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Internet Conference
with the Writer Vladimir Megre
is over.

Vladimir MegreDear Ladies and Gentlemen,

The Internet conference of the writer Vladimir Nikolaevich Megre ended on 20th of May.

For the first time ever the conference has been held in English, which made it possible for the readers from the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, UK and other countries ask their questions.

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Answers for the Internet Conference with the Writer Vladimir Megre

Vladimir MegreDear Ladies and Gentlemen,

The Internet conference of the writer Vladimir Nikolaevich Megre ended on 20th of May.

The conference was organized by:
Source of Life Association

For the first time ever the conference has been held in English, which made it possible for the readers from the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, UK and other countries ask their questions.

Vladimir Megre would like to thank all participants for relevant, vital and sensitive questions. Unfortunately, due to the conference format it is very hard to answer all the questions. Vladimir Megre will try to answer some questions in other publications.

Vladimir Megre has answered 2 main groups of questions:

The first one included the questions most voted for during the Internet voting. So these were the questions, which the readers considered to be the most important and vital.

The second group included the questions chosen by Vladimir Megre himself.

We would like to thank all those who participated in the Internet conference.

Question 1.

Dear Vladimir Nikolaevich,

I have read all of your books and would like to thank you for the inspiration, knowledge and wisdom that you shared with us.

In one of your books you tell about the dolmens and the knowledge that one can acquire by communicating with them, in particular the way of breastfeeding that helps a woman to share her knowledge with her baby. You said that only a woman could acquire this knowledge, and that it is hard to get to that particular dolmen. Do you know if somebody gained this knowledge and described this way of breastfeeding to share it with the women around the world? Is it possible to find any information about this for those women who did not have a chance to travel to dolmens?

Thank you very much for your answers!

Toronto, Canada


Dear Yulia,

I think some people have managed to acquire that information. As for making it available to all women in the whole world, let us reason together and answer the question: "Is it not too early to provide absolutely everyone with this information?" In today's global community different people have different views of life, different goals and objectives and they're not always pure. Do many people have a reasonably good idea of morality, spirituality, their purpose and a worthy lifestyle for man as the Son of the Creator? Does every breastfeeding mother today have enough useful information?

Given the fact that the mother's psychological state can pass to the child with the milk, it is important to relax and think of good, positive things when breastfeeding. Try to think about what you would like to tell your child. We know that when a woman is stressed her milk can become spoilt and this scientific and practical fact shows that a mother's milk reacts in response to her mood and the fact that a mother's milk becomes spoilt tells us that there is a natural mechanism, which protects the child from negative information and stress; therefore this fact proves that milk can affect an infant's psyche both negatively and positively. You can get more detailed information not only near a dolmen but also by considering this fact yourself in a calm and quiet setting.

- For information on Pre-Birth Communication please read an article here.

Question 2.

Dear Vladimir Nikolaevich,

I enjoy reading your books and what you say in them is right - I am grateful that there are people in the world who are strong enough to speak the truth.
I have also found out that there will be a total of nine books in the series. Will you really stop there? I am sure you have a great deal of information, which people need to know. Please share your creative plans for the future with your readers.
I wish you strong health and success in your work! God bless you.


Viktor Rod.
New York.


Dear Victor,
There's a movie script and a play to work on as well and I plan to do that. The ninth book is impossible to finish because it will include, among other things, a story of recent years about people who have started building their Kin's Domains and many examples. I'm collecting information at the moment so the ninth book will be written together with you, the readers.

Question 3.

How does one determine their 'real' birth date or is this impossible in the current context of choosing just one single date to call a 'birth date'?

EXPLANATION: In the first chapter of book six entitled "Who raises our children?" (available for free read/download at http://www.ringingcedars.com/books.htm#book6 ) Anastasia says, "It is generally accepted today that one's birthdate is defined by the moment of emergence from the mother's womb. This is what horoscopes are based on. But science has already determined that the fetus, even before it has emerged from the womb, is alive, it has feelings. And if that is so, then the Man already exists. He is already born. He can move - the mother can feel the push of his little legs and arms.

Perhaps, then, it would be more accurate to calculate a Man's birthdate from the moment the sperm fertilises the egg? Certainly from the physiological point of view, this could be considered the most accurate defining moment of somebody's 'birth'. But... "The meeting of the sperm and the egg is still not a cause - it is an effect. It is preceded by the couple's thoughts. Could it be that these thoughts define one's birthdate? Of the three moments we have mentioned, it is generally accepted today that one's birthdate is the moment of emergence into the world. Tomorrow, though, the calculation could be different."

"According to Anastasia's theory, Man's birthdate is the point where these three moments merge into one."

So how then do we actually determine this "point where these three moments merge into one" for the purposes of determining our 'real' birthdate?


Chris Iverson
Age 38
Ashland, Oregon


Dear Chris,
You've basically answered your own question and that's why I lean towards the opinion that it is the conception that should be considered a person's date of birth. Conception is when a sperm cell meet with ovule, labor may last for two or three hours, so which minute should be considered the date of birth? Conception is the fruition of something planned and desired before. Conception is a result.
Therefore, this moment best represents someone's date of birth. Of course, an exception to this would be where conception occurs by accident, as a result of carnal pleasures and that gives rise to the question of what the child will be deprived of through having been born as a result of carnal pleasures.

Question 4

What wisdom could help us in creating Eco-Habitats while being conscious of the potential coming changes of the Earth's Terrain, i.e. changing coastlines, rising and falling of continents, magnetic pole shifts, etc.

Is the prediction of Earth Changes worth paying attention to? Are the Earth's peoples at a point where we can avert the cataclysms that have impacted our societies throughout history?


Dear Scott,
People, and I wrote about this, can prevent disasters a second before they happen so not all is lost. The real transformation of Earth into a heavenly orchard by people who live on Earth can prevent any cataclysms. As for knowledge - it will definitely come when you start to create, even when you start thinking about creating your future Kin's Domain. That knowledge is in every Man's (See footnote 1) subconscious even now. Man has freedom of choice, and if a Man directs his efforts to earning as much money as possible and buying a new car or apartment for example then he will get corresponding knowledge.

Footnote 1: Man (with a capital M) an equivalent of the Russian word Chelovek, is used when referring to a human individual as representative of the species without reference to sex - the human race, humankind.

Question 5

How does Anastasia see the role of mushrooms (for healing purposes and other purposes) developing in our culture? What role did mushrooms play in the Vedic period that Anastasia describes fully in book six?

EXPLANATION - Mushrooms play a crucial role in the establishment of the forest ecosystem. Mushroom spores are the only 'living' thing found in outer space floating from planet to planet, assumedly with 'God consciousness' in them. Once they land on a planet they literally 'prepare' the soil for the rest of the plants to grow.

Anastasia describes her diet as mainly one consisting of plants, berries, seeds, nuts and dried mushrooms. Since she lives in the forest she is likely to 'know' many kinds of mushrooms and their medicinal value. How important does she think the role of mushrooms is?


Chris Iverson
Age 38
Ashland, Oregon


Dear Chris Iverson,
I didn't ask Anastasia about the role of mushrooms. My personal opinion is as follows.
Everything useful in nature was made by God but determining what is best for a specific person can be done by means of a brilliant mechanism: the desire to consume a certain product. One person enjoys eating an apple, another person enjoys a pear, a third person enjoys cherries. That means that the first person needs an apple, the second person needs a pear and the third person needs cherries but they should all be good products, not hybrids. Anastasia eats them but I don't know what their role is. I never asked.
Mushrooms can be stored for a long time if dried. People can collect and dry them in the taiga and eat them instead of meat. If she eats them then she considers them important but she didn't differentiate between them and other food. As for the role of mushrooms…
Three porcini grew in fall in the garden, three meters from the house where I wrote the book. I'd never seen any like them - perfectly white and healthy. Each weighed around three kilograms. I looked at them and thought to myself that we know little about nature's potential. Who created the three mushrooms in my garden? I used them to make soup and I fried them and the meals were wonderful, so it came to me that maybe the Creator decided not to trouble man and thought to himself "let my child at least remember the taste of my creations". I attach a photo:

Healthy mushroom

Question 6

Perhaps we could be aided with a vision of the way in which Anastasia breathes; common breath (i.e. in conversation, foraging herbs...), during physical activity, when using her ray, and while at rest.

Any wisdom that Anastasia may have offered on breath would also be appreciated.


Dear Scott,
I never heard her say anything about breathing, nor did she ever think about it because people do it automatically if they are in a natural environment. In unnatural, artificial environments it may be that you need artificial breathing.

"In one of the city centres a short way from the Eternal Flame your friends both old and new will plant a brand new avenue and call it Cedar Allee."

Re-creating Shambala
Space of Love - Vladimir Megre
Year 1998

Planting of the Cedar Alley
Planting of the Cedar Alley

On the 8th of May 2005 a group of readers of the Ringing Cedars of Russia book series and former co-workers and friends of V. Megre planted a Cedar Allee in the city of Novosibirsk (Siberia, Russia) beside the Eternal Flame.

Question 7

My question is about 'healing gardens' as described in book one - chapter 11.

Anastasia describes a process including germinating seeds with your own saliva to plant healing gardens for ourselves. She says that the plants will "take in information about the person who plants it". How does this plant get that information? How much of that information is given to the plant from '3rd dimensional' (real, tangible, solid objects) sources such as maybe the heavy metal (toxic) content in someone's saliva? And how much information is given to the plant from '4th dimensional' (spiritual, energetic, vibrational, etc.) sources?

How do plants receive information about a person in order to produce the exact substances in the exact quantities that person needs to heal themselves when they are grown in the way that Anastasia describes?

EXPLANATION - Anastasia describes ways to germinate seeds using our own saliva, and then hold the seed between our hands for 30 seconds while standing barefoot in the garden, and then plant that/those seeds in the ground. After that seed/those seeds have grown there are other things that need to be done such as walking on the garden plot barefoot, sleeping outside next to the garden near the full moon near your birthday, leaving weeds for 'supplemental information', etc.

In "taking in information about a person" who plants the garden and its plants, how does that plant/those plants receive that information?

There are ways to diagnose most dis-ease in someone. Live blood cell analysis, foot reflexology, Chinese medicine, Reiki, etc. are just a few of the ways. Some of these things are very '3rd dimensional' like live blood cell analysis, which is basically where they look at your blood under a microscope.

