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"In the book you are going to write there will be unobtrusive combinations,
formulations made up of letters, and they will arouse in the majority
of people good and radiant feelings. These feelings are capable
of overcoming ailments of body and soul, and will facilitate
the birth of a new awareness inherent in people of the future.
Believe me, Vladimir, this is not mysticism - it is in accord
with the laws of the Universe."
- Anastasia.

Readers' reviews

The reviews on this page are written by individual readers just like yourself. Please share your impressions with others: send us your review and we will place it on this page. Thank you for sharing your impressions!

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Dmitriy Medvedev
President of Russia

The whole idea of Kin's Domains as it has been worded here is positive in general. It is related to our idea of low-rise or one-storied Russia, which we are currently actively handling within the scope of the housing project. It was in the middle of the last year that we specifically took up this issue. It is obvious that in such a huge country as ours, with such huge territories, it does not make sense to concentrate only on small plots of land, even in megacities. It's much more useful both for health and the state to disperse on the territory of our large country.

Dmitriy Medvedev

Supreme Mufti of Russia
Talgat Safa Tad-zhuddin

I love the Ringing Cedars of Russia books, I read them and draw a lot from them. I feel that by reading these books, people strengthen in their faith in God, not just generally in belief. A believer is a whole, meaning - there is something. Here is a pole standing, here is the sky, the Earth, but faith in God requires feeding every day. But for this, not only the eyes must be open; the heart must be open and that's most important. But the heart can not believe for no particular reason. This is why the heart is given - to love, and Megre's books greatly help people love God. He brings this truth to people through Anastasia's words. There maybe some points at issue for theologians; someone may call it a hypothesis, but faith in God and, moreover, love to God is something that takes time to gain. But once you have it, it has no limits. And man becomes happy already in this world. And the books of Vladimir Megre help us with this.

Supreme Mufti of Russia Talgat Safa Tad-zhuddin

"Anastasia Wows the Soul!"

Says Mark Victor Hansen, best-selling author of the chicken Soup for the Soul Series and outspoken advocate of organic food-production.


My name is Semisi and I am a Pacific Islander raised in the Islands of Hawaii. I now reside in the Mountains of Utah in the U.S.A. I am married with four beautiful children, and I have been a Massage Therapist for thirteen years. I am the fifth oldest of fourteen children raised in the Mormon religion. One of my brothers is also a Massage Therapist, and we throughout our careers have experienced a great deal of "spiritual" phenomena working with our clients.

My brother told me about your books he ordered, and highly suggested I begin with book one. I did, and my life was and is changed FOREVER!!! :) I proceeded all the way to book six, and anxiously await when the next books in Russian will be translated into English. How do I put into words my feelings of gratitude for you, Anastasia and your son without writing a book??? Ha-ha! I even would offer a word of American Political Blasphemy and say that: I would go so far as to willingly give up my American Citizenship to become a Russian, to actively participate with you and the creation of Anastasia's Dream!

Well, thank you, thank you, thank you, for your books! Have a blessed day wherever you are, and I hope to come and visit your beautiful Domains in Russia someday. I now have my most ultimate Goal to create a family Domain here in Utah, and in my home islands in Hawaii as well! Please, please, please, let me know when the next books are translated into English.

Have a wonderful day, Sincerely with all my Heart,

Semisi, Hawaii

Thanks so very much for sending the 3 first books. We are right now finishing the last one, and are finding them very valuable.

I am just changing my website and mailing list carrier, so I will soon be getting out a message to others about the books.

We would love to have the other 5 books and will encourage people to buy all 8 on your special!

Brooke Medicine Eagle

Anastasia is the most powerful human being alive today. And this series of books go beyond the beauty of anything I have ever read in my life. People like her truly make me proud to be a human being. If you read one series of books in your life make it this one. You will be amazed at the shear wonder and utter astonishment that these books produce. Thank you so very much .this is truly a sacred gift. and a bessing from the heavens above.

Jason Honor

Very inspired and enjoying the books that resound with my heart.

Thanks, Willem Ottenheijm

Very inspired and enjoying the books that resound with my heart.


Glad te see your website, I am just reading the book of Anastasia. Beautiful!!!

Nelia Aarnoutse

I want a list of the books in the Ringing Cedars series after Anastasia. I read it and I am impressed. I want to get the other books in the series and continue. Thanks.

Martha Lee

Thank you for the work you do, I would like to help spread the message that Anastasia has given us in the Ringing Cedars of Russia books... Love and light

Kate Taylor

Blessing to all of you, especially Anastasia and Vladimir...you are truly the Light Bearers of this planet.

