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MY IDEOLOGY - A Declaration from my domain (EXAMPLE)

In 2001, I, Ivan Petrovich Sidorov (year of birth: 1950), acquired a parcel of land one hectare in size in the wasteland 30 kilometres from Vladimir for the purpose of setting up a Kin’s Domain in the memory of my ancestors and to build a more perfect living environment for myself and my descendants.  I named this place the Sidorov Kin’s Domain.

On the land I obtained, I plan to grow a garden, dig a pond, in which fish will be bred, introduce several bee colonies, and grow fruit, berry, and vegetable crops.

Because of the fact that the land I acquired falls into the category of unproductive lands and, during the more than ten years before I acquired it, was overgrown with tall weeds, in the first three to four years I plan to grow crops that create a more effective fertile soil layer (mustard, oats) and are resistant to weeds.  I plan to fertilize the land exclusively with natural and naturally occurring types of fertilizers, and not use inorganic fertilizers or pesticides to restore the soil.

I believe it to be intolerable to grow genetically modified produce.  With this in mind, I shall use only natural seeds.

I have become familiar with the ideology of the way of life set out in the “Ringing Cedars of Russia” books, and I am enthusiastically adopting many of these ideas.

As practical experience has shown, the wider promulgation of the idea of creating kin’s domains as set out in the books is capable of solving the problems of many countries.

I believe it to be a positive factor if a great number of families who are able and willing to work on the land and set up their lives on their own domains create ecovillages and agricultural cooperatives around large and small cities, ecovillages and agricultural cooperatives that to the fullest extent are able to provide the urban population with ecologically pure plant products.

At the present time in the press and electronic mass media, scientists and economists are more and more frequently speaking of a world-wide food crisis and a sharp, significant, and continuous increase in the price of food products.

I believe that our country has absolutely all the conditions to ensure that our own population is completely provided with ecologically pure food products, and to give assistance to other countries.
I consider the fact intolerable that we purchase 40% of our food-stuffs—very often of poor quality—from foreign countries, when tens of millions of hectares in our country are not cultivated and are overgrown with tall weeds.

I believe that this situation undermines the reliability of food production in my country, and at the same time it is criminally immoral with respect to the starving peoples of other countries.
I consider that in these circumstances it is counterproductive to accuse the government or anyone else for certain mistakes.  Mistakes were made by the entire society, and not only that of our country.  As a result, the community of many countries is standing on the brink of social upheavals.  In this situation, it is necessary that each person give some thought as to what he can concretely do for positive changes in the immediate future.

As practical experience has shown, an infusion of cash alone into agriculture does not change the situation for the better, but only aggravates it.

The example of countries that have gambled on farm economies also shows the ineffectiveness of these economies.

Farmers who gamble on receiving a profit from growing agricultural produce enter into a competitive struggle with each other.  In order not to lose, or simply not to go broke, they are forced to use pesticides and herbicides, and to grow harmful genetically modified products and thereby endanger the lives of the peoples of entire countries.

On a kin’s domain, a family grows ecologically pure products for their own needs.  A family living on a kin’s domain has a fundamentally different attitude toward the land, and the food surpluses generated on domains and sold at market advantageously differ from all other produce.

What is necessary is a fundamentally new and universally comprehensible ideology of a way of life for families.  This type of ideology is set out in the “Ringing Cedars of Russia” books, whose main concepts have been adopted by me and have inspired me to the foregoing actions.

As practical experience has shown, it is not owing to infusions of cash, but thanks to this ideology that, close to my domain, more than 100 families, having each obtained a hectare of land, are already building their own domains, domains in which children are already being born and raised in a more perfect ecological environment.

I know that, thanks to this ideology, groups of people are building their kin’s domains in other regions of Russia as well.

I fully support the aspirations of the government and President of the Russian Federation to create favourable conditions for the construction of one-story dwellings in suburbs.  With respect to the transfer of agricultural purpose lands for one-story construction with the allocation of a parcel of land to each family, I believe that these parcels should be no less than one hectare, since on a smaller parcel it is impossible to create a relatively perfect and self-renewing ecosystem.

Without this allocation of a sufficient parcel of land to families, the populations around cities will not become producers, but consumers, which will only aggravate the food and ecological situation in the country.

I consider it essential to make persistent requests to the government and President of the Russian Federation to accelerate the work in this direction and adopt the necessary laws respecting kin’s domains.

I ask the Secretary of the UN ___________ in the immediate future to include on the agenda a consideration of the matter of the recommendations___________.

I call upon the readers of the “Ringing Cedars of Russia” books in other countries who share the ideas of the creation of ecological settlements made up of kin’s domains to present initiatives to your governments for the creation of favourable conditions (up to providing parcels of land free of charge) for the development of these types of settlements.



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