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On the Siberian cedar products under trade mark "The Ringing Cedars of Russia"

Blooming Cedar

Blooming Cedar

Since ancient times, the Сedar has been a symbol of greatness, wisdom, and dignity. Sacred to many peoples, Cedar was and remains the embodiment of courage. The shamans of Siberia believed in its magical power and decorated ritual staves with a Cedar branch.

Cedars can live up to 300-800 years. Being the most important part of the boundless and mysterious taiga, these trees go through the same life cycles as other plants. One of the most beautiful moments is the blooming. It takes place at the end of May-beginning of June. Here's how it goes…

Blooming Cedar

Cedars do not have a division into "male" and "female" plants. On the same tree there are both female and male cones - first are called macrostrobils, second are microstrobils. They differ in size, color and location on the tree. Violet females grow on the thickest branches at the top of the tree crown, and cherry red males grow in the middle and lower, at the base of the fresh shoots of the tree that have grown in the current season.

If you have never seen the blooming of cedars, then this is one of the reasons to go to the cedar forest. It's like Japanese cherry blossoms. It captures the spirit from the beauty and riot of colors of flowering cedar pines. Male inflorescences of crimson hue are located throughout the area of bright green needles, and the combination of these flowers with a purple tint of cones creates unique and original patterns.

Blooming Cedar

Blooming Cedar

Pollen spills out of male cones and is carried by the wind — its amount reaches 130 kilograms per hectare! This pollen is carried by the wind in the districts that can be quite far from the cedar forest. Sometimes it gets into water bodies. The pollen of the Siberian Cedar is a very valuable nutrient for small fish and tadpoles — thus, the cedar participates in the single life of the vast taiga. Female cones hibernate after pollination, and only the next year develop into the usual cedar cones.

Blooming Cedar

It is worth growing a cedar tree near the house just to admire its blooming once a year. And it is quite possible! Just order a pine cone in our store. Pine nuts from the cone are the seeds of the Siberian Cedar. From one cone you can get 2-3 dozen nuts. Planting can be done in open soil or in small pots first. You should transplant seedlings from pots to open soil when they reach about 30 centimeters.

Before planting the seeds (no matter in pots or in open soil), rub one side of the nut with sandpaper to thin the shell a little. So you reproduce the natural conditions of the Cedar growing in the distant Siberian taiga. Water the seeds daily and share them with your positive emotions. Talk to them, share your secrets — and a real Siberian Cedar will grow on your site. One day it will bloom with bright colors that will take your breath away.

Blooming Cedar

Blooming Cedar

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