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Book 5 - Who Are We?

Book 5 of the amazing "Ringing Cedars" series has now been released. Right now you can order your copy of the next amaizing chapter in the series. Read more...

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Bright Tidings

A feature film with an in depth look into the school of the future - Kin's School - organized by Michail Petrovich Shetinin. Read more...


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Academy of Kin's Domains in Viatka 4–24 December!

Hello, dear friends!

We thank everybody who has come to the Viatka region both from Russia and abroad. We are grateful for the endless flow of energy coming from your letters, telephone calls and other responses.

We are happy to invite you to take part in the Seventh Academy of Kin's Domains in Viatka. The Academy runs from the 4th to the 14th of December.

We are continuing to hold regular sessions of the Academy of Kin's Domains and have faith in your co-operation. The Academy is interested in your experiences, your questions and desires.

We invite anyone intent on creating a splendid Future to join us. The last Academy of Kin's Domains took place at Viatka 4–14 October.

A progress report will be included in our linked Internet pages. Instruction takes the form of seminars, round tables, individual consultation with instructors, tea-parties etc.

Classes are led by well-known Russian experts and scholars. For further information on the Academy of Kin's Domains please go to www.anastasia.ru and click on our link.

Tuition fees are 6,750 roubles, including three meals a day and lodging in comfortable rooms. There is a wood-burning sauna for lovers of Russian baths. Leaders of regional clubs and Kin's Domains have the opportunity to observe the classes at no charge.


To register or obtain additional information please write an e-mail to events@sourceoflife.ca.

The Academy is located in a picturesque forest setting not far from the city of Kirov.

Participants are asked to let us know the date and time of their arrival so that we can arrange to meet you.


Academy of Kin Domains - www.Anastasia.ru


by Viacheslav Sokolin, Rodnoye Eco-community

On 28 October 2006 a meeting was held in the local comprehensive school in the village of Il'ino between Alexander Viktorovich Smirnov, personal representative of the Russian President in the Sudogda District of Vladimir Oblast, who chairs the local Public Consultation Committee, and the residents of the surrounding villages and delegates from the eco-community of Rodnoye. Officials invited to speak included the chairman of the Sudogda Council of People's Deputies B.V. Mishulin, Deputies E.V. Sigunov and P.V. Borisov, as well as Head of the Golovino Rural District G.V. Kravchenko, currently serving as leader ot the local chapter of the United Russia party.

Questions were raised about possibilities for developing the territory specifically to accomodate the establishment of new eco-communications, with a view to implementing the special federal programme on the development of the village by 2010 and national priority projects. An agreement was reached on working out a joint plan on development possibilities. Andrei Lazarevsky, an expert from the Russian State Duma who spoke at the meeting, discussed forthcoming changes in land legislation.

The parents in the hall were accompanied by a large number of children of different ages, along with a teacher from the Il'ino school, Eleonora Malinkina, who recommended that the adults follow the example of the children who had come to Il'ino from different parts of the country. Even though they came from different ethnic and religious backgrounds, this did not hinder them from finding a common language, studying hard and delighting their teachers and parents.

Also present at the meeting was Ms N.S. Kukushkina, an elder from the congregation of the Church of the Holy Grand Martyr Dimitri Solunsky, which was located right next door to the Rodnoye eco-settlement. The discussion was warm and friendly, a number of different questions were raised openly, and opinions frankly expressed. In responding to questions from the floor, Alexander Smirnov noted that he saw no problem in implementing the possibilities discussed.

There was general support for the initiative of a collective appeal to Vladimir Putin, President of the Russian Federation, to allocate one hectare of land free to Russian citizens for lifetime use with right of inheritance (but without right of sale) for the creation of a kin's domain. Produce grown in this kin's domain should not be taxable. The text of the appeal was read and approved at the meeting.

Following the conclusion of the offical part of the meeting participants were treated to a brief concert by bard singers from the Rodnoye eco-community. The heartwarming, inspired songs of these young and talented singers were enthusiastically received by all present. The meeting ended with the recitation of a quote from one of President Putin's recent speeches, to the effect that Russia is the Land of the Rising Sun.

Viacheslav Sokolin, Rodnoye Eco-community - www.Anastasia.ru

VLADIVOSTOK, 7 November (Viktor Koziakin, National News Agency Correspondent) .

In the Primorie (Pacific Coast) Province of Russia the destruction of cedar forests has taken on catastrophic proportions, and the residents of the taiga village of Ariadnoye are ready to defend their ‘Nourisher' with shotguns in hand, if they do not get any help from the Russian authorities.

Only the ‘Greens' and local residents are concerned about the fate of this ‘tree of life'. Tired of lawlessness in the taiga, the residents of the taiga settlements in Primorie have given up hope of receiving help from either the Russian Natural Resources Service or the Russian Forestry Agency. They no longer trust the Russian President's personal representative in the Far East. Even less can they count on any so-called ‘favours' from the Governor of Primorie. At their meeting the residents protested openly against the cutting of the cedars.