Some of these techniques are very '4th dimensional' like Reiki (energy healing) and work on the subtle energetic levels to assist the body to heal itself.

How do plants receive information about a person in order to produce the exact substances in the exact quantities that person needs to heal themselves when they are grown in the way that Anastasia describes?


Chris Iverson
Age 38
Ashland, Oregon


Dear Chris Iverson,
Your question is so broad that it requires a large book in reply. That's not something I can do at the moment but I can feel that you can find the answer yourself and share your conclusions with others. My brief response to the following question would be to use words from the book:
"...how do plants get information about a person to develop the exact amount of the specific substances needed by that person to heal?"
- My Son, when My dreams of you absorbed Universal Energies I had no time to think of Myself. My Dreams and thoughts created only you, they did not make a visible image for Me. But there are visible creations of Mine - feel them, do not try to analyse them. Nobody in the whole Universe will find that they can analyse them simply with their mind.

Question 8

Dear V.Megre!
You have told us in your books that some of the ancient Vedrussia holidays are still celebrated today, even though they have gone through some distortion. Could we please find out more about it. When was the New Year holiday celebrated? What exactly was the meaning of Maslenica and what the name of this holiday is related to?

Thank you very much for your answers!

Toronto, Canada


Dear Alena,
Different people celebrated and continue to celebrate New Year on different days but I think Vedrussians celebrated New Year during the vernal equinox.
They celebrated the coming of Spring. I can't really say why it's called Maslenitsa (see footnote 2) because the name is arbitrary. Besides, this holiday includes a huge number of different elements. For example, a contest for the best cook - people treated each other to various dishes, not only pancakes. A contest for the best clothes because people who came to the Maslenitsa normally wore clothes they made in the winter time. Strength, agility, song and dance contests. The Maslenitsa should be viewed not as a celebration of someone or something but more broadly as a large event where people can show themselves and see the skills of others. Seeing the best side in others means a multifaceted experience-sharing event.

Footnote 2: Maslenitsa - a modern folk name of an old Slavic holiday which is celebrated during vernal equinox and it symbolizes the beginning of a New Year.

Question 9

Dear Vladimir Megre, I have read all books from the series "Ringing Cedars of Russia" and I like many ideas described in the books. From what I understand from the books, Russian Culture from our ancestors is at the same time a way of passing knowledge from generation to generation and a combination of techniques of self development. Therefore, each cultural element such as singing and dancing develops certain characteristics, helps in its own way in a person's way of spiritual development. There are many people around the world right now who are searching for the meaning of ancient cultural elements. The renaissance of which cultural element do you put on the top of your personal list and why?

Thank you very much for your incentive to hold this conference,

Feodor Z.


Dear Feodor,
First and foremost, it is a lifestyle worthy of man. Whichever cultures we are talking about, lifestyle will always come first. I described it from Anastasia's words in my books and with every passing day I am becoming more and more certain that it is the lifestyle that determines every Man's spirituality. That's why I believe that someone who creates his own Kin's Domain as a heavenly corner transforms the Earth, and the Universe to which our Planet and the people who live on it are inextricably linked, for the better. Such Man can be considered highly cultural and spiritual. And his actions are most valuable for the Universe; they allow him to self-develop in the right direction.

Question 10

Regarding the nature spirits mentioned in the Earth's folklore and in modern accounts such as The Findhorn Community and Anthroposophy...

Does Anastasia communicate with beings our culture knows as elves, fae, gnomes, etc? Is there an understanding of these being's existence that would benefit our perception of nature and our relationship to nature?

Peace Sensations,


Dear Scott,
I never came across her talking to the things you describe. I didn't ask Anastasia about it but I think every person is capable of communicating with absolutely everything that exists in the Universe, to a degree.

Question 11

My question is about 'Burial gardens'.

To aid in the quick rebirth of our soul into another physical body, are all generations of Kin supposed to be buried in one 'family' Space of Love, or are they buried in their own separate Spaces of Love?

EXPLANATION - When a couple first chooses their 'Space of Love' within a 'Kin's Domain' they also co-create their family together in this space. It is in this Space of Love that everything is 'given' to the family. In the earlier books it tell us that Anastasia's grandparents live away from her, also in their own Spaces of Love. So naturally it can be assumed that everyone has their own Space of Love and brings their family into this space.

In one of the books (I think book four or five) Anastasia says that when we 'die' we should have our bodies buried in the ground in our Space of Love. Then, gardens should be planted in the spot where the body is buried and we shall always be remembered (fondly) by our Kin, which in turn will allow us to be 'reborn' back into this world again faster. She says clearly that when people mourn us and we are buried in cemeteries that it will take much longer for us to be reborn again.

If we each have our own Spaces of Love, and when we die we are supposed to be buried in this same Space of Love, then where are our kids buried? Don't the children that are born go off and get their own Spaces of Love when they are ready to co-create (as described fully in book six)? If so then this would make them physically and geographically separate from their parents' Space of Love where they were born. And if they had their own Space of Love then wouldn't they have themselves buried in this space when they died?

So then how is it that we are supposed to remember our parents fondly (as Anastasia describes for bringing us back into this world faster) and plant gardens where their bodies are buried (to help with this fond remembering) if we are physically living in another location?

Or are we all supposed to live in the same one hectare (2.8 acres) Space of Love together with all generations of Kin living and buried there at the same time?

Or is there one space that is reserved for the 'burial gardens' for the entire Kin and all their offspring?

This is notwithstanding those members of the community that go off into the dolmens to die and impart their wisdom for generations to come.


Chris Iverson
Age 38
Ashland, Oregon


Dear Chris Iverson,
They should be buried at the new Kin's Domain, created by the new family and the new Kin's Domain is a continuation of all preceding ones because relatives from two families participated in its creation, therefore burials should take place at the new Kin's Domain. But that doesn't mean they will be separated from each other or their parents. Every new generation is a continuation and inherits the best things. Remember weddings. Didn't your parents plant bushes and orchards for you? Let's remember the wedding rituals where your friends and primarily your parents planted your orchard, garden and built your home.

Question 12

Do you have any knowledge of Alchemy or are a member of any Freemason lodges? Also do you know Maurice Strong on any personal level?


I don't have the knowledge you mention, nor am I a member of any organization.

Vladimir Megre.

Source of Life Association

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The unification of kin's settlements has begun in Russian districts

The process of unifying kin's settlements has begun in Russian districts. This unification makes more sense now from an organizational and financial point of view because there is an increase in the number of these settlements, just as there is an increase in the number of problems they must resolve. In Siberia, the representatives of twenty settlements, who met from March 31 to April 1 in Novokuznetsk, adopted a resolution to create a social organization called "Kin's Settlements of Siberia." Vladimir Megre congratulated the organizers by telephone.

Gazeta Rodovaya Zemlya [Ancestral land newspaper]

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1 1

To the Academy of Kin's Settlements on the Vyatka River in July 2007!


A. Chernyaev - harmonic construction of dwellings
Learning about the plants

We continue to work, and are preparing the tenth Academy of Kin's Settlements on the Vyatka River, which will take place in the middle of July 2007. Beginning with the first Academy, which was opened by Vladimir Nikolaevich Megre and conferred diplomas on the first graduates of the Academy, we strictly adhere to the course set out in the books of Vladimir Megre. In attracting specialists and teachers, we strive to ensure that their world outlook and work correspond to the direction of the Ringing Cedars of Russia movement. We prepare each new session as if it were the first, and strive to improve its quality, broaden the range of knowledge necessary for the development of Kin's Settlements, and ensure that this knowledge has the most practical implementation possible.

The Academy takes place in the beautiful area of the Vyatka Territory, in a pine forest. A two-story building has been specially constructed for the Academy, complete with auditorium. The Academy's students have the opportunity to reside in the Academy itself, in specially equipped rooms with all conveniences. Three meals a day are served in the Academy itself.


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1 1

of the Electors' Action Committee
City of Vladimir, 22 January 2007

Invoking the rights guaranteed by the Constitution of the Russian Federation in the name of the bright future of our Motherland, in support of presidential programmes, including those respecting residential construction, on the eve of the elections we appeal to all the leaders and members of political parties who are coming into power, to candidates for the position of deputy at all levels of governments not with an order but with a mission:


and include as its basis:

  • That each citizen of Russia has the right to receive, at no cost and for perpetual heritable ownership, a small part of Russia-his or her kin's domain, with a size of 1 to 1.5ha.
  • The kin's domain may not be sold, mortgaged, or rented.
  • The land of the kin's domain and the products grown on the kin's domain may not be subject to any type of tax.
  • The lands for kin's domains shall be allotted as a whole in parcels of no less than 150 ha.

An appeal to political parties and candidates for the position of deputy who support this idea: declare yourselves through the media in your election campaigns, and we guarantee you our votes in the elections and strong campaign support.

We request all persons who share our concerns to join us in our aspirations at this fateful time for Russia.

Respectfully yours,
Electors' Action Committee
City of Vladimir, 22 January 2007


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A domain of one's own

Recently in Russia there has been an increase in the number of people who, preferring life in nature to the hustle and bustle of the city, have moved to ecovillages…and are creating "kin's domains." They have given up the use of fertilizers, heavy agricultural machines, and grow all their food themselves.

One of the first villages of this type in our country is Rodnoe, located in Vladimir Oblast. It has approximately 100 plots of land, each of which measures no less than a hectare. Families organize their plots in their own way, and say that their domain has the personality of its owner. But there are some common features: it is believed that in ecovillages a parcel should contain a variety of plants and animals, that it is intolerable to leave the land bare, therefore they actively use mulching.

My friend Vladimir settled in this village and built a house there two years ago. His land has a small pond with a sandy bottom, ten percent is occupied by an orchard (cherry trees, currant bushes), and a quarter of a hectare is forested: birch, pine, oak. He plans to set up beehives, and so has begun to plant a grove of lime trees. He grows many types of vegetables, everything beneath the open sky. I didn't see any hothouses at Vladimir's or at the other settlers'.
The people were given collective farm fields that had not been cultivated for five to ten years. The soil in these areas is acidic and loamy, subsoil waters are found nearby. Vladimir, however, obeys the rules of organic farming: he does not use pesticides or mineral fertilizers, he prefers organic products, almost never uses a shovel, having replaced it with the Fokin cultivator (See Footnote 1).

