by another image, particularly by an image of creation, capable of inspiring millions of people. Anastasia did indeed create such an image as a counterbalance to the armadas of the destroyers. Hundreds of thousands of people have internalized the image of a real future Anastasia has offered, the future of a beautiful country and in turn a beautiful planet Earth. And they have added their own ideas to it, and have begun to turn it into reality, to build what she has called their Kin's Estates, their Family Domains or Spaces of Love. (Ed. note: For readers unfamiliar with this term, these are single hectares (2.5 acres) of land, some of them part of numerous eco-villages which are under development all over the world, where people live and co-create small paradises for themselves and each other in accordance with natural law and the powerful support and gifts the plant-kingdom can offer.)

R.J.: Anastasia's abilities to remote-view, as we might explain a very small part of what she does throughout time and space, has enabled her to not only foresee a beautiful and very possible future for us, but also observe those other, destructive dynamics. Tragically, we as modern Man have thought of this Science of Imagery as irrelevant to us because it is invisible, therefore dishonoring it as "child's play" just because we are blind to it.

V.M.: Yes, it is here that events have started to occur, events whose careful examination and subsequent study could show who really stands behind the historical and social cataclysms in our country and in the world, and the principles used to provoke these cataclysms.

R.J.: Yes, Vladimir , this is what we need to understand much more specifically, because it sounds so novel to our modern ears - or maybe a little bit like these star-war movies of dark and light forces.

Forgive me, Vladimir Nikolaevich, should we take a moment to recapitulate here for our readers what Anastasia says about the Priests, which is, of course, a term which is quite distinct from what we would call pastors or even our catholic priests or rabbis. But if I understand it right, such a Priest in her sense of the word is a person in body or in other domains which can exert enormous power over individuals, groups of people or whole countries by the sheer power of their trained will, notably their ability to create and insert disempowering, enslaving images into the racial unconscious, as you have explained so eloquently.

It is definitely very different yet from the insidious practice of how our mass-media abuse the power of images to hypnotize us. Can you explain this interesting phenomenon and unusual concept again, especially to our new readers?

Vladimir Megre and Regina JensenV.M.: Priests exert an influence over the powers "in control", not by using the traditional methods of bribery or blackmail, but with a more global method, namely through the insertion of Images. But even more so, once these images are in place, everything else starts to develop automatically around this destructive blueprint.

Look for instance at our Russian State Parliament, which sits in downtown Moscow. Nationally elected deputies are called upon to devise laws for the people, laws - we would hope - according to which people could live in happiness. Many Muscovites as well as visitors to the capital have become accustomed to the image of the building of the State Parliament in downtown Moscow, but let us see whether its location is not paradoxical or even counterproductive.

The building is located at the intersection of streets with extremely heavy traffic; the air in this location exceeds the safe and acceptable pollution level several times over; the people's deputies are obliged to drink only bottled, therefore not natural water, because the tap-water is not fit to drink either; the food-products in the snack bar are unnatural as well - they certainly have not just been picked from a garden or caught in a river; their apartments are also located in downtown Moscow, in ecologically unfavorable areas and last but not least, on the way to work, even if in an official car, they only hear the road-noises and other sounds of a "stony" city.

All this cannot help but have an influence on their state of mind, cannot help but form in their minds the image that this indeed is real life. In actual fact, their work is organized in such a way that making wholesome decisions is physically impossible to do.

R.J.: Can we please take another minute here, Vladimir? Isn't this one of those examples of how a cultural image can work by default - by NOT being there as you have said, but with the entire environment expressing such a dark construct? Can I repeat what I think you said? Our politicians' work and environment is "organized in such a way that for them to make wholesome decisions is physically impossible."