Libby Lervik

Very inspired and enjoying the books that resound with my heart.

Jennlie, England

Hi, dear Anastasia and Vladimir,

I am Mehmet from Turkey, 16. Your first book published in the Turkey in this week. I just bought 3 books for me and other two friends.

Mehmet, Turkey

Very inspired and enjoying the books that resound with my heart.

Jennlie, England

Helen Marquez Executive Director of Eco Dream highly recommends the Ringing Cedars books. Excellent reading and a very good possibility to implement such great ideas for home, family, and general well being of our planet. When was the last time we looked at a flower with love as it asks nothing of us but to please us... WOW

Helen Marquez, Executive Director.

The message of the Ringing Cedars books is so important for humanity. My husband and I touch the lives of thousands of people in our large low cost Qigong events… I want to explore incorporating Anastasia's message and ideas with what we do.

I send you rays of Love, Anne Jinnett

Thanks so very much for sending the 3 first Ringing Cedars books. We are right now finishing the last one, and are finding them very valuable. I am just changing my website and mailing list carrier, so I will soon be getting out a message to others about the books. We would love to have the other 5 books and will encourage people to buy all 8!

Brooke Medicine Eagle, USA

I know about Anastasia and the Ringing Cedars books for more than 8 years and I resonate with everything she says. I love her and her work. I will recommend your website to many people and if it is possible connect it to my soon to be created web site.

Pavlina Gogueva, USA

I want to do all I can to bring Anastasia's vision described in the Ringing Cedars series to fruition. There is nothing else that really measures up and I have been looking since 1974 in various ways and paths. My son is 4 now so I am anxious not to enroll him in the way of life that is only now falling away

J. G.

Of the books I have read so far in the Ringing Cedars series this is the most powerful. We see here that we can take back our power which we have given away thru various arms of our society. Anastasia gives us powerful prayers to reaffirm our divinity. I found this book very uplifting and enabling to be able to claim our own link with the divine in no uncertain terms.



It is interesting that the Chinese story of the Tao – Way of Nature that has been pioneered by millions of nature lovers for the past 8,000 years and I just want to add this to the Anastasia wave of loving and beautiful energy that I have discovered within the Ringing Cedars of Russia books..

Being more than half a century old myself, and a Chinese born in Malaysia and lived half of my life in Malaysia and half in other parts of the world including China, India, Europe and America, I found myself embracing both my Taoist Chinese cultural roots of love and respect for Nature as well as many diverse cultures and spiritual paths in the West. I have also been fortunate enough to live in many wonderful eco friendly and spiritual communities in India, China, Scotland and U.S.A. and truly there is a new wave of heart body mind spirit people coming together all over the globe.

Having practised the Tao all my life and being a teacher of teachers in this ancient art of Tai Chi and Chi Kung for the past 35 years, I am eternally always grateful every time I hear and read of stories of unique courageous and amazing wise beings like Anastasia coming forth to share the urgency of loving and respecting the creator and connecting that role to one's own co-creative position. My deepest respect also goes to Vladimir Megre too, your brave and intuitive sense of trust and devotion to your soul mate Anastasia is impeccable and admirable. Well done to you, you are a Warrior of Peace, Harmony and Love for humanity.

I do understand some of Vladimir's trials as an author. I do empathize with you when readers write to appreciate you as well as criticise you. I am also an author myself and recently shared in my two books '15 Ways to a Happier You - Tai Chi Chi Kung' and '37 Steps to Happiness - with an introduction to Aqua Tai Chi' – the urgency to return to Nature's wisdom and become a co-creator of beauty, health, joy and peace. I am grateful that it has already reached more than 150,000 readers and I am myself Director of my own School of Tai Chi Chi Kung here in Devon, where we have 5 acres of magnificent land. We have for the past 10 years been planting trees, and feeding the plants with beautiful energy of gratitude, love and peace. We also feed our students with the vegetables and healing herbs which we grow and so many people are healed of illness and stress every day. So, truly Vladimir, the most important fact are the positive and life enhancing results of the Ringing Cedars books and your work and to the people who are simply jealous, spiteful and suspicious, they really need to go and look in the mirror themselves to see how they can grow and change for the better. Life is short, there is so much to learn and so much to succeed in service to humanity, why waste one's energy attacking verbally or masquerading as Anastasia? There is only one Vladimir, there is only one Anastasia, there is only one unique ‘YOU', just as every single leaf, every golden ray of sunrise is fresh and new, let us celebrate all the special gifts and talents each person has been blessed with.

