Ringing Cedars of Russia

ose any data saved to your computer between the time you use the restore and the time the restore was created. BIOS and Operating System Updates You may be trying to use a BIOS that is out of date. To check your BIOS settings, you should see documentation of t he BIOS version as your computer is starting up. Check your computer manufacturer's website to see if there is an update available . If so, download and install the update, then restart your computer. You'll also need to make sure your Windows settings are up t free textures o date. Be sure that you have Windows Update enabled. If not, open the program and check for updates. Install any important update s, then restart your computer. Booting from Disc You can also try booting your computer from your Windows XP setup disc. To do thi Ringing Cedars of Russia s, put the disc into your computer, then restart it. As the computer is restarting, it will ask if you want to boot from the CD. P .

lick on Control Panel. 2 Click on System and Maintenance. 3 Scroll down to Administrative Tools and click on Free Up Disk Sp ace. Windows will scan your hard drive and return with a list of files it can clean up for you. 4 Click in the boxes next to the f iles you want removed. When a box appears asking if you are sure you want to delete the files, click OK. You will be returned to Control Panel when the cleanup is complete. Defragmenting Your Hard Disc 5 Click on Start. Immediately above the search box you w free 3d models ill see All Programs. Click on that. 6 Click on the file labeled Accessories. 7 Click on the file labeled System Tools, then cli ck on Disk Defragmenter. A box may appear asking you for permission to continue. Click Continue. 8 Click on Defragment Now. Th Ringing Cedars of Russia e disc defragmenter will begin. The process, according to Microsoft, can take anywhere from a few minutes to a few hours. You can .

he video card will include adapters that allow you to connect a VGA cable to the DVI port, or a DVI cable to the VGA port. Turn on the computer and the monitors once the connections have been secured using the screws attached to the ends of the cables. 2 Right -click on the Desktop and click ATI Catalyst Control Center from the context menu to open the software. 3 Click Displays Manage r on the left side bar of the ATI Catalyst Control Center. 4 Locate the box labeled Desktop and Display Setup. Click Detect Di low carb diets splays to display a large 1 or 2 on each display. The display on which the 1 appears is your main display. If you would lik e to change this, drag the icon of the display that you would set as your main display into the box labeled Main. 5 Click on a d Ringing Cedars of Russia isplay to select its preferences. Once clicked, use the drop-down boxes at the bottom of the window to select the resolution, colo .

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