He says that the cultivator makes it possible to work the surface of the soil sparingly, loosen the earth, cut weeds, and shape beds. I noticed later that many of the ecosettlers were using it, moreover not only at Rodnoe.

The beds in the settlements are prepared in this way: in the autumn, the surface of the soil is loosened with the cultivator, then mulched with a layer of hay or straw. In the spring, once the snow has melted, the straw is raked up, seedlings are planted, and tubers are laid out in rows. Afterwards, the soil is again covered with straw. With this method, there are fewer weeds, moisture is retained at the roots, and an abundance of worms improves the structure of the soil. As a result, the roots are provided with oxygen and moisture, and grow well. The breakdown of the straw and other plant residue creates the carbonic acid gas necessary for photosynthesis.

Potatoes are not buried over, weeded, or dug up. And since the tubers are not in the earth, but on it, you can go to the garden without a shovel-you need only move aside the straw and pick up the clump.

Residents of ecovillages prefer native hybrids and varieties. They grow the seeds for these varieties themselves, and exchange them if necessary. Last year, Vladimir attempted to plant Muromsky and Vyaznikovsky cucumbers beneath straw, as well as tomatoes as seedlings. When doing so, he cut down the weeds between the rows and used them as mulch, but did not destroy the root. The resulting yield of vegetables was good, in spite of the fact that there was frost in June. In his words, it was precisely the weeds that protected his plants from the cold and gave them support. It is true, though, that the tomatoes nevertheless suffered from phytophthora.

But his neighbor Svetlana planted Lastochka sweet peppers, Barnaulsky konservny, Dubok, Lyana, Beta, and Morkovny tomatoes, and Izyashchny and Altay cucumbers beneath a layer of straw, adding rotted manure to the holes. She watered the tomatoes and peppers only three or four times over the entire season, did not form them into rows, but provided supports. The yield from one bush of peppers was approximately 2.5 kg, from the tomatoes, approximately 4 kg. Her peppers had no diseases, but her tomatoes suffered from phytophthora, since it was rainy in August.

In the village it is usual to plant vegetables and flowers together. For example, marigolds are planted beside potatoes, cucumbers and onions beside chamomile. People have noticed that if yarrow or dead nettle is growing on the border of a bed, the vegetable plants are healthier.

Yet another "domain owner," Tatiana, does not dig up her land at all. This work is performed by worms, which, according to her, do this better than a plow. After two years of growing potatoes without the use of mineral fertilizers, she had a good yield of tomatoes on the same beds beneath a straw mulch and without a film. By the way, the straw mulch helps control the Colorado beetle: on a plot of 60 square metres, she removed only five to seven of the pests, even though she did no spraying.

Another resident of Rodnoe, Nadezhda, has chickens, geese, and a goat. From the animals she collects only milk and eggs, which have a very special flavour. In the summer, when Nadezhda had to leave for the city, all her animals were protected by the "domain," strangers were not admitted, and a cat guarded a hen with chicks from predatory birds.

In distinction to the usual market-gardeners, the ecosettlers are not as interested in a large harvest as they are in its quality. In their opinion, the land will begin to "give birth" if it is loved and regarded as a living thing. For this reason, all ecovillages celebrate Day of Earth each year on July 23. On this date, people praise their benefactress, conduct round dances, sing songs, and regale each other and their guests with the fruits of their land!

Footnote 1 - Fokin cultivator: this unusual instrument is the result of the scientific studies of the engineer and inventor V. V. Fokin. In the Bulletin of Russian Inventions and Discoveries it is officially called the "Fokin hand soil-cultivation tool." It is lighter than a hoe and so versatile that several names are appropriate: cultivator, hoe-scythe, hand plow.

Priusadebnoe khozyaystvo [Personal farming], No. 5, May 2007

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Department of Agrarian Policy and Rural Territory Development

Dmitry Medvedev

The Russian government has accepted the idea of Kin's Domains as a solution to the demographic problem in the country. During an online conference with the First Deputy Chairman of the Russian Government held on March 5, 2007, Dmitry Medvedev announced that the government is fully aware of the idea of Kin's Domains and is working on developing a law in support these ideas. Read the full article.

www.rost.ru, www.yandex.ru, www.izvestia.ru

1/11 Orlikov Lane, Moscow 107139

Telegrams: Moskva 84 Minrosselkhoz
Fax: (495) 207-8362, Telephone: (495) 207-8107
e-mail: info@agro.mcx.ru

13 April 2007 No. 10-18-814/t
Your reference: -

Ms. Elena Borisovna Korolenko
48 Kommunisticheskaya Street, Apt. 61
Kurovskoe, Orekhovo-Zuevsky District
Moscow Oblast

Dear Ms. Korolenko:

Subject: Development of rural territories

As part of its jurisdiction, the Department of Agrarian Policy and Rural Territory Development of the Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation has considered your submission respecting the revival of the Russian village, which was received from the administration of the Government of the Russian Federation, and advises as follows.

Resolution No. 858 of the Government of the Russian Federation dated 3December 2002 ratified the Special Federal Programme "Social Development of the village to 2010," which was implemented in 2003. The purpose of the Programme is to develop the social sphere and engineering infrastructure of rural municipal formations, improve the social and consumer conditions of the rural population, as well as to create the legal, organizational, institutional, and economic prerequisites for a transition to the sustainable social and economic development of rural territories.

The Programme provides for a set of measures intended, in particular, to develop housing construction, automobile road networks, general educational institutions, primary medical care facilities, commercial and consumer services, and gas, water and electrical supply to rural areas.

One of the most important measures of the Programme is the development of cultural and leisure activities in rural areas, including such directions as the revival and development of traditional forms of amateur artistic and scientific-and-technological creative work, folk industries, handicrafts, and the introduction of rural youth to the traditions of folk culture, etc.

At the present time, through the efforts of leading planning institutes involved in the country's agro-industrial complex, various models of modern rural settlements are being elaborated, including those based on the principle of kin's domains or ecovillages, whose creation should lead to a significant improvement in the quality of life and the standard of living of the population residing in rural areas.

The final goal of this elaboration process is the creation in rural areas of a type of settlement in which not only various branches of agro-industrial production have developed, with animal husbandry occupying the first place, but which, to the greatest extent possible, would also guarantee the complete ecological well-being of the territory, the preservation of the natural and historical landscape, cultural heritage, development of traditional folk industries, and, if this is a kin's settlement, then, certainly not least, the family and other close relationships that have developed over the centuries.

These settlements, through their creation en masse in regions of Russia that takes into account national traditions and the specific character of the territories, in our view, could to a great extent correspond to your conceptions of the creation of a new type of settlement, since in this case we are dealing with the possibility in the medium term of equalizing, in a practical way, the living conditions in the city and country, the wage levels for the labour of employees in the agrarian and urban sectors, the availability of medical care and education, and a number of other indices that determine the level of development of the type of settlement being created.

Ms.Korolenko, the Department of Agrarian Policy and Rural Territory Development thanks you for your concern with respect to the issues of the revival of the Russian village and proposals for fitting it out, which will be considered when revising the materials for the sustainable development of rural territories.

Department of Agrarian Policy and
Rural Territory Development
[illegible signature]
D. I. Toropov

[Prepared by:] Sizykh, 207 8950

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Newspaper "Nasha Krynichka"

The latest issue of the newspaper Nasha Krynichka [Our source] has appeared

Kin's Domains of Belarus Information and Analysis Centre

P. O. Box 16 Minsk 220037
Republic of Belarus

+375 29 766-46-83 (Ratmir)
+375 29 402-50-62 (Rusa)

Website of the journal:
e-mail: gazeta@ecoby.info

The purpose of the Kin's Domains of Belarus Information and Analysis Centre is to promote the development of the movement of the founders of Kin's Domains of Belarus.
The wonderful festival "In search of Paparats-Kvetka" will take place on June 22-24 at Zvon-Gora in the city of Bitebsk.

Kin's Domains of Belarus Information and Analysis Centre

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Otrada Group

A wonderful group calling itself Otrada that sews traditional Russian clothing has been created in the city of Bobruysk. Expert seamstresses sew traditional shirts and dresses by hand from natural fabrics for themselves and their friends with protective embroidery, good intentions, and bright songs.

Otrada Group: Marina, Vera, Olga, Svetlana, Oksana and Margarita Otrada Designs
Otrada Designs Otrada Designs

View more designs in our photo gallery.

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Five expert seamstresses sew a shirt for the president.

Otrada Group

In response Aleksandr Lukashenko sends roses, Czech porcelain, and a signed letter.

President A. Lukashenko

The idea of giving the president a gift of a traditional shirt came to the five seamstresses of the Otrada folk studio of Slavic fashion of Bobruysk when they were creating their collection of clothing based on Slavic motifs. Vera Putilova and Olga Masolbasova cut the linen, Marina Panasova did the hand sewing, Natalia Smolenok sewed the embroidery, Pavel Didenko made the buttons, Oksana Korshakova sewed them on, washed and ironed the shirt, and Valentina Volkova wove the belt.

"We wanted to show the president that the people love him and consider him to be a true leader and steward. Our choice was a shirt because, according to ancient beliefs, a shirt sewn by a beloved person with good intentions provides better protection than chain mail. We tried to channel all our positive energy: for the two months we worked on the shirt, we sang Belarusian folk songs, 'My Belarus,' about our Motherland, and love poems," said Oksana Korshakova.

Roses from the President

More than three metres of undressed orshansky linen (they measured by eye, and the shirt turned out to have Herculean proportions) were bought from a factory, it was cut according to ancient principles-into rectangles. They did the sewing by hand. They sewed the ornamental border with green, red, and brown threads in a cross.

"The Slavs believed that these elements of ornamental design such as the cross of the Valkyries were symbols of the sun that attract good people and offer protection against the evil eye and misfortune. Traditionally, the border embroidery was done at junction places: near the neck opening, along the bottom and cuffs of the sleeve where it is sewed in order to close these paths to the evil one," explained Elena Zyulkovskaya, the manager of the Otrada studio.

Buttons for the shirt were cut from spruce by a craftsman from Zhodino, the belt was woven by hand using wool thread by a seamstress from Kostyukovichi.

