Apr 29, 2017

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Kin's Settlement "Blagodarnoe"

Our settlement was founded by people who love the land and want to live on it. Each family in our settlement creates not only an ecologically friendly personal farm on its own parcel, but a Space of Love for itself and its children, a Space where our children grow with an understanding of Nature and respect for it, and where we ourselves learn to listen to it and understand it...

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Free Far Eastern hectare

The "Far Eastern hectare" is now available to residents of all regions of Russia.

Since the beginning of February, all citizens of Russia may, free of charge, become the owners of land in the Far East. We are speaking about the so-called "Far Eastern hectare." Previously, only local inhabitants could apply...

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Change in the Perception of the Anastasia Books Over Time

I read the first books when I was 20 years old. They made a great impression, and I told all my relatives about everything I was reading. The question of the truth of the information and its authorship did not interest me, either then or now. I accepted it and believed immediately. Under pressure from me, even my parents began to read them, and they managed a couple of the books. They regarded them with skepticism. They had many questions about the unreality of what was described: mosquitoes in the taiga, life without a house, and other things. But nothing bothered me, all this even amazed me. What was important was the information...

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Kin's Settlement "Veselaya Slobodka"

The Veselaya Slobodka Settlement of Kin's Domains is accepting new settlers. We have unoccupied parcels for your Kin's Domain.

Our group already numbers about fifty families. We are young at heart and young in spirit. There are many young families and children, and we will try to increase this number even more...

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Ringing Cedars Of Russia's Facebook Community

Ringing Cedars of Russia has created Official Facebook community, which will allow Ringing Cedars' friends to share knowledge and ideas, instantly interact with other members, and receive occasional news and updates.

Please fill free to engage in social discussion or leave feedback on our "Wall". The "Wall" section will be periodically updated to include the latest news on variety of health related topics.

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