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Internet Conference with the Writer Vladimir Megre!

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

We are delighted to announce the start of our Online Conference with Vladimir Megre, the author of the Ringing Cedars of Russia series. The conference is specifically for English-speaking readers of Vladimir Megre’s books and will be in the form of written questions and answers. Read here...

Great Promotional Discounts for Cedar Nut Oil!

Due to a lot of requests and popularity of the Cedar Nut Oil we are bringing another great promotion! Read more...


Book 5 "Who Are We?" is now available in Europe. All of the European preorders were filled before January 20. Read more...

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Internet Conference with Vladimir Megre!

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

We are delighted to announce the start of our Online Conference with Vladimir Megre, the author of the Ringing Cedars of Russia series. The conference is specifically for English-speaking readers of Vladimir Megre’s books and will be in the form of written questions and answers. Anyone can ask Vladimir Megre questions on topics of interest. You will be able to ask your questions over a period of a month starting January 24 and finishing February 24. The most popular questions will then be submitted to Vladimir Megre. The interview with Vladimir Megre and his responses to your questions will be published on March 12.

Conference organizers:
Anastasia Foundation
“Source of Life Association”
Official representative of Ringing Cedars of Russia RingingCedarsofRussia.org

* * * * *

Dear Vladimir Nikolaevich,

I enjoy reading your books and what you say in them is right - I am grateful that there are people in the world who are strong enough to speak the truth.
I have also found out that there will be a total of nine books in the series. Will you really stop there? I am sure you have a great deal of information, which people need to know. Please share your creative plans for the future with your readers.
I wish you strong health and success in your work! God bless you.


Viktor Rod.
New York, USA.

* * * * *

Dear Mr. Megre,

Thank you very much for all your great work. Your books had a significant impact on the well being of our family and our friends.

I know that Anastasia's way of raising childred differs from ours in such a big way that sometimes it's hard to compare the two. None the less, I think it is extremely important to understand the significance of our role as parents in our children's lives. From your opinion what do you think should be the main change in the way parents bring up children in our society?

Once again, thank you very much, Great health to you and your family!


Igor Borodenko.
New York, USA.

* * * * *

Dear Vladimir Nikolaevich,

I have read all of your books and would like to thank you for the inspiration, knowledge and wisdom that you shared with us. In one of your books you tell about the dolmens and the knowledge that one can acquire by communicating with them, in particular the way of breastfeeding that helps a woman to share her knowledge with her baby. You said that only a woman could acquire this knowledge. I am sure that many women went to the dolmens. Do you know if somebody gained this knowledge and described this way of breastfeeding to share it with the women around the world? Is it possible to find any information about this for those women who did not have a chance to travel to dolmens?


Yulia Portna .
Ontario, Canada.

* * * * *

Please visit the forum to vote for your favourite question, or to ask a question of your own.

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

An organizational committee has been set up to ensure that the Online Conference is well-organized and consequently more interesting for you. The committee is also responsible for assisting participants in solving any problems that may arise.
You can e-mail us at: conference@ringingcedarsofrussia.org

To enable Vladimir Megre, the author of the Ringing Cedars of Russia series, to answer as many topical questions as possible, as well as to avoid repetition of questions with different wordings but similar meanings, the committee has established a number of guidelines, which will help to optimize the conference process.

1) It was proposed to vote on every submitted question and topic. Questions with the highest rating will be asked first.

A) For this reason, please peruse the overall list of questions before submitting your own. If you come across a question similar to the one you wish to ask, you can expand on the existing question or propose to word it differently by commenting on that question. Questions with the most interesting wordings will be selected from those with similar meanings for submission to the author. Please also make sure to vote for the question as this will increase its rating in the list.
B) If you ask a question which is similar in meaning to an existing question, your question may be moved to an existing topic, and you will be notified of this personally and in full. Don’t forget to visit the topic, to which your question was moved, and vote for that question in order to increase its rating.
C) If you disagree with the decision to move your question, please e-mail to conference@ringingcedarsofrussia.org and members of the committee will be happy to assist you.