The shirt

"We showed it to the local Executive Committee. The Department of Culture thought that the shirt was fit for the president, and promised to help. They wanted to present the shirt during our city's Harvest Festival, but the president got into his car and left immediately following his speech. We had to give it to him through acquaintances in Minsk," said Oksana. "Even though we didn't believe that the gift would reach him, we attached a letter explaining how and why we made the shirt. We signed it 'The Five Seamstresses.' Evidently it arrived just at the time of the dispute with Russia, when he needed support…."

In response, two weeks later the president sent to each a bouquet of nine roses, a Czech porcelain tea service with gilt and light green decoration, and a letter expressing his gratitude and wishes "that [their] lives may be as pure and wonderful as this linen cloth from which [they] made the shirt," as well as his handwritten signature.

"The gifts were formally presented to us by the Executive Committee. We felt like real Cinderellas! We opened the boxes at home, and in each was the president's personal card! We hadn't even dared to hope that he would find the time, and yet here was such warmth and attention."

The women were so moved that they are preparing to plant a walkway using the president's roses when their dream comes true: to build an agrotourist village near Bobruysk, where the residents would stroll around in Slavic costumes and bake bread made of hops. But for the time being, the volunteers from Otrada have finally been given an official home in the Centre of Child and Youth Creativity in the Department of Education of Leninsky District.

Kseniya Novozhilova, 3 February 2007

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Novaya Zhizn Ecovillage

Greetings, friends!
We are pleased to inform everyone that yet another Kin's Settlement is being created in Belarus!

Who are we?

Several families united by the single aspiration to create a new world, a world in which personal freedom and all-round human development may be achieved through a life in harmony with oneself, the people around us, and nature.

How do we envision this?

We want to create on the territory of Belarus an ecovillage, constructed on the principles of mutual understanding, respect for the individual, moderation of needs, the unity of man and nature, and combined creativity.

How we will achieve our goals:

1. Create a model for a settlement and life in it (approaching completion). 2. Seek like-minded persons and land for a settlement (in progress). 3. Create designs for Kin's Domains and an ecovillage as a whole. 4. Acquire land. 5. Realize our dream.

Whom are we inviting to join us?

People who wish to create the Novaya Zhizn Ecovillage and become friends.

Website of our Settlement: www.ecoby.info

If you have any questions about the settlement, you may aske them here or telephone any one of us (see the website).
We wish everyone the successful achievement of their dreams!



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Trip to Gelendzhik by members of Co-creation club

Kavkaz is a beautiful part of Russia, located on the Black Sea. Except of magnificent nature of these lands, I was attracted to it by three amazing places: Schetinin's School, Dolmens, and Eco-Settlement of the readers of "Ringing Cedars of Russia".

Schetinin's School

The first stop of my trip was the school of the famous professor Mikhail Schetinin. Besides curiosity, I went there to learn more aboutthe study process in the school. Surrounded by green hills of Kavkaz, blooming nature, and numerous art works, the students were getting ready for the exams during our visit. After reading a lot and watching the movies about the school, I finally saw myself the happy and serious faces of the students, unique study process and the presentations of its results.


I was simply amazed by the great achievements of the students in academic fields, arts and most importantly in personal growth and self-discipline. Every school as every teacher can be judged only by the results of their work, which means by who their student grow to be. I talked to students of different ages and all of them were confident, mature and enthusiastic, which they learned in the school along with the general scientific knowledge, artistic and technical skills.

Beautiful halls

Unfortunately, due to the timeframes of my visit, I was not able to actually take a course on a certain subject as I planned. However, Iwas a guest studentin aseveral classes and learnedhow the study process is organized, and which aspects of it makeit more successful thanthe one we are all used to.

Next, I devoted two days to visiting Dolmens, the stone monuments, dated thousands of years ago. I wanted to visit them because they are part of our history, the linkage between centuries. All the Dolmens that I saw were located in truly beautiful forests, which made the trip even more pleasant.SomeDolmenshave been partly destroyed with time, while otherswere notdistracted at allby the years. I am attaching a few pictures of the ones that I saw.

Dolmen "Tenderness"

Certainly, one of the feelings arising there is the respect for those people who built such gorgeous and magnificent monuments, which can withstand thousands of years and all kinds of distractions. As you can see, they differ in size and shape, but each of them is a piece of art and has a great historic and spiritual importance. Dolmens increased my interest in ancient civilizations, about which we know so little, but whose knowledge might greatly benefit us today

The next stop was one of the settlements in Russia, organized by the readers "Ringing Cedars", called Vedrussia. I was anxious to talk to the people who were bringing the idea described in the books into life; to see what they achieved; and how they organized the settlement. This settlement is situated close to Krasnodar, on the south of Russia. It is located on about 200 hectars of land, surrounded by little villages and magnificient Kavkaz hills.

There are over a hundred families, who already planted their gardens and started building houses. The settlement is well-organized, with a detailed plan of future development. In addition to managing development and building of each estate and settlement as a whole, members of the settlement also organize festivals and celebrations, where people come from different parts of Russia and other countries. Unfortunately, at the time of my visit there was no events scheduled; the preparations were just getting started for the summer Celebrations and fall Conference.

A back yard of a Kin's Domain

The ride around the settlement took us almost the whole day, during which I visited several family estates. One of them was located high on the hills viewing the whole settlement. The young couple living there was married according to vedrussian ceremony as described in the Ringing Cedars books. People from the whole settlement participated in the ceremony and planted a young garden for the newly weds. Even though the trees are still small, they already have little fruits on them; and it was easy to imagine what a great garden the couple has planned.

In two of the estates I saw saman houses, and have been inside a saman house for the first time, which turned to be a great experience. It was a really hot day, and entering the saman house felt like entering an air-conditioned store on a very hot day here in Toronto. But besides the coolness, I was also overwhelmed by the odors of the different herbs, which were covering the walls and the ceiling. We spent there quite a while and did not really want to leave the house.

The visit to the settlement gave me inspiration to be closer to Nature and to achieve what the people I met have already done. I got a pretty detailed picture of how the settlement managed and organized. Moreover, I learned a lot of gardening tips and ideas, which I hope to use soon in my own garden.

The trip was a great experience, which left me with bright memories and many pictures, some of which I am attaching below.

Folk Dance The Gathering
Dolmen "Creativity" Remodelling the halls

View more photos of the trip in our photo gallery.

Julia Portna
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

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Day of EarthDay of EarthDay of Earth

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen:

We invite you to attend or become contestants at the Day of Earth International Holiday and Music Festival. The Festival will resound with wonderful and meaningful songs about our earth and our love for it.

Originating in Russia and described on the pages of the Ringing Cedars of Russia books, today this holiday is observed in many countries of the world and embodies human aspirations toward harmony with oneself, nature, and society.

May more and more adults and children attend our celebration on Day of Earth each year. May this holiday become yet another bright day in our lives.

Program of the festival:

The festival consists of two parts: a singing competition and a concert.
Begins at 4:00 p.m. Address: Earl Bales Community Center (Sheppard and Bathurst)

List of compulsory songs for the contest:

  • "Kak poydu ya na bystruyu rechku [When I go to the swift flowing stream]" (Russian folk song)
  • "Mat'-Zemlya moya [My mother earth]" (words by A. Tesarov, music by V.Gamaliy)
  • "Vy shumite, berezy [Birch trees are rustling]" (words by Prokofiev, Gilevich, music by Khanok)
  • "Vodogray" (words and music by V. Ivasyuk)


  • First place: $300
  • Second place: $150
  • Third place: $50

Additional prizes will be provided by our sponsors.

The Festival's concert programme contains folk songs, romances, minstrel songs, and arias from Russian operas.

Rassvet Folk Group;
Anastasia Kornienkova - Soloist;
Vozrozhdenie Folk Dance Group, under the direction of Ekaterina Kornienkova;
Soloists of the Aleksandra Vocal School;
Aleksandra Shemet - Soprano;
Performers of leading opera selections, as well as folk songs and traditional romances;
Chorny Kofe Minstrel Group.

Official website of the festival: www.DayofEarth.org

Chairperson of the Board of Administrators: Aleksandr Obnovlennyy
Presiding Member of the Panel of Judges: Aleksandra Shemet
Chairperson of the Organizing Committee: Yuliya Portnaya
Chairperson of the Coordinating Committee: Maya Master

Admission: under 5-free; ages 5 to 12-$4.50; ages 12 to 60-$7.50; age 60 and older:$4.50. All receipts shall be applied to non-commercial charitable purposes.

Rules of the Singing Contest

Applications to participate in the contest will be accepted until 10 July 2007.
Registration fee: $20.

A contestant must perform one of the compulsory contest songs, the second is at the choosing of the contestant, but on a given subject (the earth, love, nature, love for one's nearest and dearest, high family values, Motherland).

A contestant must submit his or her recording (CD, audiocassette) to the contest secretariat, or contact the organizers and arrange for an audition; auditions take place on Fridays from 8:00 to 10:00 p.m. in the Earl Bales Community Center building (Sheppard and Bathurst).


1. The Holiday-Festival is devoted to Dachnik and Whole Day of Earth, organized by the Co-creation Readers' Club.
2. Criteria for participation in the contest: all interested persons are invited.
3. Because of the complicated process of planning this celebration, there will be no changes made during the festival.
4. Registration fees are non-refundable.
5. All songs must be performed from memory.
6. The music and words of the song performed must be given to the secretariat during registration. After the conclusion of the contest, music will be returned.
7. All contestants must provide his or her own accompanist. In the absence of an accompanist, the contest secretariat may provide the contact information of a qualified accompanist with whom arrangements must be made privately.
8. Prizes will be distributed in accordance with the decision of the judges. Sponsors' prizes are distributed by the sponsors themselves. The decision of the judges is final.
9. The Organizing Committee reserves the right to exclude any contestant who does not observe these rules.


The application must be submitted no later than 10 July 2007. After the consideration of an application, the applicant will receive an official letter inviting him or her to be a contestant, or will receive a refusal.

The application may be submitted in electronic form to:
By mail to: 1057 Steeles Ave. W., P.O. Box 81768, M2R 3X1, Toronto, ON, Canada
By fax: 1-888-994-9495
Personally at an audition: auditions are held on Fridays from 8:00 to 10:00 p.m. at the Earl Bales Community Center building (Sheppard and Bathurst). For an audition it is necessary to make arrangements by telephone in advance at 416-994-6495, ext. 719.


