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School In Kin's Settlement "Tsvetuschy"

school in kin's settlement

One of the most important questions when moving to a kin's settlement is where to educate children, what school to chose? After all, often in the villages nearby there are no schools and you need to travel to a neighboring village. But the question arises - do I want to send children to a conventional school and what can it give to my child? Let's think it over. The current education system has been around for a long time. More than one generation has been educated by it, but have people begun to live better? Do people live happily using knowledge of this school? According to observations, the modern society of people is rapidly degrading - both mentally, morally, and even physically.

The role of the school, however, is very significant. In the program of the comprehensive school, little has changed since the days of the USSR; modern scientific discoveries and research are not taken into account. History, as always, is arrogantly been rewriting. And this is happening right now, in front of us, for the sake of the current government.

school in kin's settlement

Morality training is absent. In a modern school, a child learns to lie (to teachers, parents, peers), envy (of these who have a better phone, notepad, etc.), swear, drink, smoke and use drugs. Also, among schoolchildren, it is considered cool to have sex early. I am not even saying about the soul and personality of the child that such system "breaks".

Well, you remember how it was; you went through an ordinary school yourself. This is all clear - you say - but what to do? Is there an alternative?

school in kin's settlement

We need to create this alternative for our children by ourselves. School "Schastie", which means "happiness" in Russian, was created in the settlement of "Tsvetuschy" - where all education is fundamentally different from system education.

What is the essence of such school?

school in kin's settlement

Children learn not in the stuffy, enclosed buildings, but in gardens and groves, among flowers, herbs and trees. Children are constantly in the fresh air. Of course, there is a room in case of rain and cold weather. There are 4 gardens that represent 4 rooms: apple, pear, cherry and plum; and 2 groves: birch and oak. Also, cedars in the center of the school are planted in a form of a word "Schastie" (Happiness) and next to the gardens - in the form of a word "Lyubov" (Love).

school in kin's settlement

The purpose of education in this school is not to produce an erudite biorobot, but to develop a happy person. Children in this school can decide if they want to come to a lesson or not, the goal of a teacher to interest children in their subject.

The main subject is an increase of speed of thought in children. With a great speed of thought, the child will be able to master any field, any science that he wants. The task of the teacher is not to give ready-made information, but to ask questions to which children will seek an answer, accelerating their thoughts.

school in kin's settlement

Of course, general education subjects are also given in a simple and interesting form. Children pass all exams necessary for obtaining a certificate of secondary education in an ordinary school as an external student.

The main seasons of education are spring, summer and autumn. In winter there are easy crafts and regular subjects are taught. Movement is very important, because spending 45 minutes sitting is a suffering for children. At "Schastie", a child can run, jump, laugh, have fun, play and sing songs. Also, at the request of the children, they sometimes spend the night with the teacher under the starry sky, communicating and discussing about the constellations and the Universe.

Each child has a small plot of land where he/she can plant whatever he wants. That is a "Living" notebook. Different masters come to school and teach crafts, playing musical instruments (balalaika, psaltery, pipe, accordion). The idea of school "Schastie" is not ours, it was taken from the book of Alexxander Savrasov "Knowledge preserved by Dolmens".


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