2) If you wish to ask a question, which is different in meaning from the existing ones:

A) Please try to make the question heading as specific as you can in order to allow conference participants, who wish to ask a similar question, to find your question, vote for it, comment on it and propose amendments as easily as possible. Please remember that questions with the highest ratings will be asked first.
B) Please also try to word your question as specifically as possible as this will allow Vladimir Megre to give the most exhaustive answer possible.

3) Once you have asked your question, please sign it, state your name, age, city and country.

A) If you propose new wordings for the existing questions, make comments to the existing questions or expand on an existing question, please also put your signature, leave your name, age, city and country.
B) Anonymous questions will receive the lowest priority.

4) You can ask Vladimir Megre questions on the forum at http://sourceoflife.ca/forum_ca/ or by e-mailing conference@ringingcedarsofrussia.org.

Source of Life Association

The Annual Conference of the Creators of Kin's Domains.

"Let your name shine, o Earth!"

Dear Friends and Like-Minded People,

I am delighted to inform you that the fifth Annual Conference of the Creators of Family Domains took place, as is the tradition, over the last weekend of the fall. Every year the Sotvorenie international NGO organizes a kind, light and happy celebration. People from every corner of Belarus come together, united by a single aspiration, a Great Dream – to create their own Kin's Domain on the great Earth, where their blessed Kin can take root. This year the conference was attended by 350 people from 30 cities of Belarus and guests from Russia , Ukraine , Latvia and Lithuania . I studied the forms of Domain owners, who already live on their own land, with a happy smile. I would like to thank all regions of Belarus and our guests who attended the celebration that we all helped to organize. I thank you for the light, joy, warmth, the fire in your hearts, kindness, love and understanding, which you shared during the Conference. Let each celebration give warmth to everyone. Let us do the Good together!

With love,

Olga Belyakova

Chair, International NGO Sotvorenie

The Otrada workshop (Bobruisk) organizes showings of clothing made in accordance with Slavic traditions

Taken from Belarusian website of the “Sotvorenie" international NGO.

Kin Domain Newspaper.

We are delighted to announce that the Family Domain newspaper will be published starting February 2007.

The newspaper will cover issues relating to the development of Kin's Domains and the creation of Kin's Settlements on their basis, as well as the creation of a community of all creatures living together in balance and harmony.

Kin's Domain newspaper sections:

1. News, events (conferences, meetings, round table meetings, celebrations, events related to the development of kin's domains and life within them);

2. Development of Kin's Domains;

3. Life in a Kin's Domain;

4. Creation of a Kin's Domain;

5. News (experience) from existing Kin's Domains;

6. Scientific developments;

7. The Kin's Domain Academy (concerned with the works of the Kin's Domain Academy , its goals and fields of interest: facilitating the rebirth of the idea of Kin's Domains);

8. Announcements about initiative groups for the creation of Kin's Settlements, as well as planned and existing Kin's Settlements;

9. Our arts (songs, poetry and other creative work of people related to our Native Land and the Kin's Domain);

10. Opinion page.

The newspaper will be printed in A4 format, 1000 copies per edition. The newspaper will be in Russian. It will be printed bimonthly (even months - February, April, etc).

The Kin's Domain newspaper will be topical and will contain reviews and discussions of issues relating to the development of Kin's Domains and the creation of Kin's Settlements on their basis, as well as an overview of related aims, problems, solutions and feelings. For example, planning your plot, imaginative thinking, detailed drafts for developing a Kin's Domain, the interrelationship of plants and so on. The newspaper will also contain practical experience sent in by readers regarding the above issues.

We are currently creating a team for the Kin's Domain newspaper and are looking for people who wish to participate in printing this newspaper:

- as part of the editorial team (preferably Kiev residents due to the need to meet in relation to the newspaper);

- as journalists (research in connection with practical experience, coverage of events relating to the development of Kin's Domains and life in them, interviews with residents);

- as helpers (typesetter, designer (knowledge of InDesign); proofreader for Russian and Ukrainian texts; part-time accountant; mail sender; and others);

- as authors of interesting articles.