Maslenitsa 2007 Maslenitsa 2007
Maslenitsa 2007 Maslenitsa 2007


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"Schastlivoe" Ecovillage in Moldova

Material from the newspaper Biznes Elita [Business elite]

Today few people would be surprised that an ecovillage is being created somewhere. Hundreds of ecovillages in various stages of development exist in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, and other countries of the CIS. In Western and Eastern Europe, India, Israel, the USA, and other countries of the world, the movement to create ecovillages has existed since the sixties of the previous century. Today almost everyone is talking about ecology, about an ecological way of life, and some people are even acting in that direction, constructing their lives in nature, creating ecovillages, as an alternative to the city and the traditional village. Just what an ecovillage is, and what the people who create them are striving for is discussed in an interview with Aleksey Kirshchin, one of the members of an ecovillage that is being created here in Moldova.

Aleksey, what goals have you set for yourself in creating the ecovillage?

We are looking for an alternative to today's way of life. Today's society has run into serious problems, above all of an ecological nature, which are mentioned by many politicians and social activists, but we are seeking a solution to them in an experimental way. Modern civilization has achieved unprecedented heights in the development of technologies, but has simultaneously run up against unprecedented problems. I am speaking of both air and water pollution, the quality of our food, the constant stresses experienced by modern man, noise, hustle and bustle, diseases, and much, much more, as the costs of the benefits of the modern life-support system. I would like to mention immediately that we do not presume to criticize today's style of life, moreover we consider it to be a completely natural, but not an ultimate course of development of humanity. So, to answer your question, I can say one thing: we intend to unite the best achievements of scientific and technological questing with the beauty and power of primordial nature.

Do you intend to isolate yourselves from the rest of the world and live only in the ecovillage?

No, we have no intention of escaping from the rest of the world. Many of us work in the city, run our own businesses, some of us are involved in the arts, sing, give concerts, produce discs of their own songs, some are involved in journalism, I, for example, do accounting work, and there are people who keep a huge apiary and live off that. In the future we are planning only to develop our participation in the social order, but in no way to leave it. True, it's worth mentioning that today we fully depend on the city: we earn money there, it is there we acquire most of our food, clothing, gas, etc., but in the future we plan not to depend in this regard on the city, moreover we shall supply the city with ecologically pure foodstuffs: vegetables, fruits, honey, grains, folk articles, and much, much more. Thus, we are planning to achieve our energy independence from the system, we are planning to imitate the experience of our friends from other ecovillages of the world and use alternative, ecologically pure sources of energy, such as electrical wind generators, solar batteries, set up energy efficient houses, etc.

Who developed this idea, who developed the concept of your ecovillage?

We developed the concept of our village by ourselves. When we organized an ecological club in 2001, we met twice a week for several years and discussed the prospects of developing ecovillages in Moldova and ourselves within them. We made plans, drew outlines, organized expeditions to search for suitable places and much more. As the basis we took the idea of the Kin's Estates described in the Ringing Cedars of Russia series of books, in general, that was what united us, inspired us, it was the kernel and the essence of the concept of our village. In addition we intensively study the experience of permacultures, the experience of innovative Japanese agronomists and other practitioners of this trend. We actively study and put into practice new systems of education, medicine, etc., etc.

Tell me, what are you presently involved in, and what stage are you at in the village?

It's spring, and therefore basically we are planting trees, shrubs, laying out vegetable gardens, and, well, generally keeping busy around the house. We plant various types of trees, both fruit trees and wild coniferous and deciduous types, and the same with the shrubs. The thing is that some plants give fruit, others provide protection from the cold, heat, wind, attract birds, which in their own turn eat insects, which in large numbers may be a danger to the fruit trees and shrubs. And all this together is very beautiful, cheerful, and nice! In general, everything in nature is interconnected, and we study this interconnection and draw, so to speak, a living picture of life.
But we are in the earliest stage of our development, although we have already erected several small houses and are looking after approximately 30 ha of land.

Who manages all this?

All this is managed by the village council, which meets every week, and more often if necessary. Everyone who is part of this project may participate, and all decisions are adopted with complete unanimity. I realize that this sounds fairly strange in our greedy world, but we are all friends and all interested in each other's success, so it works for us!

Good, but this project requires funds and not insignificant ones, where do you get them?

We are all sufficiently successful people, or at least are becoming successful and, in addition, we are in no hurry.

Do you not feel that in your aspirations and world-outlook you strongly differ from the majority of contemporary people?

It's possible, but many scientists, persons in the arts, philosophers, and others also strongly differ from the basic mass of people, but this does not prevent them from being a part of society, a progressive part of society, from being good people or living happily, for the good of that very society.

What are your plans for the immediate future?

In the immediate future we are planning to erect another several houses, organize a large apiary in the village, we would very much like to set up a bathhouse and dig a pond. We are also planning a series of events, both in the city and in the village. We are planning to make a great many days joyous for ourselves and each other. That is not all, of course, each family has its own plans in addition to the common plans, and you can't mention everything.

How do you see your village in the future?

We see it as nothing less than the scientific and cultural centre of our district, but first and foremost this is our home, the place of all our hopes and joys. Our village is made up of individual parcels of land, each measuring no less than one hectare. On each of these parcels each individual family is building its own life as it sees fit. There are, of course, general principles, but they have been worked out by all participants, and for that reason they are accepted wholeheartedly. We see it as the place where everyone will live happily in comfort and joy for the good of their own families and our homeland.

The staff of our paper were guests at Schastlivoe Village. We were greeted, given tea made from the grasses gathered locally. They sang us songs in Russian, Moldovan, and Ukrainian, songs of love, life, nature, our Homeland, profound songs, bright songs, cheerful songs. We spoke about the history of Moldova, about the happy future of our country, about our place in it and the perspectives of life in the ecovillage. We very much liked the people, their way of life, and nature. We left with a feeling of certainty that we would return.

Biznes Elita [Business elite]

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If the desire has awoken in you to build, create, found a kin's domain-welcome to our group, Sotvorenie (Kiev)! We will be happy to share our knowledge with you, compare our experience, and jointly realize a universal dream and the dream of each person, and, of course, be your neighbors!

We have created a detailed plan of the village, which reflects our vision. It contains answers to common questions: the shape and quantity of parcels, their size, the creation of a social centre, communications in the village, the infrastructure, and so on.

We study plants, their interrelationship; we consider and create plans for our own kin's domains, we seek our other halves, cheerfully celebrate holidays together. In our view, of paramount importance for a kin's settlement is cohesion, understanding, and neighbourly relations.

Our friendly, ever-growing group seeks future neighbors for the creation of a kin's settlement!

Contact information:
Reference to the project of our kin's settlement:


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"A human being is part of the whole called by us 'universe', a part limited in time and space. We experience ourselves, our thoughts and feelings as something separate from the rest. A kind of optical delusion of consciousness. This delusion is a kind of prison for us, restricting us to our personal desires and to affection for a few persons nearest to us. Our task must be to free ourselves from the prison by widening our circle of compassion to embrace all living creatures and the whole of nature in its beauty. The true value of a human being is determined by the measure and the sense in which they have obtained liberation from the self [ego]. We shall require a substantially new manner of thinking if humanity is to survive." ~ Albert Einstein, 1954.

"Everything-but everything-on Earth, every blade of grass, every insect, has been created for Man" ~ Anastasia

Imagine a human growing up and never losing his or her sense of Creator's presence and unconditional love. Imagine your parents dying before you could even walk or talk. Imagine having an eccentric grandfather and great-grandfather who allowed Nature to raise you with little interference and no indoctrination from them or anyone else. Imagine being able to communicate with Nature, understanding plants and animals, learning first-hand that everything around you was there to serve you, to nurture you, and to bring you joy. Imagine the power you would experience without even thinking it was power, only that it was Life itself as it was meant to be. You simply knew that God had given you dominion over everything around you, and that you were always safe no matter what the circumstances.

Stop imagining. Such a human really exists... a woman. She lives in Russia, and her name is Anastasia. Vladimir Megre first presented her story to the world in 1996 in a book bearing her name as the title. That book has since been translated into 20 languages and has sold well over ten million copies in Russia alone, without advertising-simply by word of mouth. The first English translation was released in February 2005. Eight subsequent books followed from this author, all telling the story of this amazing Russian lady who embodies the "greater things than these shall you do" that Jesus Christ promised would follow in the Golden Age of Awakening-our age today.

Anastasia's is a simple, true story for a complex world that desperately needs greater love and understanding to heal us all-and the planet we call Mother Earth. It comes to us from Russia with love through the pen of Vladimir Megre and a host of translators, printers, distributors and other visionaries. It comes to us from the heart of God.

The Cosmic Role of Russia in the Spiritual Evolution of Man

Rudolf Steiner (1861-1925), who established the Anthroposophical movement, taught that the Slavic folk soul would play a major role in the future development of a new spiritual humanity. (Russians constitute the largest Slavic nation.) He saw the Slavs as a spiritual bridge between the Orient (East) and the Occident (West). According to Steiner, the religious thought of the Orient belongs to the past; the Occident's philosophical-scientific thought to the present; the Slavic soul will bridge the two and create a pathway to a spiritual future. More than any other national soul, claimed Steiner, the Russian folk soul strives to realize the world of the spirit. In Russia the synthesis of the highest features of both Eastern and Western cultures would one day be achieved.

The Sleeping Prophet, Edgar Cayce said, "In Russia there comes the hope of the world, not as that sometimes termed of the communistic, or Bolshevik, no; but freedom, freedom! That each man will live for his fellow man! The principle has been born. It will take years for it to be crystallized, but out of Russia comes again the hope of the world." (1944, No. 3976-29) And again, over a decade earlier, "... for changes are coming, this may be sure-an evolution, or revolution in the ideas of religious thought. The basis of it for the world will eventually come out of Russia; not communism, no! But rather that which is the basis of the same, as the Christ taught-His kind of communism!" (1930, No. 452-6) And yet one more Cayce quote: "On Russia's religious development will come the greater hope of the world. Then that one or group that is the closer in its relationship [with God?] may fare the better in gradual changes and final settlement of conditions as to the rule of the world." (1932)

Alice A. Bailey, author of many books from 1922-1974, also saw a unique role for Russia in ushering in a new civilization. Decades ago, with Russia firmly behind the communist iron curtain, she predicted: "Behind the closed borders of that mysterious and magnificent country, a great and spiritual conflict is proceeding, and the rare mystical spirit and the truly religious orientation of the people is the eternal guarantee that a true and living religion and culture will finally emerge. Out of Russia…will emerge that new and magical religion about which I have so often told you."

