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What needs to be done to develop kin's settlements?

What needs to be done to develop kin's settlements?

Kin's settlements and Anastasia's ideas keep attracting more people around the world. However, in order to develop the movement, many factors must be taken into account. Here are six important points to get our message across.

1. Don't think of oneself as exceptional

You may have heard such statements: «Only kin's settlements can save the world», or «we build kin's domains and do everything right! Everyone else lives wrong».

But in fact, we have many like-minded people who may not be familiar with Anastasia's ideas. These are the ones who really want to make the world a better place: for example, permacultural movements, eco-farmers, alternative pedagogy, and environmentalists. There are many people and many different movements who think about the same thing, but do not build kin's domains. They are our allies. We need to be friends, learn from each other's experience. We need to understand that we are a big family and to consolidate.

2. Build a real economy

Most of the people living in the kin's domains have income from the city. They either receive rent or do some kind of work for the city. We should seriously think about how to build our own economy and produce something that will bring income. The main direction is agriculture and food production. Organic products are in high demand.

3. Be understandable to people around you

We need to be understandable to everyone, including the authorities at all levels, as well as our neighbors. Today, kin's settlements are not very clear to the authorities. They do not understand what we are doing. This point is related to the previous point: if we produce something, then we become understandable for the administration of all levels, for the people around us, and for our neighbors. And they will start helping us.

What needs to be done to develop kin's settlements?

4. Build a team

For settlements to flourish, we need to learn how to build relationships. The contradictions between the residents of the settlement hinder the development of our projects, because all the energy is spent on conflicts.

It is necessary to create a space where any conflicts are resolved with the help of clear mechanisms. In the old days, all the peoples of the world had such mechanisms, but now they are lost, since we have lived in cities for generations. We must restore the traditions of living in a team and solving any issues together. Once people manage to get together and unite, they can do great things.

5. Education is important

Kindergartens and schools are very important for settlements. In the future, it would be good to give higher education in settlements as well. Perhaps this is one of the most important points. Financial and other resources should be allocated to education. For example, take 10% or 20% of the settlement's income and use it to build schools and pay teachers.

6. Culture

Living in a settlement should be joyful. It is necessary to do so that every resident feels cool. So there should be holidays and festivals, songs and round dances.

What needs to be done to develop kin's settlements?


It is easier to implement all these proposals in large settlements. Small settlements for 4-5 families can hardly cope with the volume of work. But any families that have realized the importance of these points need to consolidate. The rest of the neighbors and like-minded people, seeing that something good is happening, will join you.

Fedor Lazutin

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