Dear readers!

Please send in information related to the development of Kin's Domains (creation of an expanse of Love in the Kin's Domain; importance of detailed drafts of the Kin's Domain; planning the plot; plants; orchard, forest, garden, pond; land use without plowing; bee-farming, animals; home construction; household activities etc); creation of a Kin's Settlement, forming a group of like-minded people; creation of drafts of Kin's Settlements. Please send the information to: E-mail: vyacheslav_bgd@mail.ru.

Forums of Anastasia.ru

Live program on Kin's Settlements (06.11.2003)

The program was a positive one. Domain residents from the Kiev area spoke of their desire to have their own houses, gardens, meadows and a small forest. Participants also gave a brief overview of the idea of Kin's Domains, and this was followed by footage about a settlement near the village of Yurovka ( Kiev oblast), which is currently being created. Participants then answered questions asked by the viewers who phoned in to the live program.

Murmansk hosts the Caravan of the Bards of Sun festival

The Caravan of the Bards of Sun, the international bard festival of positive art, has been held in Murmansk for the first time.

According to RIA Novosti, a source in the Murmansk mayor's office stated that the massive event's aim is to bring together performers from different cities and countries, promote healthy lifestyles, environmentalism and form a new live music culture.

According to the source, “…the festival participants performed at charity concerts in educational establishments, children's homes, prisons and other detention facilities, care homes and, basically, all places where people are in dire need of love and attention.”

He also said that the Caravan was first held in the summer of 2003 in Zheltye Vody , Ukraine at the Byt Dobru (Let there be Good) festival.

A small group of bards came up with the idea of visiting various cities and playing at charity concerts.

The first stage was successful, which prompted the organizers to arrange new caravans.

In 2004 the caravan became an official club under the Vostok state culture establishment in Moscow .

To date, 13 caravans have taken place in over 500 cities throughout Russia , Ukraine , Belarus , Moldova , Kazakhstan , Latvia , Lithuania and Estonia .

“The current stage of the caravan is called “Russian North” and runs from 18 November through 30 December in cities in the North-West of Russia, including Murmansk .

The concluding concert was held in Moscow on 28 December.

A master class, open to all who wanted to take part , was held as well. A joint performance by caravan participants and bards from Five Corners, the Murmansk Club of Songs Performed by Authors, is also planned.


Ekaterina Kozlova.


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Forum Talk

Posted by Laus in the topic [Part 1] Fact Book on Environment:

There won't be any single fish in any ocean or sea in 40 years with current pace of fish catching through out the world.

Incidence of childhood asthma has increased from 2.5% – 12% in the last 20 years.

According to The National Rountable on the Environment and the Economy report 39% of Kyoto targets could be reached simply through energy efficiency and conservation.

New refrigerators use 40% less energy than models made just 10 years ago.

Building of densely located to each other houses reduces energy consumption.

Typical SUV uses almost twice the fuel and releases nearly twice the emissions of a modern station wagon although both seat the same number of passengers.

2 pennies dropped in Olympic size pool will make it uninhabitable for fish.

Frogs' bodies are being deformed and they die earlier because of chemicals put on the fields to rid it off weeds during the crop planting time, this chemicals penetrate soil and go into the water frogs live in and drink and now think do we drink the same water?the same water we do, the thing they drink water that contains just enough chemicals to cause them to change overtime but not enough for immune system to trigger alarm and prevent ding.

Many Belugas die in St. Lawrence River due to cancer caused by exposure to contaminated waste coming from industries and cities along the river and some of their bodies are even considered toxic waste because of chemical cocktail found in them.

Join the discussion of this topic.

Disclaimer: Opinions expressed on this forum are personal opinions of individuals creating the posts. We are not liable for any information posted on the forum.