Also, the famous British clairvoyant Count Louis Hamon (1866-1936), who wrote under the pseudonym 'Cheiro', referenced a spiritual mission for Russia. Cheiro, whose best selling 1926 Cheiro's World Predictions-described as a prophetic "history of the last seven decades," wrote: "The day will come when Russian waste of blood-the blood he has and will yet pour out like water-will make 'a new heaven and a new Earth…"

Before his death G.I. Gurdjieff, one of the most amazing spiritual teachers to come out of pre-revolutionary Russia, told his students: "Remember what now I say, begin in Russia, finish in Russia." While the Indian guru Osho, an equally enigmatic and controversial teacher, is reported as observing: "Russia seems to be a land of destiny, not only for its own people, but for the whole world. It was the first to revolt against capitalism; it is going to be again the first to revolt against dictatorial communism. The future is of a democratic communism, a communism rooted in the freedom of man..."

[Material in this section on the role of Russia is drawn from this website: www.geocities.com/countermedia/3.html that was last updated in March 2001. New Dawn Magazine is mentioned on the site; but the author is unknown.]

The Books

I have read the first four of nine books in The Ringing Cedars of Russia series: 1) Anastasia; 2) The Ringing Cedars of Russia; 3) The Space of Love; and 4) Co-creation. That's all I have so far; and I read all four in four days. Let me share with you a bit of her story with the intent, hers and mine, to remind you who we are. That, by the way, is the title of book five that is backordered: Who Are We? The English version of book six, The Book of Kin, has just been released. The English translation of book seven, The Energy of Life, has begun. Book eight; part one is The New Civilization, and part two [really, it's book nine] is Rites of Love. See: www.ringingcedarsofrussia.org/ for more information, including ordering the books.

Anastasia and Vladimir, a Russian entrepreneur and riverboat captain, met under most unusual circumstances. Of course everything about Anastasia seems unusual, but only because what we consider "normal" is so unnatural, so synthetic, so contrived. She is distinctive for the very reason that God through Nature taught her first hand. From the smallest insect to a tiny shoot breaking through the earth and reaching towards the heavens, Anastasia witnessed Nature with the innocence of a toddler, a child, a teenager, and a young woman. Once, she flew with eagles; and she always played with bears, wolves and other animals in the deep forests of inner Siberia. In Vladimir's first night in Anastasia's world he slept with a bear himself. Of course, he was utterly shocked as he awakened next morning and realized how she had kept him warm in her glade of the Siberian taiga (Russian word for the Siberian forest) without the benefit of a house or a building of any sort...not even blankets or sleeping bags. Yes, Anastasia had no modern amenities to offer, only a reeducation for this unsuspecting man encountering a beautiful lady who was resourceful beyond belief. (In his learning, his remembrance, we can all learn and remember if we choose.)

Vladimir, like most if not all of us who have grown up in our world of illusory distortions, appears very rough around the edges as he came face-to-face with the power and beauty, innocence and deep wisdom of Anastasia. Sometimes I felt like shaking him as he struggled to understand while criticizing her horribly; yet he did not spare us his distress in trying to fit Anastasia into the box of his understanding of normality. Thankfully, this was his first attempt at writing; and he was uninfluenced by educated efforts to conform his style to so-called appropriate literary models. He simply told the story as he experienced it: what he saw, heard, felt, and understood. He also rejected editors who would have finessed, from their point of view, his unique writing style. Appreciating first-person writing, I was drawn into the story from the onset. Also, for whatever reason, I knew from the first time I heard about Anastasia that I simply had to get the books and read, read, read. So, despite having my buttons pushed by Vladimir's crudeness and even cruelty, I resonate with his candor in sharing his deepest thoughts and feelings (since I often do the same).

Who or What Is Anastasia?


"I exist for those for whom I exist " ~ Anastasia

I see Anastasia as naturally compassionate, nurturing, inquisitive, and so much more. So totally is she in touch with her emotions that tears flow as easily with her as hearty outbursts of laughter and exuberant expressions of joy. She is a veritable pool of bubbling spontaneity, a well of wisdom unsurpassed in our 21st Century world, and an ocean of power to create everything anew. She is a woman spiritually gifted beyond anyone I have ever heard or read about, including all the great masters from the past. She may well be, and I believe she is the vanguard of sweeping changes that encircle the planet and draw in a myriad of visitors from the far reaches of not only this galaxy, but many others. She is an empowered lady, royalty even, though not one to be put on a pedestal or throne and removed from our own day-to-day lives. Neither would she want that. She is humble and does not consider her abilities to be anything more than that which is the heritage of all humans. She is a Divine manifestation of the Feminine aspects of the Creator in balance and harmony with Life.

Yet, she is so human. Anastasia's grandfather (93 at the time Vladimir met him and the 119-year-old great-grandfather) told Vladimir that she is a normal woman, having all the innate desires that other women experience. There were definitely times in the telling of the story that her humanness came through in spades; and times that I even felt sorry for Vladimir when she came across as very controlling indeed. Of course it was because she did not appear normal to Vladimir that he even needed such explanation. That's understandable.

What Vladimir witnessed were unexpected synchronicities of what seemed to him like supernatural manifestations. Animals and birds fed her. Orbs of light seemed to be at her beck and call, sometimes flashing with lightening. She had a ray that could beam anywhere, making strange things happen. She seemed to have superhuman strength and dexterity-at times she could run like the wind, literally. Her knowledge of the world in which she lived was uncanny, more so considering the fact that she had rarely ventured into the outside world. She saw and knew things that were non-local, both in the sense of time and of space. She could take him back into either the distant or not-so-distant past, or forward into the near future, i.e., past life regression and future life progression. What he experienced seemed very real indeed, not merely an illusion created by a hypnotist (thought he often questioned how she did it). She could even take him to other places and other planets. She revealed things from his own past that she had no way of knowing except as a spiritual gift. She read his mind, often saying what he was thinking before he could blurt it out or without even wanting to speak it; and she told him that she understood and could communicate in all languages.

She corrected misconceptions and deceptions of our history, religion, and technology. She provided insights into child rearing, education, gardening, sexuality, relationships and so much more. All this is even more remarkable considering her lack of formal education. Yes, it's true that she sees our "modern" education system as very deficient indeed; still, how could this uneducated recluse have so much going for her? That's a question each reader will have to answer for him or herself as they venture into the miraculous, though simple, world of Anastasia. Each must answer in his or her own heart and soul: Who is Anastasia? and in answering, the question immediately follows: Then who am I?

© by Ron Van Dyke, Saturday, June 16, 2007

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I am reading the books and they really speak to my heart. They contain a message that brings you close to nature andat the same time help you understand what a magnificentcreation Man is.


George Kelaiditis


Pre-Birth Communication

When does the connection of parent and child begin? Is it at birth, or is it some time during pregnancy, when the first fluttery kicks announce the baby's presence? Does it begin at the moment of conception - or perhaps even earlier? Experiences of pre-birth communication reveal that we may be in touch with our future children long before there is any physical link at all. Many parents describe a one-time contact, an unforgettable glimpse of the person to come. Others enjoy a series of "visits" that allow them to get acquainted with their child even before conception. Renee's story involves this kind of courting relationship. She shared it with me when her daughter was close to a year old. "My dreams about my daughter started about one year before we conceived her. My husband and I weren't trying hard to have a baby, but thought that if it happened it was meant to be. I remember going to bed one night wondering to myself when I would become a mother. That night, I had a dream that seemed to last all night long. I was talking to a little girl in the dream. We were just light and carefree and chatting about anything and everything. I woke up remembering the dream vividly and feeling great.

"Over the course of the next year, I would have a dream like this at least once a month, sometimes more often than that. We'd spend hours playing and laughing and enjoying each other. For a while I didn't know her name or even that she was the child I would give birth to. I finally asked her if she was my daughter and she said 'yes.' I asked her when I would get to meet her in the flesh and she said 'soon.

"Work got extremely busy the next summer and I was working what seemed like around the clock. Just as the hard push was over at work, I was talking to my girlfriend's daughter Rachael, who was five years old. All of a sudden, she said to me, 'Renee, you're pregnant!' and got so excited for me. I didn't take her seriously at that time, I didn't think it was possible. Since I had been working so hard and was so worn out, I hadn't noticed that my dreams of the little girl had stopped. Sure enough, a week or two later, I found out that I was pregnant! When Rachael told me I was pregnant, I was five weeks along."

Renee's experience is a beautiful example of pre-birth communication, while Rachael's perception of her pregnancy illustrates one of the little-recognized abilities of children. Though we adults may have some difficulty tuning in to the presence of unborn souls, young children have no such trouble. It is quite common for them to be aware of siblings on the way, without being told. In the event of miscarriage, it often happens that children know when a soul has departed, even before the mother is aware of the impending loss.

In the course of research over the past twenty years, I have learned that experiences of Pre-Birth Communication come most often to mothers or mothers-to-be, but also to fathers, grandparents, adoptive parents, other family members, friends, and even birth attendants. They come in dreams and visions, as an inner voice, often as a hovering presence or a profound sense of knowing. Some are subtle and easy to overlook - an unusual mood, a sudden inspiration, a poem spilling itself into the heart.

My own experience was the subtle kind. It happened over and over during the months before I conceived my daughter. At the edge of sleep, I would feel as though I had just caught sight of the dearest person in the world. It was like a little fountain of joy springing up in my heart. But who was this person I already loved so much? The feeling of it didn't seem to match anyone I knew. I like to think it was my soon-to-be daughter, coming close enough for me to catch an impression of her - but of course I cannot know for sure. Many experiences are far more dramatic. Claire was unaware that she was in the early stages of pregnancy when she received a visit. She relates: "One afternoon I lay down for a nap... I tossed despite my fatigue until I was in a strange state of consciousness that is neither awake nor asleep, but which bears the earmarks of both. Then I saw her.

"She was at the foot of the bed - patient, not trying to catch my attention. She was perhaps three years old, simply dressed, with long dark hair and a quiet look on her face. She climbed gracefully on the footboard, as though the move was choreographed. She began to crawl toward me, one hand, then the other. Perhaps she grew smaller, or became translucent, I do not know. She reached my legs and kept moving until she faded to become part of my own body. She was inside me."

