Jul 22, 2024

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My Experience with Dolmens

At the time of visiting the dolmens, I had not read the books of Vladimir Megre "Ringing Cedars of Russia". I was fascinated by meditation and other energy-related practices, and at that time had achieved good results.

My family and I travelled to Gelendzhik because we had heard so much about the dolmens as a place of power and, of course, I wanted to meditate precisely in a place of power.


Kin's Settlement "Cherenga"

The Cherenga Settlement of Kin's Domains was organized in 2007 by the readers of Vladimir Megre books "Ringing Cedars of Russia" on the basis of an expansion of the village of Cherenga, which had almost vanished. Beside it is a pine forest, there are small birch groves. Five kilometres away is the large Vyatka River, a kilometre away is a small pond.


Kin's Settlement "Rodnaya Zemlya"

An ordinary manager, a resident of Pavlodar and a follower of Anastasia's ideas from Ringing Cedars of Russia series of books, planted a forest stand of 3500 trees in the bare steppe. Another seven thousand seedlings were planted by the residents of the settlement who had developed the lands on the edge of a little village: they built houses, surrounded them with a hedge. Forty-three year old Yuriy Gashek is a descendant of Czech settlers.



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