Every individual Man is the Eternal Primordial. Both the eternal Result and the Eternal source. I am talking about Kinsman. It is on this theory, concept and philosophy that our school, the Russian Kin School is founded.

The very thought that Man is part of the Great Cosmos gives pause for reflection on the thought that the human self must be, as Vernadsky put it, a ‘cosmic something’ which guarantees his active existence in the whole unlimited cosmic river of life. To live in the Cosmos means understanding and carrying its structure within one’s self, it means clearly knowing the laws by which it operates, the meaning of its existence, and to have mastered the techniques of existing in it.

The spatial dimensions of the Cosmos (i.e., infinity), its life in time (i.e., eternity), the infinite variations taking place with each of its component elements, all make Man realize the necessity of not only knowing about everything taking place in the Cosmic river of life, but also actively participating in it, being in perfect tune with its aspirations during each moment of cosmic happenings. All of this presupposes the existence within the human self of a power and ability to grasp (or ‘catch’) the innumerable signals of the immeasurable cosmos — to possess within one’s self a database that will facilitate an accurate, instantaneous response to constantly changing cosmic information, so that one who is inherently thinking about this will come to the following conclusions:

(1) The ‘cosmic something’ is some kind of matrix-like informational structure, engendered and nurtured over billions of millennia of Man’s life. Hence we cannot imagine this Man to be an entity limited to a single age, a single manifestation, or especially to the space of a few years or decades. Man is a child of Eternity, and so he constitutes his own Kin (Russian: rod), consisting within himself of an infinite number of manifestations of his existence.

(2) Man as a Kin (Rod), by any stretch of the imagination, cannot be fully accommodated within the artificial, impersonal stream of learning organized by our contemporary schools, all calculated on the basis of a miniscule, partial, primitive entity with a single manifestation of existence. And so the Child-Giant — Kinsman — rebels, protests and rejects; he comes across as the exact opposite of his social surroundings, of the society which has prepared him in such a strange manner for life and work. The School of Kinsman should be prepared by Kinsman. This means the children, just like the adults, should become teacher-researchers and creators of the school of Kinsman. By the same token the adults, just like the children, should become students in partnership with the children of this model educational system.

Hence the principles of the Kin school should be as follows:

1. The principle of nationality (narod), or Kin alike image (Rodoobraznost). Language, national songs, dances, handicrafts, customs, traditions, military arts, along with the culture of visual perception, sound and movement — all components of the concept of nationality — these are the living conditions for introducing the child - Kinsman into a world developed by the Kin, represented and unfolded in him and by him.

2. The principle of the supremacy of truth or fact-meaning correspondence. For “I am Truth,” says the Lord. The significance of all the happenings in the cosmos ultimately comes down to achieving the full mutual harmony of all components — of all elements of Love or Truth. Everything that makes up the life of the school — every law of physics, chemistry, mathematics, biology, as discovered by the children together with adults — should serve to completely align their relationship to the world and to themselves. Only in this way will the school correspond to its students’ meaning of life. The aspiration for Truth, for a harmonized, just existence in the world and the correspondence of one’s actions to truth provide the only atmosphere in which healthy, moral and spiritual individuals can be developed.

3. The principle of ageless existence. The Kinsman has no age. The memory of the Kin — concentrated in us, or manifested (as it seems to us) in concepts such as conscience, the Divine spark, the matrix foundation of the individual, the spirit — is a priceless treasure which is unfolded in us through the inexhaustible might derived from relying on it and turning to it. We can see that the division of a school population into age-groups establishes the dominance of a single-manifestation Man and his experience in a single-manifestation life, thereby cutting off the memory of the Kin, or the Cosmic knowledge present in Man. The principle of agelessness establishes in the child the Pristine Man, and shifts the emphasis away from the miniscule body to the Great Spirit.

An age-free school population takes upon itself the task of creating the actual system of education, assigns and reassigns roles among the members of the population in accordance with the quality and characteristics of the fruits of their labours, individuals’ traits of character, their inclinations etc., but never according to age statistics. The primogenitor did not merely play with words. The primogenitor used words to designate the essence of each phenomenon, object or process he beheld.