Truly, we are co-creators together. The ancient Chinese have its own Natural Wisdom that imparts the urgency for humanity to link the heavenly, human and earth energies together in a dance of oneness. I send you our Tai Chi Chi Kung greeting of energy, as Tai Chi means, the River of Energy which flows limitlessly, touching everyone and flowing with everyone.

I send you Vladimir, Anastasia and all the readers our love and gratitude, keep growing and keep glowing from your true Being.

Peter Chin Kean Choy,
Email: Peterchin2@btinternet.com
Website: www.rainbow-taichi.org.uk

I am reading the Ringing Cedars of Russia books and they really speak to my heart. They contain a message that brings you close to nature and at the same time help you understand what a magnificent creation Man is.

Regards, George Kelaiditis. Greece.

Having studied this subject for many years, I am writing a screenplay about the Powers of Nature and am fascinated with the information in Chapter 1 of Anastasia. Thank You!

Bryan, West Hollywood, CA, USA


Margaret, Los Angeles, CA, USA


Hello my name is Linda. I have a dear friend who is a herbalist. He helps a lot of people through herbs without making profit but just to be a friend. He along with his sister Helen and my Partner Glenn and my Mother, find much interest in Anastasia and Vlaimir's Books and many of our personal beliefs and practices that we have are very similar to the ways Anastasia suggests in her words. Without trying to sound loopy, we are all very grateful for coming across these books as they have provided us allot of confirmation in our own beliefs. This is why Rob's question arose but he doesn't have the internet to ask, where Glenn and i do. We can't wait for the Books 6,7 and 8 to be published in English. You have given my mother a new instep in life and this means allot to me just through reading your books she has answered so many confusions in her head and although quite sick she has now found the motivation she needed to keep connected to life and herself. Thank you. All the very best in your futures.

Linda Woods, Tallong, Australia

All Blessings to All!!

It is amazing to hear of a human that is still living the life that the creator gave to us all. I was fortunate to have been exposed to a man who received information about our ancient ancestors, in the same way that Anastasia receives her info. We all have this capability. However, most of us have lost it. First from falling away from the inner(and thereby the outer) awareness of God consciousness. Then because of our loss, we make wrong decisions due to fear, greed, etc etc... The other reason we lost contact with the spiritual world is because our spiritual centers in the cranium are crippled and are being crippled by pollution. That's why the radio-television mechanism that nature supplied the human with is faulty at best. Man's direct contact to the spirit is through breathing. Breathing is what gives man life in the flesh.

"And God breathed the breath of life into man's nostrils and man became a living soul."

The word "spirit" comes from latin "spirarie" meaning "to breathe," inspire, expire.

I'm so impressed with the books!! The info is touching a part of our subconscious that recognizes our illustrious past. When everyone's awareness and capabilities were at normal. Many people are saying that Anastasia is not normal. I say to everyone that Anastasia and a few others ARE NORMAL,most of us are the one's who are not normal. Man in his natural state and environment, is able to see and hear and know all things, even from great distances. My teacher also stated that everything man makes is a crude copy of what nature has already made. Truth never goes out of fashion, the truth endures all time and space. The Ringing Cedars books will help many to awaken the world within themselves.

I, immediately upon reading the first book, thought of one of America's greatest healer and psychic, Edgar Cayce, and what he stated in one of his prophecies:

"Out of Russia will come the hope of the world".

Could Anastasia and her spiritual insight's be what Edgar Cayce was talking about?

I send all the blessings that all deserve!!

Joseph Boulder, CO, USA

I have now read Book 8 Part I in german. Vladimir Megre describes his experience in the Taiga with Anastasia, Grandfather, Wolodja, Animals and Nature so beautifully that for me, it was almost like "coming home " reading the book. My thank's to everyone who is contributing to bring Anastasia's dream into the world and help us remember who we really are. I feel so blessed to be part of this great adventure - Thank you - Thank you- Thank you !!!

Petra, Yelm, WA, USA

Having studied this subject for many years, I am writing a screenplay about the Powers of Nature and am fascinated with the information in Chapter 1 of Anastasia. Thank You!

Bryan, West Hollywood, CA, USA


Margaret, Los Angeles, CA, USA

I have just finished reading the book. The last part I read very slowly because I didn't want it to end! It truly is a masterfully translated volume. I am working on it that I can buy more books and posters to give to friends and people of influence in regard of community concerns or plannings. It's time for me now to dream my beautiful future into life - good night - and best wishes.

Petra, Yelm, Washington, USA

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