V.M.: Yes indeed. Now let us imagine that this same State Parliament building is located not at the intersection of streets, but on the bank of a beautiful lake, let's say in the village of Konyaevo, 145 kilometres from Moscow: the building is surrounded by a forest; around it are official cottages with small parcels of land and fruit orchards; the deputies drink wonderful spring water and eat ecologically pure and always fresh foods; on the way to work they hear the sounds of the natural world and, in addition, each day they have the opportunity to take walks and reflect.

What true need is there, really, for the Parliament to sit in downtown Moscow? In fact, it is counter-productive. Now, people may think that moving the deputies seat to a different location is not all that important. But I will say this: All the fundamental, vitally important principles and teachings that have taken root in people for thousands of years were made by wise men who withdrew to a forest or desert. Just think of Jesus Christ, Mohammed, Buddha, Moses and many others who were looking for, and received, inspiration from Nature.

R.J.: And this is probably what Anastasia meant by saying how good it was for President Bush to withdraw into Nature at the beginning of his first term. If only he had stayed there! But regarding this issue of Nature and sane thinking. Isn't that the most amazing thought that no-one ever considered? When Anastasia would say "Vladimir, be logical," she meant for you, and for all of us, to think in this way, didn't she, for us to confront our automated, non-rational thinking and behavior?

V.M.: Yes. And to add to it, on the way to work, the deputies'cars contribute to the creation of the traffic jams so disliked by Muscovites. Consequently, the deputies assimilate streams of negative energy from the large number of people contributing to the heavy traffic. This is another example of "invisible influence" which modern science does not consider. What wise decisions can we expect from people who find themselves in such unacceptable working conditions?

R.J.: Yes, yes! As a therapist, I can't help looking at the eyes of our politicians and see all too often what - in trauma therapy - we call a "reptilian stare". It's the dissociated, inhuman stare of an over-wrought, stressed, over-stimulated system functioning from the brainstem, our most archaic, rigid and automated reptilian survival-system. It worries me to no end, Vladimir, that these are not only the politicians we elect, but that most people cannot even tell the difference any more from a healthy human being to a bio-robot because they themselves are being kept in those same dismal conditions you described so well.

V.N.: Yes, and let me add another such disconcerting disparity, namely that of the Lomonosov Moscow State University and other large educational institutions located in the centers of large metropolises. Only they are in even more unfavorable conditions than the people's elected deputies. Your child, who is studying at a university located in such a city, is also obliged to pay money to reside in these conditions, in addition to his or her tuition. Certainly few parents can provide their children with natural food products, which in large metropolises are several times more expensive than outside the larger cities.

But back to the politicians. Modern means of communication make it possible for the peoples' elected representatives and deputies to communicate with any sources of information necessary for them. There is no advantage to the fact that they are located in large metropolises. Quite the contrary, it is absurd and does great harm to their psychological and physical health, and therefore to us as who are at the mercy of their decisions. But why does this absurdity occur? Images! Both they and we have become accustomed to the fact that this is the way it is supposed to be, namely that our beautiful young people, the future specialists of our country, as well as the experienced, elderly deputies necessarily must be in the center of a metropolis. It appears to be prestigious, it is "respectable". And few people realize that it is devastatingly dysfunctional and absurd.

R.J.: Vladimir Nikolaevich! We don't want to overstay our welcome with you. So, on that painful last note I will let you get back to your work. But you have given us much to think about. This has been most enriching.

Thanks to you and Anastasia, instead of thinking of Imagery as child's play or dreaming, we now know it to represent the most essential divine power given to Man. It would also seem to be the most important one for our human survival because of those possibly catastrophic events we may be facing as an entire civilization unless we learn to use these powerful, creative forces correctly.

Please let us have some more time with you soon. I thank you so much - in the behalf of all your readers.

* Dr. Regina Jensen holds licenses as a psychotherapist, physical therapist, certifications as Master Executive Coach, and Somatic therapies with professional training and experience for over 35 years. She is a writer and independent researcher with a commitment "to finding intelligent, expedient and joyful solutions for the predicaments we have co-created for each other on our Mother Planet."


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