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On the Siberian cedar products under trade mark "The Ringing Cedars of Russia"

Why does cedar resin heal wounds?

Why does cedar resin heal wounds?

Cedar resin has been known as an excellent healing agent for a very long time. It was used by the indigenous peoples of Siberia and to treat soldiers during World War II. Nowadays many people prefer to use this completely natural remedy for the healing of scratches, abrasions, and wounds. But why is cedar resin so effective?

Cedar resin is able to heal wounds thanks to terpenes, succinic acid, and phytoncides. They affect all processes associated with healing: regulate the level of leukocytes, affect the regenerative potential of peripheral blood, and activate phagocytosis.

Cedar resin activates leukocytes

Leukocytes are the most important element of the blood. They are directly related to the body's ability to resist pathogens, therefore they are extremely important for immunity. Their ability to fight infectious agents influences the rate of wound healing because bacteria do not grow in open wounds.

Cedar resin is rich in phytoncides that are known for their properties to inhibit the growth and development of various pathogenic microorganisms, as well as to stimulate the formation of leukocytes in the blood. Research has shown that phytoncides are able to activate large granular lymphocytes (LGL), also called natural killer cells (NK cells). [1] Thus, phytoncides from terpene balm affect the rate of wound healing.

Cedar resin improves the redox potential of peripheral blood

For wound healing, such a parameter as the redox potential («oxidation / reduction potential») of peripheral blood is important. Redox potential shows how much a chemical is able to attach electrons. A decrease in blood redox potential is a signal of different medical complications and can significantly slow down the wound healing process.

Terpenes are the main component of the resin. These substances improve the redox potential of the blood, due to which it clots faster on wounds, and healing is more effective. Another component of the resin, succinic acid, has a positive effect on the state of the blood. Due to its pronounced antioxidant properties, it normalizes the acid-base state and gas composition of the blood.

Terpenes in cedar resin activate phagocytosis

Phagocytosis is an important process for wound healing. This is the process by which cells capture and digest other cells or particles. Phagocytosis is a powerful barrier factor that cleans the wound from necrosis products (dead cells). Due to the high content of terpenes, cedar resin is able to increase the activity of macrophages and neutrophils - cells that are involved in phagocytosis.

Therefore, cedar resin is an effective agent for preventing wound suppuration.

Thus, the well-known healing properties of cedar nut oil enriched with resin, are due to the unique composition of the resin and the high content of terpenes, phytoncides, and succinic acid.

Mohova I.G., PhD
Center for Clinical Dietetics and Weight Correction, Novosibirsk


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