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Cedar nut oil for varicose veins: massage and ingestion

Cedar nut oil

Varicose veins are associated with stagnation of blood flow in the venous system of the lower extremities. This disease develops when the function of the venous valve system is disrupted. Due to the excessive accumulation of fluid, the walls of the vessels stretch and lose their elasticity.

The main signs of varicose veins are a feeling of heaviness in the legs, protruding veins, venous nodules, and edema. In advanced cases, varicose veins lead to very serious consequences: e.g. blood clots that put the patient's life at risk, and trophic ulcers appear on the legs.

The main causes of varicose veins are low physical activity (sedentary lifestyle), genetic predisposition, overweight, and various vascular diseases. Even if you have a genetic predisposition to developing varicose veins, you can significantly reduce your risks through an active lifestyle and health care.

Cedar nut oil fights the root causes of varicose veins and allows you to eliminate pain due to vasodilating and anti-inflammatory properties, as well as due to the fact that it increases metabolism.

Cedar nut oil normalizes blood flow

Oral intake of cedar nut oil improves microcirculation, capillary flow, and vascular tone. [1] Vitamin C, contained in cedar nut oil, participates in the synthesis of collagen and elastin that are necessary for the normal tone and density of the venous walls and vein valves. The most important substance for eliminating the root causes of varicose veins is niacin (vitamin PP), which is also rich in cedar nut oil. Niacin is involved in energy metabolism. It lowers cholesterol levels, thus helping to maintain vascular health. Thanks to niacin and ascorbic acid, cedar nut oil is effective in the prevention of varicose veins.

Tocopherol (vitamin E) also plays an important role: it reduces the risk of blood clots. Moreover, it improves the condition of the cells that line the venous walls [2]. Thus, tocopherol helps fight varicose veins if the disease has already appeared.

Cedar Nut Oil Helps Maintain Optimal Weight

Cedar nut oil is rich in a variety of unusual delta-5-non-methylene-interrupted fatty acids (NMIFAs). It also contains pinolenic acid (PLA) that has been shown to have a number of beneficial effects on body weight and fat storage by increasing energy expenditure and reducing dietary energy intake. Research has shown that PLA improves blood and liver lipids and insulin sensitivity. Another type of NMIFA has similar properties - sciadonic acid that is also found in cedar nut oil. [3]

In another study, cedar nut oil was orally administered to mice. The experiment showed that oil reduces body fat mass, cholesterol levels, and the size of adipocytes (the cells that primarily compose adipose tissue). The same study proved the effect of cedar nut oil on the PPAR-γ and SREBP-1c gene receptors that directly affect the accumulation of adipose tissue and body weight. [4]

Thus, cedar nut oil is effective for the prevention of varicose veins, since it eliminates one of the main causes of this disease - excess weight.

How to use cedar nut oil for varicose veins?

Due to its unique composition, cedar nut oil is effective both externally and internally.

Internally: Take one teaspoon of cedar nut oil three times a day, 15 minutes before meals. You can also add the oil to food (for example, to season salads). Cedar nut oil should not be heated, as it loses its therapeutic properties under the influence of high temperatures.

Externally: Use cedar nut oil to massage problem areas. Apply a few drops of the oil to your skin and rub in a circular motion. Do not apply pressure to your skin. You can also take a warm bath with 1 tablespoon of cedar nut oil.

Cedar nut oil is a natural prophylactic agent for many diseases, including varicose veins. It tackles the root causes of varicose veins, normalizing blood flow and helping to maintain optimal weight.

Ural State Medical Academy,
Ekaterinburg, Russia
Special for ringingcedarsofrussia.org


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