Everything has a limit, including people's patience. Despite a 1989 official prohibition against cedar cutting, these trees continue to be subject to active logging operations in Primorie. Some hide behind fake licences for ‘environmental thinning', while others openly participate in illegal poaching. The scale of cedar devastation has gone far beyond permissible limits. Primorie residents are no longer in a position to keep track of how their (not only the region's but the whole country's) natural cedar wealth is being plundered.

Two years ago ecologists launched “Project Cedar — Tree of Life” in five regions of Primorie. In support of the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) some 70,000 cedar sapllngs were planted. Over the past six months eighteen different school expeditions surveyed the cedar stands and cutting sites in the Chuguev, Ternei and Krasnoarmeiski regions of the province.

WWF activists approached Japanese buyers of Russian Far East timber, asking them to stop buying cedar wood and avoid the risk of acquiring illegal goods. The ‘Greens' have been demanding through their actions, questionnaires and appeals that the Primorie cedar forests be left in peace. They are promoting the idea of creating cedar reserves near Primorie communities that would be looked after by lcoal residents and could be used for their own needs. After all, for thousands of people living in the taiga villages of the Russian Far East, the cedar is indeed a ‘tree of life'.

The urgent need to take emergency measures is clearly evident in the case of the taiga village of Ariadnoe, where wild brigades of timber poachers began hacking down cedar trees. They literally had Ariadnoe by the throat, tossing felled cedars into practically every stream feeding the Malinovka River — at Upper Kontora, Todokhova Creek and Ladoshina Creek.

The poachers' brazenness and impunity drove the villagers to appeal to the district authorities for protection. Alas, however, there was no response to the demand to put an end to the lawlessness. Then the Ariadnoe residents decided to take matters into their own hands — they collected more than 130 signatures on a petition protesting the cutting of cedars and lindens and then appealed to the Russian WWF and to the press.

Some four hundred and fifty people — just about the whole popluation of Ariadnoye — turned out for a meeting.

“It seems today that we are no longer in charge of the forest — the poachers are,” said resident Viktor Begun, expressing his concern at the meeting. “Because there's no controlling them. Does that mean that we local residents are just nobodies?”

“You won't be able to find a cedar-cone even in broad daylight!”

The general outcry of the gathering went something like this: “We appealed to the District Chairman a week ago, but the cutting hasn't stopped. We're the ones who live here, not these entrepreneurs who come barging in here to destroy the taiga. It won't be long before our children and grandchildren have nothing left to collect in the forest — you won't be able to find a cedar-cone even in broad daylight. Once they cut down the cedars and lindens, what's next? Poisoning the bees by crop-dusting?”

The only advice the official representatives could offer at the meeting was to set up volunteer protection patrols.

An appeal from the residents of Primore was addressed to Russian President Vladimir Putin: “We believe that all cutting of cedars and lindens, including so-called ‘environmental thinning', should be banned outright. ‘Environmental thinking' is nothing but a loophole for big industry. And the ban should be strictly enforced.”

The taiga residents are convinced that an outright ban is the only valid solution to radically change the status quo. The main thing is to get this appeal to the President and have him respond to it before the Primorie cedars are nothing but a memory.

National News Agency (ANN) - www.ANNews.ru

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Internet Conference with Vladimir Megre!

Dear friends! In the course of the next several months we are preparing an internet conference with the participation of Vladimir Megre. Full details of this conference will be revealed in our next newsletter, for now you can write your questions to Mr. Megre on Source of Life Forum. The most interesting questions will be answered at the conference.

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Forum Talk

Posted by Leo in the topic Challenge of the week:


Week 1.
Challenge for the Week of Monday Dec 11 - Sunday Dec 17.

Move energy through your body.
It is very simple - create a positive image of healing energy and move it through your body. Some people find it easier to image a ball of energy that you mentally move from one hand to another, with practice you will feel you body respond to it, the hand that you concentrate your attention on will feel warmer and you will experience increased bloodflow in the area. You do not have to spend a particular amount of time on this exercise, just whatever you feel confortable with. Try to do this exercise every day at least 5min per exercise.
This exercise will teach you to control your energy and will give the the basis for energy healing: repeatedly move the ball of energy through the damaged area of your bady to heal it, you can also try alternating the image of warm ball of energy with the image of cold ball of energy, as some people get better results that way.

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On the pathway to Man

by Mikhail Petrovich Shchetinin

The integrity of the child as an individual — indeed, the integrity of the environment — this is the mutual relationship of the two basic principles underlying the concept of the school as shared by myself and my like-minded colleagues. The very first lesson in the school ought to touch upon the meaning of human existence.

