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Interview for the newspaper Vecherki.

Siberian Cedar Essential Oils

Interesting historical facts and legends on Cedar

V.P. Zhuravlev

R. Bobrov, Doctor of Agricultural Sciences

General information on nutritional fact of Siberian cedar nuts

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Siberian Cedar, Cedar wood, and their spiritual properties

Cosmetological properties:
Cosmetological properties of Cedar Oil produced by the original cold-pressing technology on wooden presses

Natural medicine:
The use of cedar nut oil in the treatment of gastritis....

Pranic healing:
Experimentation for determining the effect of cedar nut oil....

Natural medicine:
Therapeutic application of cedar nut oil in a group involved in the clean-up....

Feed back:
On the Siberian cedar products under trade mark "The Ringing Cedars of Russia"

Cedar nut oil for the human lymphatic system

Cedar nut oil for the human lymphatic system

Cedar nut oil has many positive effects on the body, improves the work and condition of all human systems. The lymphatic system is no exception. It plays an important role in the body: it is responsible for the removal of waste and toxins, supports immunity[1].

Cedar nut oil has a stimulating and draining effect on the lymphatic system. Its use helps to reduce inflammation and increase the body's overall defenses. And massage with cedar nut oil is an effective way to improve the circulation of lymph, stimulate its drainage. The cedar nut oil can be used in its natural form or as a carrier oil as a base for massage oil mixtures.

Stimulating and draining effects

Cedar nut oil stimulates the lymphatic system. This means that the cedar nut oil promotes the accelerated movement of lymph in the body, which helps to improve its drainage and the removal of toxins. With regular use of cedar nut oil, you may notice a reduction in swelling and an improvement in the overall condition of the skin.

One of the main components in the composition of cedar nut oil, responsible for its stimulating effect on the lymphatic system, is the rich content of vitamin E[2]. This vitamin is a strong antioxidant and helps to strengthen the immune system as well as improve the overall health of the body. Cedar nut oil contains up to 15% vitamin E.

In addition, cedar nut oil is rich in polyunsaturated fatty acids such as omega-3 and omega-6, which play an important role in metabolic processes and improving blood circulation. These fatty acids help to enhance the drainage effect in the lymphatic system.

Also, cedar nut oil has anti-inflammatory properties, so it can help manage inflammation in the lymphatic system. This is especially useful for lymphadenitis, in which the lymph nodes become inflamed and painful.


The lymphatic system plays an important role in maintaining health, responsible for removing toxins, waste and excess fluid. Muscle movement is key to its proper functioning. A cedar nut oil massage complements the natural flow of lymph, helping to energize lymphatic circulation and promote effective drainage.

Cedar nut oil is rich in good fats, vitamins, and antioxidants. It has excellent emollient and moisturizing properties that are beneficial to the skin and tissues. At the same time, it helps to strengthen the lymphatic system, helping it to remove waste from the body more efficiently. It can be used as a carrier oil (a base for preparing oil blends) in combination with your favorite aroma oils for massage.


Benefits of cedar nut oil minerals for the body

Cedar nut oil enriched with sea buckthorn for oxidative stress


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