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Interview for the newspaper Vecherki.

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Interesting historical facts and legends on Cedar

V.P. Zhuravlev

R. Bobrov, Doctor of Agricultural Sciences

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Feed back:
On the Siberian cedar products under trade mark "The Ringing Cedars of Russia"

Benefits of cedar nut oil minerals for the body

Benefits of cedar nut oil minerals for the body

Minerals are essential for keeping the body functioning properly and have many health benefits: bone health, regulating blood sugar, supporting a healthy metabolism, improving memory and concentration, and strengthening skin, hair and nails are all benefits of minerals. They are found in a variety of foods such as meat, fish, vegetables, fruits, and dairy products. It is important to keep your diet varied and eat different foods to get a wide range of minerals.

Including cedar nut oil in your diet is a great way to enrich your menu with nutrients, particularly minerals, and support your health.

For example, phosphorus (P) and zinc, which have many beneficial properties for strengthening hard tissues such as bones, nails, and teeth, as well as promoting anti-inflammatory and regenerative processes.


Phosphorus is one of the most important trace elements necessary for the normal functioning of our body. One of its sources is cedar nut oil, which has a number of health benefits.

- Bone health: Phosphorus is a key element necessary for bone growth and development. It is involved in the process of bone mineralization and helps in strengthening the bone tissue. Therefore, consuming cedar nut oil can be beneficial for maintaining bone health.

- Brain activity: phosphorus is involved in the metabolic processes necessary for normal brain function. Regular consumption of cedar nut oil can help improve memory, concentration and cognitive function.

- Energy: Phosphorus is part of ATP (adenosine triphosphoric acid), the main source of energy in cells. The presence of phosphorus in cedar nut oil may help provide additional energy and increase overall stamina.


Zinc, in turn, is a powerful antioxidant that helps to:

- fight inflammation in the body

- strengthens the immune system

- activates tissue regeneration processes

Zinc also plays an important role in the formation of collagen, which is responsible for skin elasticity and strengthening of nails[1].

Cedar nut oil, thanks to its phosphorus and zinc content, has a positive effect on the condition of our hard tissues. Regular consumption of this oil helps to strengthen bones, teeth, and nails, making them stronger and healthier.

However, the effectiveness of minerals in combating inflammation and regenerative processes can be reduced if they are deficient in the body[2].

Therefore, it is important to maintain a balance of minerals in the body. A great solution for this task is cedar nut oil, consume it to replenish deficiencies of macro and micro elements in the body and for the overall maintenance of your health!


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