Claire went on to have a baby girl, who grew to have long dark hair and the body of a dancer. She recalls, "I knew her the moment she popped out. We both just smiled."

I have been privileged to receive hundreds of such remarkable stories, and to share them in hopes of raising our awareness of these exciting possibilities. We can communicate with our children before birth and even before conception. The evidence of pre-birth communication suggests that children come to us as conscious beings, with purposes and plans and even some power to help us in our own life struggles. If we needed a reason to respect children rather than belittling them, this view of their soul nature provides it.

Nor is this view an airy fantasy lacking research support. According to Jenny Wade, Ph.D., "The data strongly suggest that two sources of consciousness exist: One state of consciousness that is tied to the physiological development of the fetal body, especially the central nervous system; and another that appears to function relatively independent of the body... When it can be separated from its sensations of the body, the transcendent source appears to be fully mature and insightful." Dr. Wade's statement is based upon regression studies that reveal the existence of verifiable memory and consciousness at least as far back as conception. What she terms the "transcendent source" is, I believe, another way of naming the soul.

The evidence of pre-birth communication has deep significance for parenting. It certainly influenced the way I relate to my own son and daughter. I feel grateful for their presence in my life, and reassured that at the soul level they know what they're doing here. When my daughter was a baby, I remember feeling that even though she was in a small body and needed my protection, her true being was as old as myself and quite possibly wiser. With this perspective, it was natural to let her take the lead in showing me what she needed, from her newborn days right on up through the growing years. Have you glimpsed your unborn child's face in a dream, or felt a loving presence, or had a sudden flash of knowing something about your baby-to-be? If you're pregnant now, or hope to be pregnant soon, keep your inner eyes and ears open - someone may be trying to get in touch.

by Elisabeth Hallett

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Looking to network and/or gather together with persons who are interested in helping create, build, develop and sustain your own Space of Love in a Kin's Domain as described by Anastasia of the Ringing Cedar series: a self-sufficient, self-reliant, spiritual Living Paradise on Mother Land with your own hectare, in a possible location with underground waters, luscious greenery, forestry, lakes, wildlife, and four seasons in a very beautiful, remote location with no noise, light, water, ground, and air pollution. This can be any man, woman with or without child/ren who have similar or like interests or practices, who understand deeply that God/Spirit is the ultimate particle of our being and that we are truly children of our Loving Father and Sacred Mother. This first location in the United States will most likely be in Northern California where we are currently in negotiations for land. Please reply to me either on this forum or privately. We are collecting names and contact information for those who are desiring to make this a reality. A spearhead group is forming and you can still be part of it as well. Look forward to hearing from any and all. Much love, Rolando aka Frabato.

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The nutritional and medicinal properties of nuts come largely from their content of fat, protein and other substances. Cedar nut fat differs from other fat sources in its high content of polyunsaturate fatty acids, especially linolic acid.

First among nitrogenous substances are the proteins, which in turn are characterised by an elevated content of amino acids, especially arginine. These amino acids are extremely important to development of the growing organism. Hence cedar nuts have been essential in the diet of children, teenagers and pregnant women. Nut protein is easy to digest.

Cedar Nuts, shelled, 17.6 ozCedar nuts contain valuable lipolytic vitamins E and P . E-group vitamins, or tocopherols, are very important and essential in ensuring complete genetic heredity. (The word tocopherol in Greek literally means "I bear offspring".) A deficiency of Vitamin E upsets the fatty balance in the system. Vitamin E is responsible for the production of milk in nursing mothers, and its deficiency can stop lactation. A person's predisposition to atherosclerosis can also be explained by a Vitamin-E deficiency.


Makes: enough for 4 people.
Prep. time: 3-5 days for sprouting. Cook time: 10 min

Ingridients: 1-2 cups sprouted, mixed Beans and Lentils 2 stalks Celery. finely chopped 3/4 purple Onion, diced small 1/2 yellow, orange, or purple 100g "Ringing Cedars" Pine Nuts 1 Pepper, finely chopped 1/2 Red Pepper, finely chopped 1 Green Onion, finely chopped.

Directions: Dice all above ingredients (except Pine Nuts) and mix together in a bowl. Add marinade below and set in fridge overnight to meld the flavors. Before serving add Pine Nuts.

Dressing (Marinade): 3/4 cup Flaxseed Oil (you can use 1-2tbsp Pine Nut Oil) 1/2 tbsp pure Maple Syrop 1tbsp Celtic Sea Salt 2tbsp pure Maple Syrop 1tbsp organic Basil 1tbsp organic Thyme 1tbsp organic Oregano 1/2 Cayenne Pepper 1/4 cup Lemon Juice.

Whisk all dressing ingredients together in a jar with a lid. Pour 1/2 of the marinade over the bean salad and let marinade in fridge overnight. Save rest of dressing for other use.

Cedar nuts contain a complex of B vitamins, which normalise the activity of the nervous system, have a favourable influence on the growth and development of the human organism, and improve blood composition. Young wolves delight in feasting on cedar nuts during exfoliation. Cedar nuts are used by both carnivores and herbivores, and are an effective antidote to vitamin deficiency, which causes serious disorders in the system.

Cedar nut nuclei are rich in valuable mineral substances and micronutrients. The food value is confirmed by the chemical composition of the cedar nuts. They surpass all other nuts as well as oil seeds in terms of phosphatidic content. As the richest source of lecithin they are comparable only to soybean. Cedar nuts are also a rich source of iodine, which is very important to residents of northern latitudes.

Cedar nuts offer a suffieint daily intake to satisfy an adult organism's daily need for amino acids, as well as such important and often deficient micronutrients as copper, cobalt, manganese and zinc. On the whole cedar nuts are very easy to digest, and have a tremendous beneficial effect on the human organism.

The shell of the cedar nut in pulverised form can be used as animal feed. It has an average food value in comparison with other types of feed. Granted, it does contain a good deal of fibre, making it more challenging to digest.

The process of extracting oil from the cedar nut by the cold-press method leaves a cedar oil powder which is rich in biologically active substances, micronutrients, proteins, Vitamins E, A, C, U of Group B, unsaturated fatty acids with no cholestorol content. This is an excellent dietary product, which facilitates the normalisation of substance metabolism, maintenance of health and preservation of human work capacity for many years. It can be added to desserts, creams, fruit and vegetable salads. It gives cakes, pies, ice cream and other confectionary products a delicate taste and aroma. It can be used as well with cottage cheese, honey, muesli, cereals etc.


Nutrient Analysis Source: Custom
1 Yield: (28.000 gram(s))
No. Ingredients: 1
Category: Basic Food
Manufacturer: (None)
Nutrient Goal Template: DAILY VALUES/RDI - ADULT/CHILD

Percentage of Kcals
Protein 10.0%
Carbohydrate 6.2%
Fat, total 83.8%
Alcohol 0.0%
Table prepared by First DataBank Nutritionist Pro™

Friday, September 01, 2006 First DataBank Nutritionist Pro™

Nutrient Value Unit Goal %
Weight 28.000 g
Kilocalories 186.760 kcal 2000.000 9 %
Protein 1.904 g 50.000 4 %
Carbohydrate 1.176 g 300.000 0 %
Fat, Total 7.056 g 65.000 11 %
Alcohol 0.000 g
Cholesterol 0.000 mg 300.000 0 %
Saturated Fat 2.626 g 20.000 13 %
Monounsaturated Fat 6.424 g
Polyunsaturated Fat 7.187 g
MFA 18:1, Oleic 6.028 g
PFA 18:2, Linoleic 6.967 g
PFA 18:3, Linolenic 0.220 g
PFA 20:5, EPA
PFA 22:6, DHA
Trans Fatty Acid
Sodium 20.160 mg 2400.000 1 %
Potassium 175.840 mg 3500.000 5 %
Vitamin A (RE) 0.840 RE
Vitamin A (IU) 8.120 IU 5000.000 0 %
Vitamin A (RAE) 0.280 ug
Lutein (+ Zeaxanthin)
Vitamin C 0.560 mg 60.000 1 %
Calcium 2.240 mg 1000.000 0 %
Iron 0.857 mg 18.000 5 %
Vitamin D (ug) 0.000 ug 10.000 0 %
Vitamin D (IU) 0.000 IU 400.000 0 %
Vitamin E (mg) 20.000
Vitamin E (IU) 30.000
Thiamin 0.348 mg 1.500

23 %

Riboflavin 0.062 mg 1.700 4 %
Niacin 1.224 mg 20.000 6 %
Pyridoxine (Vitamin B6) 0.031 mg 2.000 2 %
Folate (Total) 16.240 ug 400.000 4 %
Folate (DFE) 16.240 ug
Cobalamin (Vitamin B12) 0.000 ug 6.000 0 %
Biotin 300.000
Pantothenic Acid 0.059 mg 10.000 1 %
Vitamin K 80.000
Phosphorus 9.800 mg 1000.000 1 %
Iodine 150.000
Magnesium 65.520 mg 400.000 16 %
Zinc 1.198 mg 15.000 8 %
Copper 0.290 mg 2.000 14 %
Manganese 1.213 mg 2.000 61 %
Selenium 70.000
Fluoride Chromium 0.120
Molybdenum 75.000
Dietary Fiber, Total 2.996 g 25.000 12 %
Soluble Fiber
Insoluble Fiber
Crude Fiber
Sugar, Total
Galactose 0.000 g
Lactose 0.000 g
Sugar Alcohol
Other Carbohydrate
Tryptophan 40.880 mg
Threonine 102.760 mg
Isoleucine 126.000 mg
Leucine 233.520 mg
Lysine 121.520 mg
Methionine 57.960 mg
Cystine 58.800 mg
Phenylalanine 124.040 mg
Tyrosine 118.720 mg
Valine 167.440 mg
Arginine 630.280 mg
Histidine 77.560 mg
Alanine 169.400 mg
Aspartic Acid 295.120 mg
Glutamic Acid 551.320 mg
Glycine 164.920 mg
Proline 174.160 mg
Serine 137.480 mg
Moisture 1.652 g
Ash 0.633 g
Caffeine 0.000 mg

g = gram; mg = milligram; mcg = microgram; IU = International Units

According to research, the cedar nut nucleus weighs, on average, approximately 43% of the total mass of the nut. These amazing seeds contain, as has been stated above, an incredible number of useful substances: vitamins, micronutrients, proteins, carbohydrates and fats. Let us examine all this treasure in more detail.