In our world today the whole educational curriculum is divided up into divergent layers, isolated from each other. The world of perception is transformed into isolated ‘corridors' to such an extent that it is sometimes hard for the pupil to believe that they are all part and parcel of a single whole. Art draws its very strength from the fact that it synthesises fractionalised phenomena, offers a holistic system of education and child-raising, and inculcates a holistic world-view.

But art cannot fully address this question if children are not immersed in an atmosphere where genuine life-values are affirmed — an atmosphere of shared labour and searchings, where every lesson is permeated with a sense of creativity. Then we have something to think about. Then we have a basis on which children will be able to appreciate art with understanding. For if there is no opportunity to live and experience this high ideal first-hand, then the high ideal is not truly perceived — it remains an ideal in word only, and hence begins to compromise itself.

In our educational process we work on the basis of a three-part harmony: “I see — I analyse — I act.”

It is not just that we place our own tremendous emphasis on music, visual art and dance — they should make themselves felt in the school on a day-by-day basis, and this is the crux of the whole thing.

No programme, no methodology can in and of itself guarantee success in child-raising on the whole.

Together with the educators of the Children's Music School in Kizliar (Daghestan), we emphasise the direct dependence of success in music on the level of a person's overall development, rather than on any special, isolated musical talents. It turns out that skill on one area is manifest when skill is shown in many areas of life.

Young people often conquer summits simply because they have never been persuaded that these summits are unattainable. It is our view that skill in one area of activity is made up of skills in others. Talent is a whole network of different gifts. Which means the task of developing one set of skills is expanded when all of them are set in motion together. And to bring up a specialist, consequently, one has to bring out the overall Man — Man as a unified whole…

…Years are behind us now. I have held on to the conviction that Man can do everything! It is precisely through making sense of this saying that our multifunctional school, the whole school complex, the whole school-Man, has been developed. Our purpose is not ‘knowledge—know-how—habits'. It is not endless drilling and rote-learning, or the spoon-feeding of information. Rather, it is the raising of Man to live harmoniously, to act in harmony with society — a Man who, when he sees and analyses the phenomena of life which surround him, can feel their interconnection, can perceive the world as a whole. And no matter what he becomes — an engineer, physicist, chemist, builder, teacher etc. — he will understand that he is going out into a whole, complete, unified world!

We are in the process of shaping Man's ability to get along in this whole, unified world from a very young age. Right from childhood Man must be raised beginning with his roots, with his very essence. And the essence of Man is his humanity. And this consists in re-uniting, one way or another, his life-forces in the struggle against the forces of chaos and disintegration. But the development of Man's essence is not only the goal — it is at the same time the means to achieving this goal.

After all, why is the idea of the harmony of the individual so attractive and so productive? Because it alone is capable of appreciating the harmony of the world as the most valuable treasure, capable of preserving this integrity, this very harmony that has been in the making over millions of years of evolution…

In regular schools we notice how our once attentive, wide-eyed pupils seem to fall away from us. We see education gradually turning into a two-edged lie: the young ones pretend to study, the older ones pretend to teach. The mighty energy of the human spirit gets squeezed out by the rigidity and inflexibility of educational technology. It freezes up, only rarely causing faint and pitiful ripples of disturbance to monotonously long and boring classes. But just look at how the school's energy boils over between classes! During these long moments of despair it reminds one of the convulsions of a dying giant.

As a rule, the overwhelming majority of pupils have only two or three classes a day in which they are active, attentive, concentrated and participate as active creators in the learning process. More than two-thirds of the time spent in school is given over to inactivity. It is as though the brain were asleep. But this is not a sleep of relaxation. It is a sleep that is harmful to one's health.

The activity of exchanging information engenders the activity of energy exchange. A state of sleepiness and a sluggish flow of thought processes is reflected in a slowing down of psychophysical functions, in a retarded flow of energy exchange. The body and its nervous system are literally undergoing a slow death. The situation of the one who is ‘sleeping' is exacerbated even further by being in a state of anxiety and tension resulting from an attempt to avoid being discouraged by one's inactivity…

The result is that for most of the time the body is in an oppressed state. Perhaps this is why the health curve on one's educational record falls from grade to grade, along with the extinguishing of one's mental forces. The traditional school is not in tune with children's nature. It is not really for them. It does not contribute either to the flourishing of their talents or to the development of their spiritual, physical and moral health. Like a knife-blade, it is aimed at a very narrow target: knowledge—know-how—habits. The focus is not on the child, not on the individual, not on the development of the immeasurable range of the abilities he is endowed with, of his whole universal selfhood, but simply on producing a product of the instructional process.

Mikhail Petrovich Shchetinin
“On the pathway to Man”
Contemporary Pedagogy ( Pedagogika nashikh dnei )
ed. Shalva Amonashvili et al.
Krasnodar : Knizhnoe izdatel'stvo, 1989, pp. 381–401.

translated by John Woodsworth

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