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Interview for the newspaper Vecherki.

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Cedar nut oil: a natural remedy to improve wound healing in diabetes

Cedar nut oil: a natural remedy to improve wound healing in diabetes

Among all endocrine diseases, diabetes mellitus is the most common. At the heart of this disease is a disorder of glucose assimilation. Without treatment, this disease worsens the quality of life, leads to a decrease in performance, and the overall health of the body is many times worse. One of the side factors of diabetes is poor wound healing. With the disease, the blood supply to tissues is impaired. Because of this, their cells gradually die off and it takes much longer time for the wounds to heal[1].

With diabetes, it is extremely important to ensure proper skin care for timely healing of wounds that may be on the body. In this matter, cedar nut oil comes to the rescue.

Cedar nut oil has a number of beneficial properties, including the ability to speed up the wound healing process. In diabetic patients, wound healing is slowed down due to high blood glucose levels, topical application of cedar nut oil can prove to be an effective treatment due to the reduction of pro-oxidants and increased activity of antioxidative system enzymes.

Mechanism of action of cedar nut oil on the process of wound healing in diabetes

Studies show that cedar nut oil can reduce pro-oxidant levels in the body and increase the activity of antioxidant system enzymes. This means that the cedar nut oil helps protect cells from oxidative stress, which can slow down the wound healing process.

Cedar nut oil, also, has strong antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties due to its content of limonene, α- and β- pinene[2]. This helps to prevent infection, reduce inflammation around the wound, relieve swelling, and reduce pain.

In addition, cedar nut oil helps to activate tissue regeneration processes due to its high content of vitamins E and F. This promotes rapid skin cell renewal and accelerates wound healing.

How to use?

- Clean the wound. Wash your hands before proceeding, then treat the wound with an antiseptic.

- Apply cedar nut oil. Using a clean cotton swab or sterile cotton disk, apply cedar nut oil to the wound.

- Repeat the procedure several times a day. For effective wound healing, it is advisable to repeat the procedure of treatment with cedar nut oil several times a day, depending on the condition of the wound.

It is important to remember that the treatment of wounds with cedar nut oil in diabetes should be coordinated with your doctor.


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