The principle of agelessness is supported by the identification of the Russian word deti (children) with dedy (grandfathers). This shows us that the edges of the family tree presented to our contemporary age were called by a single name: deti, dedy or dedi. This points to the underlying unity of children (deti) with grandfathers (dedy). Talking with a child as one would with a grandfather means talking with a grandfather. We can see that what pertains to children is nothing less than immeasurable. The chief distinguishing characteristic of children is the immeasurability of their aspirations, which we frequently define as maximalism. Unable to fathom the depths of children’s thinking with our imagination, we, in an effort to cover ourselves, end up stifling our children, we cause them to fool around, we turn them into puppets, we minimize them.

4. The principle of purity and clarity of information. The world is a stream of God’s Word. The Word Pantareimerem signifies that everything that exists is informed and itself informs — a thought which lies lightly on the soul. The two axioms: (1) the cosmos is a system and (2) the cosmos is infinite - would not be possible without a third and fourth:

(3) The cosmos as a system would be impossible without a mutual information exchange among its component elements.
(4) The incredible expanses of cosmic space are possible only under the conditions of harmony and mutual harmonization of movement according to a Whole Meaning, according to a Whole image of one’s life-journey, accepted by all as an incontrovertible, indestructible constant.

The acceptance within one’s self of a Whole meaning for one’s journey by each component of that Whole provides life to the system of elements as well as each element in particular. The acceptance of the meaning by each one is a condition of their mutual harmonization as a system. This was the basis of the Russian veche and the Cossack lava — indeed, for the formation of any people as a single whole. It is the basic condition of existence of any organism or body, or any micro or macro symbiosis. When we accept the meaning of the Whole within, its image is evidently what we discover everywhere as our own likeness.

This likeness to all that is found within us links us — relates us — to everyone else. All are related to us by Knowledge, and the awareness within himself of the meaning of the Whole allows Man not only to read the book of the stars but to live according to what he reads in the stars in a single formation with them…


  1. Man (with a capital M) an equivalent of the Russian word Chelovek, referring to a human individual as representing the species, without reference to sex – the human race, humankind.
  2. Kinsman (with a capital K) an equivalent of the Russian word Rodochelovek, — A man sharing the same racial, cultural, or national background as another.
  3. Kin School (Russian: Rodovaya shkola) — like Rodochelovek (here translated ‘Kinsman’).
  4. Vladimir Ivanovich Vernadsky (March 12, 1863 [O.S. February 28] - January 6, 1945) was a Russian-Ukrainian mineralogist and geochemist whose ideas of noosphere were an important contribution to the Russian cosmism. He was a founding father of several new disciplines, including geochemistry, biogeochemistry, and radiogeology.
  5. Kin (with a capital K) an equivalent of the Russian word Rod – indicate conection with close and far parents, right to our first parent the God. King (initial capital letter ) – God (Kin, –ing) Rod — an ancient Slavic word first denoting God as the source of all life, but also including the concept of family. The root rod also appears in several other Russian words, including (rodstvenik) ‘kinfolk’, (srodni) ‘akin’, (Rodina) ‘Motherland’ and (priroda) ‘nature’.
  6. deti, dedy — the author takes this a step further and posits an original combined root dedi.
  7. veche — old Russian popular assembly, a kind of parliament. Ancient Russian form of self-government which brought to life understanding of true freedom of a Man and his self expression. Existed in Russia up until approximately the middle of sixteenth century.
  8. lava — same principals of self-government as in veche. Cossack ultimately derived from a Turkic social term qazaq meaning "adventurer" or "free man". This term is first mentioned in a Ruthenian chronicle dated 1395.

Mikhail Shchetinin
Professor, Director of State Lycée,
Distinguished Teacher of Russia
Full Member, “RAO” (Russian Academy of Education)

Article originally from Uchitel’skaya gazeta, No 31 (1999)

Translated by John Woodsworth


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