Nut nuclei contain 63.9% high-quality oil and 17.2% easily digestible proteins, including 19 aminoacids:

  • triptophane
  • leucine and isoleucine
  • amino isovaleric acid
  • diamino-hexanoic acid
  • methionine
  • glutanic acid
  • histidine
  • pyrrolidine carboxylic acid
  • serine
  • aminoacetic acid
  • threonine
  • lactamic acid
  • asparagic acid
  • phenylalanine
  • cystine and cysteine
  • arginine
  • tyrosin e

70% of these are essential and relatively essential, which indicates the high biological value of proteins. While arginine (up to 21g/100 g of protein) is considered replaceable in the diet of an adult person, it is considered essential in the case of children.

Cedar nut protein is distinguished from the protein of other products by its elevated content of diamino-hexanoic acid (up to 12.4g/100g of protein), methionine (up to 5.6g/100g of protein) and triptophane (up to 3.4g/100g of protein) - these are the most frequently deficient amino acids, which usually limit the biological value of protein in product composition.


Makes: enough for 4 Prep. time: 20 min. Cook time: 5 min

Ingredients: 100g Pine Nuts ("Ringing Cedars") 4 cups shredded Cabbage 2 sweet Red Peppers, thinly sliced 2 Oranges, peeled, guartered, seeded 2 medium Red Onion, sliced thinly 1/2 cup chopped Parsley 1/2 cup chopped fresh Basil 1tbsp Orange Zest

Directions: In large bowl combine all ingredients, except Pine Nuts. Toss well. Add Avo-Mayonaise, Toss again. Sprincle with Pine Nuts

Avo-mayonaise: 1-2tbsp Pine Nuts 1 Avocado 1-2 Garlic Cloves 1/2 tbsp Sea Salt 3/4 cup Lemon Juice 1/2 tbsp White or Red Pepper

Directions: Cut Avocado and put in blender with Lemon Juice. Blend until smooth. Add rest of ingredients and blend until smooth again. Put into salad or use as dip.

The vitamins contained in cedar nuts contribute to the growth of the human organism. The composition of the nuts, therefore, includes the following vitamins:

Vitamin A - the vitamin for growth and development;

Vitamin B1 (thiamine) - which regulates the oxidation of carbohydrate metabolism products, and participates in the metabolism of amino acids, the formation of fatty acids and influences cardiovascular, digestive, glandular functions as well as the function of the central and peripheral nervous system;

Vitamin B2 (riboflavin) - which helps the organism in the conversion of proteins, fats and carbohydrates into energy and is essential to the formation and sustenance of the fabric of the organism; it increases sensitivity of vision to light and colour, has a positive influence on the condition of the nervous system, skin and mucous membranes, the functioning of the liver and blood formation;

Vitamin B3 (niacin) - which is important for fat synthesis, protein metabolism and food-energy conversion; it acts to regulate the higher nervous activity, the cardiovascular system, the functioning of the digestive organs, cholestorol metabolism and blood formation;

Vitamin E (tocopherol), which influences the functions of the sex and other vascular glands, stimulates the action of the muscles, participates in the metabolism of proteins and carbohydrates, facilitates the digestion of fats, Vitamins A and O, and also protects cell membranes from injury.

Cedar nuts are rich in the most important macro- and micronutrients:

- copper - which is involved in the functioning of the brain and is essential for the formation of red corpuscles;

- magnesium - which is required for the formation of correct bone structure, and is also an important component of soft tissue;

- manganese - which is essential for the tendrons and hormones and helps the organism take in glucose; it also participates in the activity of the enzymes in the reproductive process, as well as growth and fat metabolism;

- silicon - which facilitates the formation and elasticity of the organism's connective tissue, and also participates in the calcification of the bones;

- vanadium - which retards the formation of cholestorol in the blood vessels; it also participates in the activity of the enzymes, in the metabolism of glucose and fat, and in the development of bones and teeth;

- potassium - which regulates the organism's water balance; it also assists in the normalisation of cardiac contractions and supplying nutrition to the muscle system;

- phosphorous - which is involved in the formation and maintenance of teeth and bones and plays an important role in the activity of the muscles and nerve cells and in quick energy release;

- calcium - which is the main component of bones and teeth and is essential for blood coagulation, cell integrity and heart action; it is also important for normal muscle contraction and the functioning of the nervous system;

- molybdenum - which assists in the metabolism of carbohydrates and fats, and facilities prevention of blood deficiency;

- nickel - a deficiency of which influences blood formation and retrads growth, along with changes in the content of iron, copper and zinc in the liver;

- iodine - which is part of the hormones of the thyroid gland and is essential for full metabolism processes;

- tin - a deficiency of which in the organism may lead to retardation of growth;

- boron - a deficiency of which can weaken mental alertness and the capacity to bear physical burdens;

- zinc - which plays a vital role in the restoration of tissue, normal skeletal growth and muscle contraction, and also helps in healing wounds and contributes to the normal functioning of the prostate gland;

- iron - which is the most important component in hemoglobin and protein.

Apart from the micronutrients listed above, cedar nuts also contain barium, titanium, silver, aluminium, iodide, cobalt and sodium.

The composition of cedar nuts includes carbohydrates such as:

- glucose

- fructose

- sucrose

- sugar

- starch

- starch gum

- pentosans

- cellulose

Cedar Nuts, Unshelled, 36 ozThe shell of the cedar nut accounts for 55-60% of the weight of the seeds. Its composition includes tannic substances, amino acids, sugar and micronutrients.

In terms of chemical composition the cedar nut shell contains:

- fats 1.2-1.9%

- resin 3.5-4.0%

- proteins 1.6-1.9%

- cellulose 68-69%

- pentozans 21.5-22.7%

- calces 0.6-0.9%

- macro and micronutrients 0.15-0.19%

Water-dissoluble substances at 20C in the shell constitute 4.6-4.8%.


Russian folk medicine has eagerly made widespread use of cedar nuts in the treatment of various ailments. For example, the population of Siberia has long considered cedar nuts an effective remedy in salt deposition.

They used the nuclei of cedar nuts in preparing alcoholates and would take daily drops of the mixture over the period of a month. The result was usually very good.

It is known that cedar nuts were used in olden times in Yenisei Province for the treatment of abscesses. After chewing, cedar nuts were placed on the abscess, and a bandage applied on top of the sore spot. The nuts served to soften the abscess and sped up the maturation process. After the wound was cleansed from pus, the nuts accelerated the healing.


Makes 2 1/2cups.

Time 5 min.

Ingredients: 1/2cup flaxseed or hempseed oil, 1/8cup organic lemon juice, 1/2cup organic pine nuts, 2pinches of salt, 1clove garlic, 1cup organic basil leaves, 1tbsp pine nut oil.

Directions: Combine all ingredients in a food processor. Blend until finely chopped. Do not puree. Place in a serving dish and sprinkle the pine nuts on top. Enjoy with chips or eat with a spoon.

Earlier the husk and powder of the cedar nuts were used to prepare cleansing baths; particles of bran were also added. The bath had a most beneficial effect on the skin, especially chapped or coarsened skin. These baths were recommended in the case of diathesis, eczema, pyodermatosis and other skin diseases. In addition, a bath with the addition of a concoction made of cedar nut husks and powder has a calming action on the nervous system. It is effective in cases of overexcitement as well as overexhaustion.

A potion made with whole cedar nuts was used for treatment of rheumatoid arthritis and gout, as well as in metabolism disorders and vitamin deficiency. They would pour vodka on ground nuts together with their shells. After letting it steep for 7 days, they would filter it and ingest over a period of 1.5-2 months.

The shell of the cedar nut is rich in tannic substances. It was used to make potions and concoctions (2-3 tablespoons per glassful), which were used in treating inflammation of the mucous membranes in the oral cavity and other organs in the form of embrocations and ablutions - in the case of skin diseases (lichen, pyodermatosis, eczema etc.), as well as burn damage.

Potions made from shells of cedar nuts were used for the treatment of the gastro-intestinal tract. It raises the tonicity, imparts strength and resotres the normal functioning of the gastro-intestinal tract.

Potions made from shells in vodka were also used to treat hearing disorders.

A concoction of cedar nut shells could be drunk in the case of gastro-intestinal disorders. It had a cohesive, anaesthetic and anti-inflammatory action. Siberian wizards recommended using a potion made from cedar nut shells in the case of hemorrhoids. Folk medicine recommended that a potion of cedar nut shells be drunk in the case of osteochondrosis or arthritis.

A potion of cedar nut nuclei in light wine was taken as a blood-cleansing remedy. It was good to add honey to this potion too.

Folk medicine recommended a potion of cedar nut nuclei in wine with low alcoholic content be taken for bladder problems, as well as for stones in the liver and gall bladder.

The ground nuclei of cedar nuts with honey was useful in treating ulcers. Folk medicine held that with a variety of skin diseases, including skin cancer, eczema and boils, the constant use of natural cedar nuts or cedar oil would lead to recovery.

Cedar nuts should be a constant part of the diet of children and teenagers. They have a beneficial effect on children's physical and mental development. They are very useful and essential during the exfoliation period.

The use of cedar nuts serves to strengthen the organism's defence mechanisms.

Cedar - here referring to the Siberian pine.

Presented by "Open Mind" organisation, Ukraine, June 25, 2005.

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Thank you for your nice website, I found you from looking up pine nuts which I recently discovered and see they are good for healing ulcers---then I find the cedar website which really stunned me, the power and healing of this great tree!

Also in my spiritual path, my husband's symbol is the cedar tree, so I was really amazed at this knowledge and this has helped me understand many things! Thank you.

Mary W., TN, USA

1 1

Thankyou for the wonderful products. Both my partner, )Linda) and I have read the six books now available in english, and we can only say thankyou. They have changed our lives. Just to mention, re: your news letter concerning canola oil etc, 99% of canola oil is genetically modified along with 100% of cotton seed oil and soya been oil, except some soy products made in asia. We do not us any of those products. Also if you want to change the molecular structure of your food then continue using a microwave oven. You may not be aware that the former soviet union banned the use of microwave ovens in 1973. Thankyou again for your wonderful products.

John & Linda Grae

Ringing Cedars of Russia.org

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